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Google Pixel 5 is a great phone with an attractive design and an affordable price tag but the competition among phones within the same category is fierce. Google Pixel is known for its near DSLR-quality shots with a point-and-shoot camera. No mobile phone camera seems to bear Pixel 5's camera in low-light situations, which makes it a great mobile phone for users who look at the camera specs while making the phone purchase decision. Google Pixel 5 is the most expensive Pixel phone of 2020 but considerably cheaper than other flagship phones from Apple or Samsung. It starts at $699 with 128GB storage. There isn't a storage upgrade option and you can't expand the storage with a microSD card as well.


When it comes to photography, Google relies more on software than hardware to get the most out of a small sensor. But the competition has gone intense since the first Pixel topped the Samsung and Apple cameras. Now the iPhone 12 and Galaxy Note 20 ultra use their own software stuff to shoot and mix images that can compete with Google. As expected, Google didn't bring any major improvements to camera hardware in Pixel 5 and that's okay. The Pixel 5 has a 12Mp f/1.7 primary camera that can capture exceptional shots with rich colors, intense detail, and wide dynamic range. In a challenging situation, it can do a lot better than previous Pixel cameras, though most of the shots taken with Pixel 4XL are nearly identical to Pixel 5.


The color accuracy of the Pixel 5's camera is exceptional. Other phones seem to have some internal struggle under certain conditions where the Pixel 5 gets close to the real-life color in almost every shot. Google replaced the zoom lens on the Pixel 4 with a 16Mp, f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens despite saying last year that the telephoto lens is more important. The device also features an extra-wide-angle lens which is great for capturing landscapes, large objects, or densely packed skyscrapers. The front camera features an 8MP f/2.0 sensor for detailed selfies.


After months of speculations, rendered images and videos, we can finally get our first look at the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8, courtesy of SlashLeaks. As you can probably tell, the images you see here are not rendered or concept images; these are the real deal. We are not saying that this can't be just a prototype, but given the fact that we are a little more than just two weeks from the Note 8's official reveal date, it would be safe to bet that this is more or less what we are going to see at the event.

What was immediately noticeable to us is that the Note 8 doesn't look like a stretched out Galaxy S8, like many experts in the field had expected it to be. It's a lot squarer than the S8 or the S8+ with a bit more bezel than either of the two current flagships from Samsung. The dual camera setup can be seen here and also the S-Pen, which does look a bit more stout and that's a good thing, because it makes for a better grip. Do you like what you see? Let us know in the comments.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

As far as the pictures are concerned, you will find them all throughout the article, but unfortunately, none of this latest batch of leaked Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL pictures shows the fronts of the two smartphones. Other than the images, we also have information on the color options (as can be seen in the pictures) and even the price.

It looks like the Pixel 2 will come in three color options, which have been comically named by Google as Kinda Blue, Just Black, and Clearly White. The color options for the Google Pixel 2 XL on the other hand won't be so vast and the buyers will have to choose in between Black & White and Just Black. Funny as the names may be, they do a pretty good job of describing exactly how the colors look to be honest! You will find the pricing details mentioned below.

Pixel 2 (HTC)

$649 for 64GB/$749 for 128GB

Pixel 2 XL (LG)

$849 for 64GB/$949 for 128GB

The pictures and the information are presented by DroidLife and they do seem to be pretty authentic.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Are you wondering how to take a good picture from cheap phones? Gone are the days when you had to take cameras with you to take pictures. In today's advanced world, you just need your phone to take great pictures. Camera phones have improved impressively, but still, they are not great for taking quality photos in the first attempt. However, a good photographer can take beautiful pictures with any device that can capture photos. In this article, we have talked about how to take better pictures using your android phone.

Take a look at the tips for taking great pictures using best android phones.

Avoid Using Digital Zoom

In recent times, all the phones feature digital zoom function. It is great if you pretend that it doesn't exist. You can see for yourself, your image degrades the moment you start to zoom. The zoom lens in your cheap android phones is missing. This is why your phone just enlarges the image digitally. As a result of this, it decreases the detail resolution of the picture. Instead of taking a picture using digital zoom, you can move closer by a few steps.

Clean The Lens

Another great tip for you to follow is by cleaning the lens of yourphone. In order to take great pictures, you must have a clean camera lens. Your best android phones spend a lot of time in your pocket or purse. In there a lot of dust and dirt can get on your lens. It is recommended to clean the lens of your camera with a cleaning cloth. You can use the cleaning cloth from optician to clean the camera lens without damaging it.

Change Camera Settings

Next tip that you should keep in mind is that there are various camera settings. The settings vary depending on your phone. You can change the settings before taking a picture. Find out more about the settings and get ready to take bright and better pictures.

LED Flash

It is advised to use flash in emergencies only. Using a flash is not a good option as it destroys a quality picture. The color of the picture suffers as the background is nearly disappeared and the forefront is brightened.

Moreover, the flash of cheap android phones will offer you great pictures only if the appropriate light is missing. However, the result is not very good as the subject will be overexposed. The flash will cause hard shadows that takeout the natural element from the pictures.

You can use a semi-translucent white tape and stick it over the flash of your Android phone. This will decrease the hardness of the lightning and will give a smooth light. It will provide beautiful and natural pictures.


One of the most important things to get a great picture is to have the subject well lit. This is why you should look for light sources. A neon sign or rays of sunshine are a good example. You will have to pay attention to the subject, whether you can see it clearly or not. If not, you can change your angle, reposition the subject or look for a little shady place. The most common mistake that most of the people make is thehaving a strong light behind your subjects. This is a good choice if you want to have a silhouette effect.


A picture doesn't have to be straight on. You can try a different angle, it is necessary for having a great picture. You can get down on your knees for taking a picture or you can go on ahigh surface and take a picture downward. This technique gives you interesting photos. The picture from below often gives you double chin so you should be very careful when taking pictures from below.


Another tip is to play with reflections, this is because our eyes are attracted to reflections. Everyone loves a picture in which sky is reflected in thewater. It is pleasant to see a picture like this. This is why you must try to play with them in a picture. There are many places where you can find the reflections. For example, vast bodies of water like lake, puddles, mirror, metallic surfaces and drinking glasses.

Have a Steady Support

To take an amazing picture, you must have a steady support for your best android phones. Having a steady support is crucial especially when there is low light. You will already be struggling with your phone to get appropriate light. You can always use a tripod, but that means you will have to carry one more thing around with you. There are many options that can give you the support for asteady hand. You can use a table, a wall or mantelpiece.


You should not be afraid to edit the photos you took with your Android phone. Composing and taking the photos is the first step, the next step is to edit your photos. It helps in making your photos compelling. With the help of filters, you can make your photos better. You can make everything better, from facial photos to food photos. There are plenty of photo editing apps that you can use. Try and find out which you like the most and produce fantastic photos.

In the end, it all comes down to you, your skill, knowledge, and eye. All these things will make the pictures worth looking at. Take best pictures using your phone and share it with the rest of theworld. You can take great pictures with the help of these tips. However, not all these tips can work in all the situation. You will have to practice and do experiments to find what works best for you. You can even use different camera apps to take great pictures. What tips do you have for taking a great picture from the camera of your cheap phones? Let us know in the comments below. 

If Evan Blass from @evleaks is to be believed, then we finally have two images that depict the upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. One cannot deny the fact that the images do look like they have been edited here and there. Nonetheless, we must admit that the "leaked" images look very realistic, even if they turn out to be just conceptualizations based on 2015's S6 series.

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at the two images is the dark themed wallpaper. The dark wallpaper looks classy and if we see this in the actual S7 instead of the usual bright wallpapers that Samsung uses with its devices, it would be a welcome change. Next, the home buttons on both the devices seem to be less rounded when compared to current gen smartphones in the series. Displays on both the phones show the date to be February 21, which is unofficially confirmed as the launch date for the Galaxy S7 line up.

If the images bear real similarities with the original S7, then it can be concluded that Samsung is sticking with more or less the same design as last year, but boosting the internals to keep up with the latest hardware and software changes. We have heard enough rumors to know that many fans are expecting the S7 to be water-resistant, and we think that the chances of that happening are not that bad either. Perhaps the two most missed features in the S6 were its mediocre battery life and exclusion of a microSD card slot. The S7 is rumoured to solve both the problems by adding an expansion slot and providing a larger battery. Hopefully, we will get more of our wishes fulfilled in less than a month from now.



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