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Many fans were disappointed and may be even annoyed when Apple revealed this year's iPhones without the headphone jack or any significant new innovations, but a man in Dijon, France has taken his resentment to another level! As you can see in the video, the man enters the Apple Store without any prior signs of the imminent violence and simply proceeds to smash multiple iPhones with a metal ball that's used for a French game called Boules. Then he announces something to the camera and the people around in French, before finally proceeding to smash a MacBook.

According to 9to5mac, what the man proclaimed to the audience is the following, "... Apple refused to honour the EU requirement to provide warranty cover for two years after purchase." Now there is a law in certain parts of Europe which makes it necessary for the manufacturer to offer two years of warranty on all goods sold, including electronic devices. Although Apple did not initially adhere to the law, they were forced to offer the same two years of warranty on all their products after being fined $1.5 million by Italy in 2011. Therefore, it remains to be seen if there is any truth to what the man is proclaiming.

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