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In a matter of weeks, multiple leaks claiming to show the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus have surfaced on the internet. Some of them are renders posted by leaksters on social media, while others are images published by case makers that clearly show us the external design of the two phones, in addition to leaking their exact dimensions. In fact, Samsung themselves showed us a smartphone in their recent Super AMOLED ads, which could very well be the S8 itself. However, none of them showed us how the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus would look from the rear; that is until now.

Given the wideness of the camera hole in the render above, the S8 Plus will probably sport a dual camera setup after all. Note that this suspicion gains further ground after considering the fact that the single camera hole on the back of the regular Galaxy S8'case seems about half of that. There is also an additional button on the left, which will presumably be used to activate Samsung's digital AI assistant, Bixby. Contrary to what previous case renders had shown us, this one is suggesting that both the volume buttons and the power button will retain their positions on the right side of the phone.

Much to our delight, the render shows the 3.5mm audio jack being retained. A single speaker grill can be seen at the bottom right, although other renders have shown that the regular S8 will be sporting dual speakers placed on the top and the bottom. Take this "leaked" render as well as all the others going around the internet with a healthy pinch of salt, because they are in most cases, based on rumors, unconfirmed facts and imagination.


Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

We are perfectly aware that both the flagship smartphones from the two Korean tech giants are still quite a distance away from being released, but one cannot deny that the distance isn't really that far away either at this point of time. Also, not much stays secret about popular upcoming smartphones these days, thanks to leaksters, hidden sources and most of all, the internet. Therefore, based on what we know so far, here's a comparison of leaked and rumoured specifications between two of the future heavyweight competitors for 2017 in the smartphone business.


Galaxy S8/S8 Plus: 5.7-inch/6.4-inch curved, bezel-less Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.
LG G6: 5.7-inch LCD display with 2880x1440 pixels resolution and arranged in a 18:9 aspect ratio, which is a first in the smartphone industry.


Both devices will use identical Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC in 4x 2.45GHz Kryo 280
4x 1.9GHz Kryo 280/Adreno 540 configuration. There is a chance that the international version of the Galaxy S8 will use an equally powerful Exynos chip with a Mali GPU.


6GB on both devices.


While both the devices are expected to support micro-SD cards, the S8 may also support UFS SD cards as well. Internal storage should range from anywhere in between 64GB to 256GB.


The Galaxy S8 will probably continue with a single rear sensor and may bump up the megapixel count on the front camera as well as adding autofocus, but the LG G6 will sport an even more advanced version of LG's rear mounted dual-sensors.

Android version

At this point, both the G6 and the S8 are expected to run on Nougat 7.1 right out of the box.


LG G6: USB Type-C, wireless charging, Quick Charge 4.0, fingerprint scanner, Android Pay, LG Pay.

Galaxy S8: USB Type-C, IP68 rating for water resistance, wireless charging, Quick Charge 4, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, Android Pay, Samsung Pay.

Stay tuned for more as we will keep you updated with the latest rumors, renders, images and specs as they happen.

 Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Just when you thought that Samsung was getting out of the rut that the exploding Galaxy Note 7 had dropped the company into last year, they are now facing another predicament which is giving them a lot of bad reputation once again. Lee Jae-yong has recently been detained and questioned in order to find a link in between him and the infamous influence-peddling scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-hye and her friend, Choi Soon-sil. In fact, the South Korean prosecutor's office had gone as far as petitioning for an arrest warrant to incarcerate Samsung's future Chairman.

Fortunately for Samsung, the Seoul Central District Court did not feel that the warrant was necessary and therefore, Jae-yong is still a free man (sort of!). According to the court, since Lee Jae-yong is not allowed to leave South Korea until everything regarding the scandal and its relation to him is settled, imprisonment is an unnecessary step at this point of time. In fact, vice-chairman Lee Jae-yong was let go even from the detention centre, right after the court announced its verdict. Although this is definitely good news for Samsung, things as a whole are looking a little dim for the company and its leaders until this scandalous storm blows over.

 Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

As you probably know already, in an unexpected turn of events, Samsung has shown us a smartphone which could very well be the upcoming Galaxy S8.The OEM has released two advertisements in South Korea to promote their new Super AMOLED panels and in both ads, we see a smartphone which looks quite similar to what previously leaked renders of the S8 had revealed to us. As the chances of this being a coincidence are too small to be honest, I am of the opinion that these ads are in a way, the first Galaxy S8 teasers, albeit unofficially. Take a look at the screenshots in this article to get your first look at the upcoming flagship from Samsung (hopefully).

There will be two versions of the Galaxy S8 this year and both versions will have curved displays with a very high screen-to-body ratio. The Galaxy S8 Plus will have a huge 6.4-inch display, while the size of the display on the regular S8 will range in between 5.7-inch to 6.2-inch. If you are interested about the dimensions of the two devices, we have a leak for you which states just that. In order to know more about the proposed specifications of the two upcoming flagship smartphones, click here.

 Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

After the two ads which Samsung released recently to highlight their new Super AMOLED displays, most of us are quite convinced that we have already taken our first look at the Galaxy S8, courtesy of the manufacturer itself. However, we still do not have an exact idea about the dimensions of the upcoming flagship. As if to fill in that gap, GSMArena has revealed those dimensions for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If the report is to be believed, then the regular Galaxy S8 will measure 140.14mm x 72.20mm x 7.30mm, while the much larger S8 Plus will have the measurements of 152.38mm x 78.51mm x 7.94mm. In case you are not aware, the S8 Plus will reportedly sport a 6.4-inch display while the size of the regular S8's display will range from anything in between 5.7-inch to 6.2-inch. Both the devices will have a curved/edge display.

What is interesting is that the renders are showing the older micro-USB slot rather than the expected micro-USB Type-C slot. What do you think about the case maker's renders? Are they accurate leaks or just fanciful renders?

 Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

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