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It has hardly been a few days since we heard rumors of HTC being this year's manufacturer for Google's Nexus line of smartphones, and we already have a solid source who's confirming the rumor. According to reports, a developer in HTC has leaked the alleged codenames for the upcoming Nexus devices.

If LlabTooFeR on Twitter is to be believed, then there will be two versions of the Nexus, one with a 5-inch screen and the other with a larger 5.5-inch display. The more conservative 5-inch phone will supposedly be named the T50 while its bigger phablet version will be called the T55. Apart from this, no other information about the smartphones was shared.

Google and HTC have a bit of history together as HTC was the first manufacturer that they had collaborated with, when the first Nexus phone was launched back in 2010; the Nexus One. In fact, the business relationships between the two companies were once again renewed when they launched the Nexus 9 tablet about two years ago in 2014. HTC's renewed affiliation with Google is actually very good news for the company, as it has been suffering losses for a while now. Will this tie up be enough for HTC to regain its stature in the smartphone industry? We will find out soon enough.


The unsubsidized price of the Galaxy S7 in US is $670 and according to an American industry research firm, that price tag has a profit margin of $415 on each handset! The research firm known as IHS published a report recently which shows that Samsung manufactures each unit of the S7 at a price of $255, inclusive of everything.

According to IHS, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset that is powering Samsung's 2016 flagship devices in the US (the international variant is powered by Samsung's own Exynos 8890), is the S7's costliest part. Samsung however, buys the chipset at roughly $62 a piece. The 12-megapixel camera at the back of the S7 is its second most expensive part and it costs Samsung around $13.80 per module and an additional $5 for assembling and installing each unit.

Everything else like the glass back panel, the Super AMOLED display, the aluminum frame, internal storage, RAM, front camera, sensors and microphones come within a budget of $174.30. If this report has any truth to it, then Samsung's margin of profit on the Galaxy S7 is just astounding! It makes you wonder how much profit the South Korean manufacturer is making on every S7 that it sells outside the US, where it uses its own Exynos 8890 chipset which should cost even less than the Snapdragon 820.



Samsung Apple

Apple and Samsung are in a pretty complex, multi-level relationship with each other. Although they have been competing for the lion's share of the smartphone market for the past few years and have met one another in a court of law for quite a few times, they are also business partners, as Apple has used a number of Samsung-made silicon components in its iPhone devices over the years. Cupertino has tried to divorce its South Korea-based adversary, but this has proved to be a pretty hard task... Simply because Apple admits that Samsung is hr Best hardware Manufacture.


One of the latest iPhone 6-related rumors, for example, claims that Apple has once turned to Samsung for hardware parts - this time, Sammy is said to be providing a great portion of the RAM chips for Cupertino's next flagship, which might or might not come with 1GB of random-access memory (RAM) aboard.


iPhone Ram


It will be filling the gap that SK Hynix and Elpida Memory, two of Apple's major RAM suppliers, left after they did not agree to increase the RAM production, which will provide a steady supply of memory for the iPhone 6.





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