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Galaxy S6


Latest report confirms that Samsung has received orders totaling about 15 million Galaxy S6 and 5 million Galaxy S6 Edge. This Huge demand have surprised even the company itself, Samsung decided to increase production to meet the demand. Korean publication Etnews reports that the initial plans were for 12 million units total 8 million of the Galaxy S6 and 4 million of the S6 edge. The total number has been revised to 13 million.


Of those, 4 million Galaxy S6 units will roll off the assembly lines this month along with 1 million Galaxy S6. Those will be followed by the April production run, which will bring the total to 13 million. This means some carriers may need to delay the launch of the S6 flagship duo and even if they don't the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will be in limited supply at launch time.


Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge should launch on some regions on April,10th, you can see the prices at the end of the Galaxy S6 Specifications Page.





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