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Samsung has no intension to ever bring up or even mention the Galaxy Note 7 and that fact was made obvious in their latest Galaxy Note 9 teaser. As the tiny ten-second teaser continues, we see all the Galaxy Note Devices for a few milliseconds each, up until the words "Pen" and "New?" pops up on screen subsequently, followed by the text "Note 9." However, in what is a somewhat amusing yet understandable move, Samsung has not added the infamous Galaxy Note 7 to that list!

Given that the phone literally blew up in their customers' faces, that doesn't come as a huge surprise of course. Nevertheless, one can't help but notice the denial all the same. The real question that I have is why would Samsung take this route for the teaser where talk of the Note 7's absence would only make the infamous black sheep of the Note family even more infamous. Unless Samsung believes in no publicity is bad publicity, I would say it's not a very smart marketing move on their part.

Check the Tweet here.

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