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The Lenovo owned Moto brand had earlier taken a "not too subtle" dab at Samsung when they stated that, "At Moto, our priority is safety first. Unlike some manufacturers, we adhere to the highest standards in quality and testing of all our batteries." It isn't too hard to guess that the statement was definitely a reference to the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries, which had caused the company to recall each and every one of its devices all over the world. Apparently, Lenovo thought that it wasn't enough so they have now launched a campaign (along with Moto) called "Skip the Sevens" which targets the Apple iPhone 7 directly. As you will see in the video below, the Chinese OEM clearly takes a strong shot at brand loyalists of the Cupertino electronics giant.

Not to be left behind, LeEco tweeted out "Some Lead, Others Follow" after the launch of the iPhone 7 without the headphone jack. The tweet continued on to state that "We evolved to the Continual Digital Lossless Audio era in April 2016. Here's welcoming the followers! #LiveTheFuture"

Although not as aggressively, OnePlus took a somewhat humorous approach in mocking the new iPhone's lack of a headphone jack. The company simply tweeted, "You have headphones. The#OnePlus3 has a headphone jack. It's not rocket science ;)"

Amidst all the dabs and digs, Apple has actually shown a lot of class in refraining from making fun of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Considering the fact that Samsung has taken multiple shots at Apple over the years at every opportunity, many had expected otherwise. What do you think about the entire situation?

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Samsung's next premium smartphone - The Galaxy S22 is expected to hit the shelves next year, but we are already getting some leaks about it. The latest leak is related to the camera which suggests that the phone will likely hit the market without an under-display camera. The current Galaxy S21 features a high-quality camera system but the upcoming smartphone is likely to have some major improvements in the photography section. One such feature is a sensor-shift stabilization system as well as a continuous zoom periscope camera module. Earlier it was reported that the phone might have an under-display camera which got canceled by other reporters.


As per rumors, the Korean tech giant Samsung has decided to replace the under-display camera system on the Galaxy S22 series. The reason behind this decision is the unsatisfactory performance of the under-display camera. In addition to the camera placement, the company is also working on hardware and software parts of the camera to improve the quality of the final image. The under-display camera, however, is expected to be launched on the Galaxy Note series in 2022. But this is merely a rumor. So far, the ZTE Axon20 5G has such a camera and it's under the display and doesn't generate impressive high quality.


Another rumor suggests that Samsung is working in partnership with a Japan-based company called Olympus to improve the Galaxy smartphone's photography experience. It is also speculated the company is going to use the Olympus camera module. The concept renders have already hit the internet but these are just concept renders and the final product could be different from these designs. It might use a 200MP image sensor as the successor of the 108Mp sensor found in the Galaxy S21 ultra. Although there are multiple reports regarding their partnership, Samsung and Olympus have yet to confirm this.


Note 4 Note edge


We already heard that Samsung is preparing the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for its two of the latest flagships, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The update should be ready by Early Next Month. However, we are receiving reports that the Note 4 and Note Edge will skip the Lollipop 5.0.0 update... to get the latest Lollipop 5.0.1 update instead.




The latest reports indicates that Samsung is already working on Android 5.0.1 updates for the Note 4 and Note Edge, this new 5.0.1 update packs some important bug fixes and security enhancements from Google to the original Lollipop 5.0 image.


Note Edge


Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge is expected to start Rolling-out on January,2015 with an updated version of TouchWiz UI and other many other features.


(Images on this post are courtesy to Samsung)


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