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technology & sleep

Well, It's a common knowledge that the blue glow emitted from your mobile device's screen is anything but a stimulate towards healthy sleep. The information overload from browsing and consuming content hardly helps, either. There is such thing as over-eating on information, and frankly, our brains love it but it comes at the expense of sluggish performance when used to do anything else. Check out this Infographic.


[Infographic] How Smartphones and Technology Affects your Sleep



Most of the New flagship Smartphones this year has Wireless charging support, but not all models. However, most automakers have been focused more on the automation and integration with mobile in general rather than a nice-to-have feature.

Toyota brought wireless charging to its Avalon vehicles for the 2013 model year, the company chose to incorporate the Qi wireless charging standard. Toyota has continued with that standard as it brings wireless charging to the Camry 2015 year model vehicles.

The 2015 Toyota Camry is not yet available, but you can expect to see it make its debut sometime this summer.


Source (Twitter)



In developed markets, LTE service has quickly become the norm. The data service has proven to be an improvement over the older "3G" networks in just about every way. While we refer to LTE service as "4G,".


LTE-Advanced meets the true definition of 4G and as such, the insiders refer to LTE-A as "true 4G." Since LTE-A is already seeing commercial deployment, eyes are already starting to look at what is next. What is in store for us with 5G?

Mr. Onoe, along with Nokia Solutions and Networks VP of research and technology, Lauri Oksanen, said there is still a great deal of work to be done just to reach a definition of what 5G will be, but there are some things they both expect to see written into the specification.


5G will most certainly operate with much higher frequency bands and utilize millimeter wave radios. This is based on the expectation that providers will simply need access to more spectrum. With higher bands though (28GHz and above) comes the requirement for more densely arrayed antenna systems.

That means 5G will definitely have some spec requirements related to the physical facilities on the back end. 5G will have a more comprehensive multi-frequency standard as well, since the lower frequency bands will eventually migrate to the new standard and will be needed for the same reasons they are desirable now. Machine-to-machine communication will be in the picture as well.

Onoe believes the year 2020 may see the first launch of 5G and we may begin seeing testing of the technology as early as 2018.



Leef Access


Do you want to Expand your Android device Storage ?

Your device doesn't have a MicroSD slot ?


The solution is Leef Access, a tiny card reader gadget that fits in your smartphone's micro USB slot and allows you to snap any microSD card in it. This way, you can benefit from additional storage space even if your device doesn't come with a microSD slot on board.


leef access


Leef Access does exactly what you might expect from it it enables you to transfer data between the device and the microSD card, as well as directly playback its contents on the device.


leef access


Leef Access is compatible with all Android devices, which are powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. It also supports almost every microSD card that you might throw at it. The Price of this amazing little gadget is $9.99 Only. You can buy it online from the soruce link below or you can find it at your nearset Radioshack store.


Source (2leef)



Toshiba has just announced the fastest MicroSD card in the world UHS-II microSD card offers 8x write and 2.7x read speed improvement over its UHS-I generation. The 32GB version of the Toshiba UHS-II microSD card boasts speeds of up to 260MB/s read and 240MB/s write.

There's also a 64GB version available, but it's not as fast with a maximum of 145MB/s read and 130MB/s write speeds. It uses the exFAT file system and operates under a full-duplex interface with a maximum data rate of 1.56Gbps.

Europe and North America should get the new products in a few weeks. However, There is no word on the pricing of these UHS-II cards, but its probably going to be pricey.


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