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If you are like me, a long time Verizon Wireless customer, you will hate to see this, Verizon Wireless has announced that they will be increasing their loyal customers' grandfathered unlimited data plans $20 per month.

Verizon has already exerted some force on this band of unlimited data resistance fighters. It stopped offering unlimited data plans in 2011, so it wouldn't renew two-year contracts. These people continued on Verizon on a month-to-month basis, and they also had to pay full price for new phones.

When asked about this increased, here's the response:

"How do you put a cost on reliability?" Company Rep said. "If you charge a little more, but you're providing an excellent service, customers don't mind that. They know you get what you pay for."

Press release:

We continuously evaluate the price of our plans and service, so we're increasing the price of unlimited data plans by $20 per line per month for customers no longer under contract with Verizon Wireless. At the same time, we're also offering customers currently on our unlimited data plan the added benefit of purchasing a new phone using our monthly device payment plan, instead of paying full price up-front for the device. This option is available to all unlimited data plan users once their current contract period ends.

These changes will allow Verizon to continue to maintain the highest standards of network performance for all our customers. And it's worth noting that Verizon does not manage the data connection speeds (often called throttling) for its customers - including those who have kept or plan to keep their unlimited data plans.

Most of our customers (99%) are not on unlimited data plans, and for those who are, many could save money by switching to a Verizon Plan, based on their data usage. For the small number of customers still on unlimited data plans, they will see the increase in their first monthly bill after November 15.

Verizon will not increase the price on any lines with an unlimited data plan that is currently in a two-year contract until the customer completes that contract or enters into a new contract. This increase does not affect government or corporate accounts that have unlimited data.

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In a way to improve our team's response time and to reach users that really needs help in order to increase the productivity. YouMobile will set a very serious rules to the comments section (which is powered by Spot.IM). Only trust information made in commnets using our Official Verified logo below.


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Please Follow the Community Guidelines above while commenting on any part on our website.

YouMobile Rating System


We would like to explain our "Smartphones Rating System" for the YouMobile Specifications Center, We add any New Smartphone, Tablet or Smartwatch to this section with our rank for this device (1-5 Stars) on the Upper-Right corner. Here is our Rating System (Includes Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches):

1 Star Rating Smartphones

The 1 Star Rated Smartphones is Mostly cheap Smartphones with very low specs, probably the lowest specs in the market at the time this phone was released.


These Phones are usually useful as Back-up devices, if you primary phone got stolen, at serivce or out of charge as these phones battery last longer than other smartphones.













2 Stars Rating Smartphones

The 2 Stars Rated Smartphones is considered to be a "Low-End" Device.

Low-End devices has smaller screens with Low Resolution, older OS version and missing some features. Also these phones has a very good price for their specs and have all the Most needed Basic features Only. Which is Good!






3 Stars Rating Smartphones

The 3 Stars Rated Smartphones is considered to be a "Mid-Range" Device.

Mid-Range Smartphones has the same design as the High-end version of it but with cheaper Materiels and lower specs, It has some of the New features on the Market but not all of it, Very close to the High-end version but with lower price. Which is Very Good!













4 Stars Rating Smartphones

The 4 Stars Rated Smartphones is considered to be a "High-End" Device.

High-End Devices always has the latest features of the market at the time they released, Companies always set a Good price for these phones and makes them up-to-date with the latest OS version, Made from the Best Materials. Which is Excellent!












5 Stars Rating Smartphones

The 5 Stars TOP Rated Smartphones is considered to be the Manufacture's "Flag-ship" device.

In the Flagship Device the Manufacture puts all his Capabilities and Technology with the Highest Quality Materials and Highest Specs on the Market ( Quad-core CPU, HD displays.. etc ) on this Device. Which is The Best !










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