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It's a little scary how much your Android device and of course, Google, knows about your location. At least with Google, they're upfront about how your information is used. But what about with other apps?

Many third-party apps asked for location information in their permissions list. If you'd rather keep your location private, read on to find out how to limit what those apps see, including Google. After all, do your games really need to know where you ate dinner?

Limit Location Access By App

Go to Settings > Location and scroll down to see which apps currently access your location data. If you see any apps you want to restrict, download AppOps from the Google Play Store.

Bring up the app once installed, select any app you want restricted and switch Location to off.

Stop All Tracking

It's much simpler to stop all tracking. Just go to Settings > Location. Toggle the Location setting at the top to Off. That's all.

Location information isn't required to use your device, but it does boost performance for some, such as Google Maps. Still, you have final say on your privacy, so restrict any apps that you don't want accessing your information.



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