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Android L

Hot News! Some users noticed some Ad banners on Google's website that redirects them to 3 different Videos. The Videos has the New "Android Logo" on them along with an appearance of Android L and Nexus 6 too.


These 3 videos are part of Google's upcoming massive marketing campaign to help promote its New Android version which will be officially released this Month




From what we can tell, that marketing campaign will feature Androidified people of all types, coupled with the slogan "be together. not the same." Clearly, Google wants the world to know that everyone can use Android, not just nerds or elitists or hipsters or the rich or poor. It's a platform with devices for everyone. Google already got the videos link down.


Android L


You can clearly see "Android L" along with "Nexus 6" in the first Video Below.


Video 1  -  Video 2  -  Video 3


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