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The anticipated Apple Watch is expected sometime this spring, but in-depth information about certain versions of the wearable is already circulating in the air. A recent piece of info about the most exquisite variation of the wearable, the 42mm gold-plated Edition one, claims to reveal how much gold it will come with.


From the looks of it, the luxurious Apple Watch will pack a 29.16 grams of 18-karat gold. As per the current prices of gold, the Apple Watch Edition will come with $853.82 worth of gold. This is an approximate estimation, based on the notion that the average wall thickness of the watch case will be 1.15mm; the additional parts of the watch, such as the crown, the number markers, dials, and other parts of the gadget.


Apple Watch edition


So, if just the watch case costs around $900 to make, how much will the Apple Watch Edition cost, exactly? It's about $1600 and will be here this April.




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