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The Galaxy Note 7 might have been the "hottest" smartphone in the news last week when it came to phones that combust spontaneously, but this week, the Apple iPhone 7 has taken the crown of thorns. Reportedly, an Australian surfing instructor named Mat Jones was in shock when he realised that his brand new iPhone 7 has burnt down the insides of his car. Apparently, the phone was under some clothes inside his car, when it caught fire and then managed to scorch the car from the inside. When Jones returned to his car, the windows were deep black and on opening the door, he realised that his vehicle was on fire.

Mat Jones later went on air via 7 News and explained that he later found the iPhone melted and stuck to the pair of pants under which he had left the device in his car. Apple stated that they are looking into the matter. If it turns out to be that the iPhone 7 was indeed responsible for starting the fire, one can only imagine the kind of problems that Apple will face, especially since the Note 7 was just shut down by the South Korean giant due to the same problem. It makes the superstitious person in all of us wonder if the number "7" truly is a moniker that future phones should avoid.

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