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After revealing the LG G3, LG announced that its Display Firm (LG Display Limit.) will be showcasing a 6" QHD Display or Phablet Devices at San Diego's SID expo in June. The 6" QHD display has a density of 491 ppi, lower than the 5.5" LG G3's 534ppi, but still well above the entire 1080p smartphone gang.


LG Display

The company also claims it is working on reducing the pixel size even more and that it is aiming to achieve 600 and even 700 ppi density in the near future. LG Display will put these 6" QHD panels into Mass Production very soon, so that LG and its partners (Samsung, Apple, Motorola.. etc) will be able to use it in their products this year.


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Samsung vs Apple


Few weeks back, Apple won a case against Samsung, where the latter had to pay $119 million in fines for infringing on Apple's patents. However, Apple had originally asked for $2.2 billion in damages, which the court denied, and Apple will now be challenging that decision.

Apple claims that Samsung has used some of its patents on its previous phones, which will cause Apple "irreparable harm" if Samsung continues to sell them, which is why the company is after the court to get a permanent injunction against them. The list of handsets include Admire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S III, and Stratosphere.




Apple Samsung


Apple has filed for a permanent injunction against the Samsung devices recently found by a jury, to have infringed on Apple's utility patents. Considering that Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple's similar request for an injunction dating back to the first trial between the two rivals, it seems unlikely that she would grant Apple's request now. The latter claims that the continued sale of Samsung devices would cause it irreparable harm that monetary damages cannot resolve.


But considering that the evidence used by Apple to support the filing is a consumer survey, similar to the one used to seek a sales ban after the first trial, the odds are not in favor of the company receiving the injunction. This calls for a retrial.


Even if a sales ban were granted to Apple, Samsung could simply devise some hastily devised workarounds to bypass the infringement claims by Apple.




Sapphire glass

Apple has been toying around with display panels made of sapphire crystals for a while now, and is even rumored to boost a volume production for said displays, as they might find a place in the upcoming iPhone 6. Sapphire has many virtues as a mobile device touchscreen cover, and is a viable alternative to the Gorlla Glass franchise, even surpassing it in some aspects.


sapphire glass

The issue is cost of course, and it turns out this has been the main deterrent for Samsung and LG, not only Apple, to start utilizing sapphire displays. Until now. Korean media is reporting that both LG and Samsung are back to the drawing board, considering the employment of sapphire in their display panels, after previously dismissing them as too expensive to be mass-produced.

Apparently Apple's experience with tooling and machinery might have given them a hint that sapphire can be used in a more cost-effective way, so the time we see this innovative material in a Samsung or LG phone, might not be far away. Check the Sappire Panels Stress Test video below.

Watch Video [Stress Test]

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