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OmeTV app and its analogues


2020 can quite rightly be called the year of the video chat. Anonymous chat roulette sites have shown simply breathtaking growth rates against the backdrop of quarantine and self-isolation. Even those that weren't particularly in demand before.


As for OmeTV, the site and app of the same name were popular even before the pandemic. But in 2020 there was a big surge of interest in it.


In addition to the web version, OmeTV offers official iOS and Android apps with the same functionality. The system connects you with a random user, allowing you to chat on various topics. Within search settings, only your choice of country and gender of chat partner is available. For many, this is enough for convenient dating and conversation. But there are many who want more interesting opportunities. For the latter, we've collected several alternatives to the OmeTV App which we think are worthy of attention.


Ome TV alternative apps

First on our list is Camsurf - an app for iOS and Android that is very similar to the Ome TV app. Here you can specify the gender and location of partners for your search, and the system will try to select only suitable users for you. A language filter is also available, which will be useful to many users. Registration is not required - you can just install the app and start chatting right away.


Among the useful features of Camsurf are the following:

  • original video filters
  • text chat with support for smiles
  • decent moderation

Regarding the last feature, in reviews users often complain that they get banned for no reason. Whether this is really so we don't know, but at least the admins are serious about moderating the site.


Another interesting alternative to OmeTV is Chatspin for iOS and Android. Chatspin has generated over a billion connections since 2015, according to developers. As with the previous video chat service, registration is not required here, and you can chat immediately after installing the application.


Useful Chatspin features:

  • advanced location filters to find people nearby
  • gender filter
  • filters for video
  • HD-quality video calling

The basic functionality of Chatspin is available for free, but in order to communicate without restrictions, as well as other useful features, you'll have to pay for a PLUS subscription. It also offers an interesting Back to Chat feature - this helps you return to your chat partner if you accidentally or intentionally left them. But this feature does cost a fee.


A very interesting alternative to the OmeTV application is Omegle TV. A key feature of OmegleTV chat is an excellent gender filter, allowing men to chat exclusively with girls.


Other interesting features of the site include:

  • only verified girls' accounts
  • no advertising and spam profiles
  • excellent moderation
  • add a girl as a friend and chat again in the future

Like Chatspin, Omegle TV provides full access to all features for a fee. But you can try all the features of the service for free during the trial period.


Another popular video chat with branded apps for iOS and Android is ChatRandom. The site has existed since 2011 and as the developers say, over 100 billion connections have been recorded during that time. This is a classic chat roulette with strangers, but it's not without some useful functions:

  • gender and geographic filters
  • chat rooms by interest for interacting with several people at the same time
  • video filters and masks

Access to advanced functionality is available only with a paid subscription, but the basic chat roulette functionality is available for free. Please note that in reviews users often mention cases of fraud, so keep to the rules of internet safety. This applies not only to communication in ChatRandom, but other sites as well.


The last alternative to Ome TV we'll consider is the Tumile app (formerly Live Chat). It's only available on Android, but very popular among users. This is also a classic video chat service with several useful features:

  • register quickly using your Facebook account
  • many video filters, masks and stickers
  • virtual gifts
  • adding chat partners to friends for future chats

Most of Tumile's features are paid, but that doesn't stop users. On Google Play, the application has about 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 out of 5.


Why you shouldn't limit yourself to just the OmeTV app

By using only one video chat app, you're very limited in how you communicate. Besides, Ome TV is far from the most popular chat roulette service. The app has over 10 million downloads on Google Play, but it has a 3.9 out of 5 rating. In the App Store, the situation is almost identical.


Also, remember that audiences vary across apps and websites. There may be many more users from your country or region in an alternative video chat. This means the chances of finding friends and even a future soulmate are also higher there.


We recommend not to limit yourself to any one application, but alternate at least 3-5 different ones. And not just free apps, but also paid ones. For example, the previously mentioned video chat app will allow you to chat exclusively with girls. This is a great time saver for those who want to flirt at least, and maybe even start a serious relationship.


If for some reason you still haven't discovered the benefits of communication via anonymous video chat, it's time to fix that. During the current period of quarantine, remote work and study, they have become more popular than ever. And the audience is buzzing at almost any time of day. Don't miss your chance to find interesting chat partners, new friends and even your love!

What's the Future of Mobile Game Development?


Mobile game development has seen a huge rise during the past decade. And it's no wonder. With more and more people adopting smartphones as their daily carrier, mobile platforms are becoming even more diverse as a direct result.


This is probably the best time to get into mobile game development if we're being honest. But to understand how this industry works, you need to know a little history regarding its existence and influence. And you also need to understand how gamers within this market react.


From Humble Beginnings

It was all the way back in 1973 when Motorola had created the first ever mobile phone. However, people could barely comprehend the concept of calling someone without a landline, let alone think about gaming on mobile.


Only two decades later would another giant, IBM, release the first app for a "smartphone". Granted, not many people owned a so-called smartphone in that period, as many stuck to their classic mobiles that, when compared to smartphones, didn't cost an arm and a leg.


Finally, one more year later, the first ever mobile game for non-smartphones was introduced, namely Tetris on the Hagenuk MT-2000, and then in 1997 we witnessed the arrival of Snake on the Nokia 3310.


Mobile Game Development These Past Two Decades

Slowly but surely, mobile games went from simple and straight to the point mini-games into full-fledged titles that have the ability of keeping a person occupied for hours on end but also be simple to save and put down in an instant.


A decade ago, it was quite common for developers to write games in the Java language and use Java as the main workaround for making their games playable on a multitude of mobile phones with different operating systems. With the advent of Symbian and Windows Mobile, however, some developers started developing for separate platforms.


And then came the first iPhone and the first Android phones, which subsequently changed the scenery completely. More and more publishers started noticing the vast improvements that a touch screen and accelerometer can bring to mobile gaming and quickly started trying out newer things.


It was in this period when we saw the advent of Angry Bird, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and numerous other games that took advantage of these new technologies.


The Lockdown Trend


The Lockdown Trend

Mobile game development got an even bigger boost during 2020's Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Since more people were spending their time online rather than going outdoors, they had to fill their time with other stuff as well.


Ironically, this was also the year when we saw the most use of AR and VR in mobile, despite the fact that many people wouldn't be able to leave their home anyway. And it was also the year that would predict where mobile game development will go in the future.


The Future of Mobile Game Development

Following the trends that we've seen during these past years, there's a clear trajectory on which mobile game development will go. It is clear that people want more interactive experiences, with classic AAA titles being ported over to mobile.


Not only that, but people have shown interest in the possibility of winning money thanks to betting and playing on mobile, which suggests that entrepreneurs might want to check out the Spring BME platform, which offers all-in-one solution for gaming businesses, and other similar platforms.


Take note of the fact that even older people are starting to enjoy the benefits of smartphones. As such, you might be interested in catering to their needs as a mobile game dev if you want to stand out from the crowd. But, after all, the final decision is yours.


Final Thoughts

What do you think about all of this information? Are you willing to start your own mobile gaming studio or publisher? Leave us a comment down below and start a discussion with the rest of our community.

YouTube update carries 4K HDR recordings to Android phones


One reason why Full HD recordings look better on our phones contrasted with our screens is a direct result of Pixel thickness, where similar measure of pixels has been packed into a more modest 6-inch ish screen, versus a similar goal yet spread across a 24-inch or 27-inch show.


On the off chance that you watch a ton of YouTube recordings on your phone, you may be intrigued to discover that the Android application has as of late been refreshed where it will presently uphold 4K HDR playback on basically any Android gadget. This implies that regardless of whether your Android smartphone's goal is covered out at QHD or QHD+, you can in any case decide to watch the video in 4K.


Clearly your screen won't mysteriously uphold the higher goal, however reports from clients guarantee that picking 4K will bring about higher devotion. Likewise, with the assistance of downscaling, it appears to be that the recordings will wind up looking more keen, accepting you can differentiate. Regardless of whether you can't, we guess it is anything but something terrible to be given more choices.


Right now, there aren't that a huge number that offer 4K shows so just a modest bunch can really exploit the progressions and use it to its fullest potential. Google hasn't authoritatively affirmed the changes, yet in the event that you have YouTube on Android, this could be something to look at and check whether it has an effect to you.

Google Maps just made it simpler for you to pay for stopping and public vehicle


It's constantly been clear that public property like stopping machines and tagging frameworks aren't actually what a great many people would consider to be perfect, despite the fact that it appears to be that it took us a pandemic for us to concoct elective methods of performing such commonplace and basic undertakings.


In the event that you use Google Maps frequently for route or for discovering data on open vehicle, you will be satisfied to discover that Google has presented an update that will make it simpler for clients to pay for leaving and public transportation.


With stopping, Google Maps will presently show a "Pay for Parking" button on the screen as you close to your objective. Clients will simply need to enter their meter number, the time they need to stop, and hit Pay (this will require the utilization of Google Pay). Clients can likewise effectively broaden their stopping span from the actual application, instead of rushing to the meters to physically take care of it more coins.


Concerning public vehicle, Google says that they have joined forces with more than 80 travel organizations around the planet so that while you're looking for your course, you'll be given the alternative of purchasing your toll inside Google Maps itself. This will save you time and exchanging between numerous applications.


These new highlights will be turning out soon so on the off chance that you don't see it yet, don't stress as it ought to at last discover its approach to you.

The Best 5 Minute Activities to Sharpen Your Brain


It's more important than ever before to keep your brain active. We're all finding ourselves with more downtime, fewer hobbies to enjoy and with many of us working from home, you can literally roll out of bed and into "the office".


All this can leave you using your brain in a much less engaging way. But never fear, there are plenty of ways you can get your brain up and running, and in just a couple of minutes too.


Whether it be playing on Crazyvegas casino online or reading a book, all it needs is just five minutes of some activities and you can sharpen your mind and get it up to speed. Below you'll find our top five minute activities that can help sharpen your brain.


Download An App

Our smartphone devices are ideal for stretching the brain these days. There are hundreds of apps which can help from specialist brain training games like Lumosity or Peak to sudoku apps, quizzes and even slots and bingo.


The latter has been scientifically proven to increase concentration levels and reaction times and most bingo games in apps will last only five minutes or so too.


If you need help choosing the right bingo game or real money slots, you'll find plenty of help. There are tons of great apps that offer instructions on how to play as well as guidance on how long games last and the various rules and prizes on offer.


Buy a Puzzle Book

If you're more analogue than digital then there are tons of wonderful puzzle books out there. Many come in pocket size, so you can slip them in your bag or jacket pocket and pull out whenever you have a spare five minutes. The great thing about puzzles such as crosswords and wordsearches is that they improve functionality on both sides of your brain, as well as the likes of memory, problem solving skills and even enhance mood. What's great about them is that you also don't need to finish them in one go. You can spend five minutes here, five minutes there and keep your brain ticking over whenever you need to.


Do Some Exercise

Exercise has long been one of the best ways to improve your cognitive skills and alertness. As little as five minutes of exercise a day can boost your quality of life and get you feeling fresh and healthy ahead of a day at work. Over the past 12 months many people have taken up YouTube fitness classes or specific exercises each morning, and it can have an extremely positive impact on productivity, mood and concentration then heading into your day.


Learn a Language

Learning something new also has a similar effect, as you are required to concentrate that little bit more to ensure the information you're picking up sinks in and you remember it. One popular way to improve brain skills as well as increase your learning is studying a new language. Apps like Duolingo are great for short bursts of learning a new language, with a wealth of different languages available, whether it be French, German, Polish or even Welsh.


Listen to Music

Sometimes it's as simple as plugging in and listening to music. Back in 2017 a study found that playing happy songs and tunes helped generate more innovative thinking compared to sitting in silence. So if you're feeling a little down in the morning, it could just be a case of putting on some of your favourite tunes and building up your mood ahead of a particularly difficult day, and it could make all the difference.

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