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AUO, display manufacturer, announced their latest 513ppi AMOLED display made for smartphones with a QHD (2560x1440) resolution, which is supposed to provide an amazing viewing experience.




AUO 513ppi QHD


The display they are showing off is a 5.7" AMOLED screen that measures 0.57mm in thickness. AUO hasn't only worked on the screen's resolution, however, but boasts that touchscreen usability will be improved as well as they've implemented a unique design that allows for 10-point touch support for, you know, in case you want to use both hands or feet to interact with your smartphone.




SD 810

Qualcomm has just released two New chipsets, Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is a 64-bit processor architecture that brings huge improvements in processor performance, 3D rendering and LTE-support. The New 810 64-bit use ARM Cortex A5x CPU cores instead of Qualcomm-designed Kraits, it also use the big.LITTLE architecture Quad and Hexa-core.


SD810 Specs

The Snapdragon 810 replaces the 805 as the top of the line chipset. It features Four Cortex-A57 and Four Cortex-A53 processor cores. Those are the Cortex-A15 and A7 replacements respectively, but the A57 should offer a 25-55% increase in performance at the cost of just 20% increase in power consumption. And the power consumption will probably actually be even as the 20% difference will be offset by the use of a 20nm manufacturing process, instead of 28nm.



In terms of GPU, the Snapdragon 810 has a brand new Adreno 430, which is advertised as 30% faster than the Adreno 420, which in turn is 40% faster than the Adreno 330 found in current Snapdragon 800/801 chipsets. The end result is something like an 80% performance increase over the current generation.


This chipset also has a hardware H265/HEVC encoder. The ISP uses 14-bit image processing, both of which can have tangible effects on camera image quality. The 810 has a 64-bit bus to LPDDR3-1600 RAM, that's 3,200MHz data rate and 25.6GB/s bandwidth.



As for the LTE, The two new chipset feature 4G LTE Cat. 6 modems, which offer whopping maximum download speeds of 300MBps. To do that it bonds up to three 20MHz data pipes, compared to Cat. 4 modems that use a single 20MHz channel.




We all know Smartphones, SmartTVs and recently Smartwatches.... Now Wilson, a company for sports equipment, announced that its planing on releasing a "Smart Basketball". Partnering up with the Finnish AI firm, SportIQ, Wilson's Smart Basketball will be able to transfer data to your smartphone so you can track your progress on the court.

"[We want to] provide actionable data to players so their training could be more focused on ‘actual' rather than ‘perceived' performance."  -  Tom Gruger, Wilson's Digital VP.



wilson smart ball


Metrics on your jump shot, dribbling skills, the amount of baskets you make, where on the court you're shooting best, and the time it takes for you to even take your shot will all be measured with their cyber-ball. Wilson's Smart Basketball will be released by the end of this year, specifically this winter. Watch the Video below!




In the United Kingdom, 16-year-old Ella Birchenough of Dover, Kent, was willing to jump into a storm drain to rescue her Smartphone! Ella was walking down the street talking with a friend while handling her phone. When she tried to put her phone in her pocket. She missed her pocket, dropped her phone, and it skipped into the storm drain at the side of the road.


Ella Birchenough

"I thought to myself, I'm not leaving this," she told reporters. She then proceeded to climb down into the drain feet first in an effort to retrieve the phone with her feet. Her attempt to secure the BlackBerry failed, but then she had a new problem, she could not lift herself out of the drain.



Ella had a good sense of humor over the whole thing, "I wasn't really even stuck, I just need somebody to help lift me out but my mum got all panicky." Taxi operator, Ella's mother, was initially really worried, "I was in a panic...I ran out of the house, turned the corner but as soon as I saw her I burst out laughing."


Kent Fire and Rescue were able to lift Ella safely out of the drain and she was not hurt in the ordeal, but sadly, her BlackBerry did not survive. It was recovered, broken. The good news is that the local morning TV program gave Ella a brand new replacement the next day, an iPhone. As for Ella herself, her mom summed it up nicely, "She is never going to live this down now. We will be bringing it out at her 18th birthday and her wedding."


iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S5


Both Apple and Samsung latest flagship devices pack a Fingerprint Scanner on their home button. Apple introduced fingerprint-scanning technology on the iPhone5S (Touch ID) scanner then Samsung included the same technology on its Galaxy S5 home button.

The iPhone requires you to place your finger on the Touch ID button, while Samsung asks that you swipe your finger, starting above the home button and moving almost directly through the center of it. And while Apple's software suit takes into account unlocking via different angles, Samsung's is sticking to the centered approach.

The Video below compares both device's Unlock Methods.


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