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Yes, it's time for our regular dose of Galaxy Note 8 rumors and today's report is actually quite an interesting one as it turns out. According to a leaked schematics published by SlashLeaks, the Note 8 will feature a two-speaker setup. Both speakers will be side-firing in landscape mode, with one placed on the top and the other at the bottom of the smartphone in portrait mode.

Interestingly enough, the schematics also shows the fingerprint scanner to be placed at the back just like a previous report had suggested. Thankfully, it looks like Samsung managed to put it near the middle, where our index fingers can reach easily and naturally. The dual camera setup can also be seen but at this point, it's more like reinforcement than news really. In fact, given that the Galaxy C10 will soon be launched with a dual-camera setup, it would be quite surprising if the next flagship handset from Samsung does not have it! Of course, it will in all probability be a better dual-camera module than the one which is going to be launched with the Galaxy C10. Check out the schematics and let us know if you think that this is the real deal or just another hoax.

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