Adware has targeted Android, are you safe?
28 June, 201328 June, 2013 Android Android



Over 1 million American Android users are highly conscious regarding the security of their Android phone and therefore, have installed adware. These adware as per lookout are app that containsoverly obtrusive advertising, such as "personally identifiable information," or "perform unexpected actions".



Lookout released mobile security statistics which shed light on the fact that smartphone owners are more concerned about the security of their phones as compared to other phone users.



According to the company's estimates, the most discouraging part is that adware is contained by 6.5 percent of the free applications available in the Google play store. If this is believed to be true then it reveals that over 55,000 applications possess harmful code.



Lookout statistics have provided detailed look on the categories of applications with most adware in them. Free Personalization applications ranks highest with 26 percent of adware, free games with 9 percent of adware and social apps better with only 2 percent of adware.



Bitdefender, a mobile security software maker said that Android is targeted by adware and increased 35 and 61 percent in America and globally respectively.




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