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Apple has filed for a permanent injunction against the Samsung devices recently found by a jury, to have infringed on Apple's utility patents. Considering that Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple's similar request for an injunction dating back to the first trial between the two rivals, it seems unlikely that she would grant Apple's request now. The latter claims that the continued sale of Samsung devices would cause it irreparable harm that monetary damages cannot resolve.


But considering that the evidence used by Apple to support the filing is a consumer survey, similar to the one used to seek a sales ban after the first trial, the odds are not in favor of the company receiving the injunction. This calls for a retrial.


Even if a sales ban were granted to Apple, Samsung could simply devise some hastily devised workarounds to bypass the infringement claims by Apple.




Sapphire glass

Apple has been toying around with display panels made of sapphire crystals for a while now, and is even rumored to boost a volume production for said displays, as they might find a place in the upcoming iPhone 6. Sapphire has many virtues as a mobile device touchscreen cover, and is a viable alternative to the Gorlla Glass franchise, even surpassing it in some aspects.


sapphire glass

The issue is cost of course, and it turns out this has been the main deterrent for Samsung and LG, not only Apple, to start utilizing sapphire displays. Until now. Korean media is reporting that both LG and Samsung are back to the drawing board, considering the employment of sapphire in their display panels, after previously dismissing them as too expensive to be mass-produced.

Apparently Apple's experience with tooling and machinery might have given them a hint that sapphire can be used in a more cost-effective way, so the time we see this innovative material in a Samsung or LG phone, might not be far away. Check the Sappire Panels Stress Test video below.

Watch Video [Stress Test]



When an Apple iPhone user switch to a Samsung Android smartphone but his friends still have their iPhones. When those friends send an SMS, the former iPhone user (which have an Android) doesn't get them because his friends iPhones are still trying to communicate via iMessage.

iMessage cannot send an SMS to a number that isn't an iPhone anymore (lol). The problem is pervasive enough that a former iPhone user has started a lawsuit against Apple, and hopes to take it to class-action status.

Well, a solution is found (sort of), It turns out that Medical science may hold the key to iMessage sending to other platforms, check the photo below...

iMessage Android


Photo via

LG G Flex 2


According to a tweet from @evleaks, the LG G Flex 2 is coming in the Middle of Q1 next year (2015), It's said to include a feature even more "unique" than the self-healing back cover that graced the current LG G Flex.



So what might be that unique LG G Flex 2 feature ? Late last year, we passed along a report that LG was going to make the LG G Flex 2 bendable at a 90 degree angle, somewhat akin to a clamshell handset. We probably will also see a bump up in resolution to 1080 x 1920, or a small drop in screen size from the 6 inches on the original model.

The current combination of a 6 inch, 720 x 1280 resolution display, results in a 245ppi pixel density. If LG goes to a 1080p resolution on a 6-inch screen, the combination would be similar to what is found on the Nokia Lumia 1520, which is a respectable 368ppi pixel density.



Source [Twitter]

5G Mobile Network


Some of the carriers around the workd has just starte offering 4G services in their regions. Well, Japanese carrier NTT DocoMo is already developing the 5th Generation Mobile Network (5G), Samsung and Nokia will participate in the Test of this 5G Network. Samsung announced that 5G would be ready for the public by 2020 and we will starting to see 5G devices in the market by 2021.


The testing will involve the usefulness of running 5G speeds on high frequency bands above 6GHz. 5G involves data-transmission at a high-speed of 10Gbps, which is 1000 times the capacity of current 4G LTE. The test will determine how well this frequency will support 10Gbps, even if a large number of devices are trying to connect to the network at the same time, in a small area.


NTT Docomo will begin testing 5G this year, inside at its R&D Center in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Outdoor trials will begin next year.



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