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According to the latest test results made public by GameBench, the Exynos 8890 powered Galaxy S7 has exhibited a significantly better battery life, in comparison to the Snapdragon 820 version that is available in the US. In fact the difference is enough to surprise you and not in a pleasant way if you are in the US.

You can see all the data in the images, courtesy of PhoneArena, but the end result speaks for itself. Apparently, the S7 Exynos is 71% more power-efficient, as compared to the S7 Snapdragon version! Sadly, it is even the least power-efficient device when compared to two other SD 820 powered smartphones, the LG G5 and the HTC 10. Even though the Snapdragon variant was almost neck-to-neck in terms of audio playback, the Exynos version did beat it in that department as well.

Keep in mind though that the snapdragon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 was from Verizon and had the expected bloatware as a result. Nevertheless, the difference in between the two variants is just too great to ignore or blame on the bloatware. We found the disparity to be surprising and disappointing, what do you think?

Author: Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

According to a recent market research data revealed by Counterpoint, the latest S7 series of smartphones from Samsung are in high demand. The survey was done across 40 nations worldwide and the data collected shows that the Galaxy S6 series is being outsold by the S7 series quite significantly. In some countries the increase in sales when compared to the S6 is as high as 50% in the very first month. Considering the fact that the S6 was already a very successful smartphone, such a high rise in sales numbers is very impressive.

In the US itself, the comparative rise in sales is 30%, while in China the number is a less awe-inspiring 10%. Western Europe has also seen a boost in sales by 20% but surprisingly, things are hardly any different from last year in Samsung's own country of origin, South Korea. According to Jeff Fieldhack, the Research Director at Counterpoint, Samsung's decision to release the S7 and S7 Edge in March was the perfect strategy and is largely responsible for the results that we are seeing today.

As explained by James Yan, who is the Research Director at the Chinese wing of Counterpoint, Samsung made a big mistake last year when they did not prepare for the huge demand of their Edge models and ran out of supply. This year, the market has seen an even higher demand for the Edge models than last year but Samsung has not faced any problems regarding supply so far. He further adds that the likes of Huawei Ascend P9 and Mate 8, along with Vivo Xplay5 Elite may give the Samsung Galaxy Edge a run for its money in China.





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