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Last Friday, I had an awful experience as I became possibly the first person in the world to officially report about a Galaxy S8 emitting smoke. If you don't know about it yet, check my post out by clicking here. I got my phone back today from the service center and just as I was beginning to get excited about getting back my Galaxy S8, I noticed something that made me very unhappy. My handset was getting very hot even while I was just using it to navigate the menu options at 50% brightness! This had never happened before, prior to the incident.

At first, I felt that it must be all the routine new phone settings and updates because that does heat up phones quite a bit. Unfortunately, it kept getting hotter the longer I used it and even after I made sure that there were no apps running in the background and everything was updated, nothing changed. Keep in mind that this is a formatted device with no external apps on it yet! I sensed that it was the hottest around the Edges and decided to call Samsung Care. They could not resolve it and told me some generic (and stupid) stuff like I should clear my notification bars! I am now going to do a full battery drain and recharge to see if it changes things, as instructed by the call center executive. However, this experience has led me to reconsider if it's worth spending $905 (Yes, It's THAT expensive in India!) on a smartphone from Samsung. I should have received a replacement, but instead, I got the same phone, repaired and still getting crazy hot. I am disappointed in you Samsung...

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