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Nowadays, smartphone usage is spread worldwide and there's probably no one who could imagine their daily life without these gadgets: we can make calls and texts, write emails, pay bills, find the needed information on the Internet, read digital books or play mobile games. With mobile games' popularity increasing rapidly, more and more people get into them. 


There are now more than 2.4 billion global mobile gamers in the world and this number is expected to grow to 2.7 billion by 2021, according to Statista. These numbers make a huge and very competitive market of mobile games. And here pops the question: how to promote a mobile game to reach a large audience and make the best profit? In this article, you will find out 5 ways to promote a mobile game.


Google Ads


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Probably everyone knows that Google is a powerful tool to reach an enormous number of people. Talking about online advertising, Google Ads gives you an opportunity to display your product at the top of Google search which increases your product's visibility immensely. 

With the help of Google Ads tools from CleverAds.com, you will be able to boost your Google Ads performance easily. Clever Ads is specialized in mobile games which ensures that your mobile game advertising campaign will definitely succeed.  

Landing page

A very important part of marketing your mobile game is creating a landing page. It's an informative one-page website where you can promote your mobile game by adding its links there. Also, it's a place where you can reach your potential customers outside the app store and collect their emails by which you will be later able to announce your game's release date, promotions and updates. What a landing page does more, is that it collects data about your target audience: where they are from, what their age or occupation is, etc. 

Creating a landing page is not difficult. As the main thing is to focus on your mobile game app, the website should look catchy but simple and include easy to understand information. 

Social media channels

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As there are 2.95 billion users on social media in 2019, according to Statista, it makes social media a great marketing tool to acquire new customers. There are many social media platforms but if you want to reach the biggest amount of potential customers, you should know that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the most daily users. We advise you to try several channels to find out which one works best for promoting your mobile game. 

You can start by posting pre-launch information and share some of the game storylines previews. Then you can also show game graphics and reveal some details from a game by the video teasers which you should upload time by time and finally, you can announce the release date.

Another thing is you should reach out to the influencers. While influencers reach a huge audience, the influencers of mobile games attract more than 21% of people to make a purchase than non-gamers, according to Newzoo. Furthermore, they can share good reviews of your game, which would definitely increase your game's awareness. 

Feedback and reviews

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Nowadays customers are more aware of service's or product's quality and they do some investigation before purchasing one. While the most concerned person in selling a product is the one who takes the profit from the sales, it is obvious that he will present the product in its best shape (and without any drawbacks, of course). As feedback and reviews from casual buyers are more trustworthy, it is very important for potential customers to see it. 

Customers' decision on whether to download a mobile game or not might depend on other customers' feedback and reviews. On one hand, you can take advantage and improve your game by analyzing bad reviews: thoroughly take into consideration every notice and request.   On the other hand, you can use good reviews and share them with your audience as proof that your game is really good.


One more way to promote your mobile game is to create a forum. Forums may build a trustworthy connection between a game and a customer as well as feedback and reviews. It's a place where the game's users may express their opinions about it, though they can be both: positive and negative. There they can meet other players, share their experience, brag about their achievements or look for help from other users and it kind of creates a feeling of community. A forum also allows gamers to communicate with the developers and report bugs, which is basically to keep on improving your game. 

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