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Goodbye Evleaks, He was the one who first shared to the world, among other things, that Nokia is working on an Android phone, and it was he who showed us the first images of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2. He gave us the first image of the HTC One M8 and was first to show the Nvidia Shield Tablet to the world. Most recently, he's been showing us a stream of images of the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy F.


Evan Blass, the man behind the infamous Twitter channel, @evleaks, has been steadily supplying the phone industry with fresh leaks of images of yet unannounced devices. Tech journalists and phone manufacturers have been following his Twitter with equal eagerness in the past two years.



Evan however has just announced that he's about to retire @evleaks, which currently has about 187,000 followers. However he said that he's unable to properly monetize it and with his health progressively deteriorating, he feels like he needed to prepare better for the future.




qi wi


The Wireless Power Consortium has outlined the new Qi v1.2 wireless charging standard, which comes with support for greater charging distance. The current Qi standard is only capable of charging at a distance of 7mm, while v1.2 promises to increase this up to 45mm.


Qi Wi


The consortium says that five different member companies are already demonstrating charging at 45mm distance using prototype receivers. It also quite possible that charging station will become cheaper, as the new standard enables them to use a single inverter to power multiple coils.


The Qi v.1.2 is backwards compatible with v.1.1 and current smartphones will be able to draw power from stations supporting the latest standard from a distance of up to 30mm.






The latest television to come from the LG is the LG-105UC9, boasting a spec sheet that is scarcely believable.


Well, first of all, this TV is 5K. Or at least that's what LG is calling it, since it's not an official term. The name comes from the resolution, which is an astonishing 5120 x 2160 resolution, which gives it an 21:9 aspect ratio. If that was not enough, the panel is a whopping 105-inches in size and is curved so it can go around your house more easily.




Underneath that massive panel is a 7.2 channel, 150W speaker system designed in collaboration with Harmon Kardon. The television runs on webOS, as have some of LG's recent models.


With there being very little content in native 4K, it's a bit hard to justify spending money on a 4K TV. This one has even more pixels, not mention an awkward 21:9 aspect ratio. Granted, most movies are shot in 21:9, you'll rarely find them in that aspect ratio on something like a Blu-ray, so you'll mostly be zooming in to get rid of the black bars, which doesn't sound all that great.



LG Press

U.S. Congress


The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act was expected to get bogged down in legalities when it was presented to the House of Representatives. In a fortunate turn of events, it didn't. The bill has actually passed through the House with overwhelming, unanimous support. Unlocking your own Phone will be officially Legal.


The implications of this are huge: as it effectively negates the 2012 verdict that unlocking a cell phone was considered copyright law infringement. That is, if the bill passes, of course.


So what else needs to happen in order for the Act to become law? It just needs to be signed by Obama, and then, US cell phone users will no longer need to appeal to their wireless carriers for unlock codes.




WD Red Pro


The popular disk maker Western Digital has expanded its NAS-centric Red line with 6TB hard disks. WD has also introduced the new Red Pro line for medium to large businesses.


WD Red Pro


The Western Digital Red disks now range from 1TB to 6TB and support 1 to 8-bay NAS setups. While the Red line is targeted at home and small business NAS setups, the Red Pro aims higher. Designed for medium and large businesses. They support up to 8 to 16-bay NAS setups and disks range from 2TB to 4TB. The WD Red 6TB HDD will cost you around $300.


WD Red Pro


The NASware software that comes with Red disks has also been updated to version 3.0 for improved performance and reliability plus reduced downtime. NASware 3.0 is pre-loaded on all WD RED line products.




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