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As is to be expected from the beta versions of any OS, the version of Android 9 Pie running on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ also have their fair share of bugs. To Samsung's credit, they have been pretty quick in rolling out hotfixes and major updates to fix the issues, as encountered by users. While the last beta version of the OS released a few days ago was supposed to be much less problematic than the one before it, a major bug was preventing a lot of users from using their mobile data connection, alongside causing a lot of other problems such as poor reception, invisible options in night mode, malfunctioning lift-to-wake functionality, app update errors and of course, frequent crashes.

Most of the problems have since been taken care of by firmware version G960NXXU2ZRLA (S9) and G965NXXU2ZRLA (S9+), which contain hotfixes for most, if not all of the problems that were being experienced by the users since the last beta release. Unfortunately, the updates have only been rolled out in South Korea so far, so you may have to wait a few days before it comes to other regions as well.


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