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Why using an Android is good for sports


Over the years, we have watched the great Apple versus Android war with features and capabilities leapfrogging each other with every new model that is released. These days the choice between Apple and Android has become a personal one, with each type of phone offering its own unique set of features that can be useful for any kind of lifestyle. Some of the world's largest sporting stars choose to use Android over Apple when it comes to their devices and here's why.


Live streaming capabilities

Whether you're live streaming your latest practise session or you are a fan wanting to live stream a certain sporting match, the Google Play store offers a variety of apps that will support your needs. The cameras in Android phones these days are top of the range when compared with Apple devices so, for those who want picture clarity in their stream from either the front or the back camera on a phone or tablet, Android is their weapon of choice. The connectivity available in the range of available Android devices pairs with a wide variety of display devices including laptops, televisions, projectors and more. If you are looking to live stream any kind of sport, there is an Android device out there that will be the perfect partner for all of your viewing needs.


A wide variety of apps to use

The great thing about using an Android device is the sheer number of apps that are available to you to cover all of your sporting needs. Want to become part of a fantasy football league? There's an app for that. Looking for the most up to date Oaks Day odds? There's an app for that too. No matter what kind of sport-related information it is that you seek, you can almost be guaranteed that Android offers an app that can give you what you need.


An Android device can provide you with everything from sports news to a live stream so that you never miss a beat with your favorite sport. Participating in sporting games online is made easy with an Android device simply due to the availability of apps that are compatible with your device. It doesn't matter whether you are a die-hard fan or just have a vague interest, the incredible collection of apps for Android devices will be there to help answer any lingering questions.


Ability to track your progress

People participate in sports for a wide range of reasons. Fitness, fun, companionship and competitiveness are but a few of the reasons that people love to play sports. No matter what sport you are interested in or where in the world you are playing, Android devices can help you to keep track of your progress. There are apps that can guide you through the thickest of jungles and ones that can track your mileage to the inch.


One of the great features that Android has over Apple when it comes to tracking your progress in sport is the extended battery life. With an Android device, you don't need to worry about your phone dying in the middle of a workout or dropping the signal of your GPS tracking during a hike. For sporting superstars and dedicated fans alike, an Android device is the best partner you could hope for in the wide world of sports.


Our opinion:

With a new design and better battery life, this year's iPhone is certainly the best in the market at this time. Whether you want to just send a text, call or play Arabic online casino (كازينو اون لاين عربي), the new iPhone 13 is perfect for everything. However, it still disappoints users with slow charging.





· Updated design
· Increased storage
· Improved battery life
· Top-notch display
· Outstanding cameras
· Ultimate user experience



· Charger is not included
· Notch has still not disappeared
· Cinematic mode limited to 1080p
· Slow charging speed


With a fresh design and colors, iPhone13 seems quite different from the previous ones. When you try your hands for the first time, you will notice how the display is much better than before. Once you check the camera quality, you will surely become its diehard fan. However, iPhone 13 is not only updated in terms of camera and display, it also comes with the fastest chip A15 Bionic.



This year's cheapest iPhone is available at $799. What most users like about it is that the storage of the base model has been increased to 128 GB from the previous 64GB, much to everyone's surprise. This means that all users will get their fair share of storage with this year's iPhone. It is available in three different variants of 128 GB, 256 GB priced at $899, and 512 GB priced at $1099.


Even though the price is not exactly the cheapest you can easily get it on various deals and discounts.


Screen Size:

Screen Size:


The screen size of the iPhone 13 is 6.1 inches. The iPhone 13 Pro has also been given the same size. The size has not been changed and has been kept the same as the previous iPhone. The screen resolution has also not been changed. It is 2532×1170.



The biggest update that you will find in iPhone 13 is the processor. With the all-new A15 processor, you will get an amazing user experience.


Battery Life:

While the previous iPhone just had a battery life of around 8 hours, the iPhone 13 has an amazing battery life of as long as 10 hours. This gives people a major reason to update from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13. The battery life is probably one of the most requested upgrades that customers wanted to see.



If you were expecting the notch to go considerably smaller, this year's iPhone might be a disappointment to you. This is because Apple has not reduced the notch a lot. However, the notch is smaller than the previous models but it disappoints users who wished to get an even smaller notch. The smaller notch also works fabulously. When it comes to the button placement, it is slightly different from the previous model. One of the biggest changes in design is the placement of the camera. Previously, the cameras were arranged vertically in both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. However, this year's iPhone has its cameras arranged diagonally. The back of the phone is made of durable glass. The IP68 water resistance has been kept the same as before.



The product has been launched in five different colors i.e. Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, And (Product) Red. Among all these colors, pink was the most requested one which Apple has very generously gifted to its users. All the colors look elegant and super stylish.



When it comes to the iPhone 13 display, it is approximately 28% brighter than iPhone 12. This makes it easier to use during extremely sunny days as well. It also has an amazing contrast which is much better than before.



The iPhone 13 has been upgraded with a larger camera. The ultra-wide camera has also been improved and its low light performance is much better than the previous iPhones. They also have added different photographic styles. So, you can choose whatever style suits you the best. You can capture beautiful images using the night mode of the iPhone 13. The colors that the camera captures are the best in the market.



The new cinematic mode in iPhone 13 allows you to shoot videos like never before. It can also shift focus between subjects while shooting. The bokeh effect is also outstanding. However, users are quite sad that the cinematic mode does not work in 4K. But, at this time, when videos have taken over all social media platforms, this feature would surely be loved by a lot of users.


Overall experience:

While using the new iPhone 13, you will experience how it's much faster than all the previous models. All games run smoothly on this model. You will get a smooth and seamless experience with IOS 15.


Pick or pass:

With considerable improvements, the iPhone 13 is definitely a pick. Especially for anyone who wishes to get an improved battery life and a better camera. With better storage, this year's iPhone surely has a lot to offer.

The Moto G200 5G will turn into Motorola's first Snapdragon 888 lead soon


Rather than attempting to rival Apple and Samsung (also, indeed, every other person) in the rewarding however testing very good quality smartphone market section, Motorola has decided to zero in only on low and mid-end Android handsets, delivering a stupendous complete of... one leader model in the course of the most recent four years or thereabouts.


While that system appears to have to a great extent paid off, producing little however outstanding benefit numbers for the Lenovo-claimed organization of late and aiding the brand ascend through the worldwide positions following a years-in length dive into immateriality, a Snapdragon 888 gadget is at last around the bend.


Obviously, with Snapdragon 888+ leaders currently available for anyone in various business sectors from a few unique organizations, it very well may be past the point of no return for Motorola to create a play for a spot among the most impressive phones available anywhere.


The Moto G200 could (ultimately) see light in the US

In case history is any sign


No, that is really excluded from the most recent TechnikNews report (interpreted here) seeing an unreleased and unannounced Moto smartphone, however with the 5G-empowered G100 authoritatively accessible stateside since July, there's a nice possibility this obvious continuation will follow after accordingly... eventually.


Actually like its herald, the without a doubt 5G-competent Moto G200 should go discounted in different business sectors first, including China, where its name will purportedly be changed to Motorola Edge s30 to flag a family likeness of sorts to the Snapdragon 870-controlled Edge 20 Pro.


In case history is any sign, Motorola's bad-to-the-bone US-based fans might have to sit tight until the following year for the G200 5G to arrive at their nation in the wake of making a business debut somewhere else as right on time as the following month.


At that point, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 898 SoC could all around become the top of the line business standard, consigning the Moto G200 to financial plan 5G leader status. In any case, what's essential to remember is that this terrible kid will be substantially more impressive than the G100 and Edge 20 Pro, also 2020's Snapdragon 865 Edge+.


Notwithstanding a Snapdragon 888 processor, the Moto G200 5G should accompany a velvety 144Hz showcase brandishing a Full HD+ goal and obscure size, just as a 8GB RAM count, a solitary 16MP selfie shooter, and a triple back confronting camera framework made out of 108, 13, and 2MP imaging sensors.


In general, that doesn't actually seem like an iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 Ultra "executioner", not to mention a possible option for the forthcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, yet at the right value, it could offer for the title of best financial plan 5G phone out there.

Apple Store demo unit uncovers unused Apple Watch Pro name and logo


It appears to be that Apple considered utilizing the name Apple Watch Pro for its mid-range hardened steel watches. The Apple Watch Pro name and logo were found in a secret document by Twitter supporter Apple Demo (@AppleDemoYT). The document was essential for an Apple Store demo unit that incorporated an iPad small that was utilized to help an imminent Apple Watch purchaser explore what was then the pristine watchOS.



The Apple Watch Pro logo was found close by logos for the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The document, made on February 26, 2015, was made only half a month prior to the Apple "Spring Forward" occasion that uncovered the estimating and delivery date for the watch.


The demo unit was not intended to permit clients to test the watch on their wrists. All things considered, the watch was mounted to the presentation that sat on top of Apple Store tables. Data about the application being shown on the watch could be seen on the screen of the iPad scaled down that was to one side of the new gadget.


The Apple Watch, obviously, has proceeded to turn into the most well known watch on the planet outperforming the ubiquity of watches made by the absolute most renowned names in watches including Rolex. The Apple Watch Pro name and logo were never utilized by Apple.

Dull red won't be the main extravagant Galaxy S22 Ultra shading choice


The Galaxy S22 series is relied upon to be uncovered in January 2022, yet the vast majority of its components have been spilled as of now. Indeed, even the plan and shading related data of the smartphone setup has been uncovered. Another report presently guarantees that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come in another extravagant shading.


As per the data from our companions at GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be accessible in a green shading variation also. In any case, it is as yet hazy whether it will be like the Awesome Mint shade of the Galaxy A52 or the Phantom Green like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Altogether, it resembles the smartphone will be accessible in something like four tones: Black, Dark Red, Green, and White.


The Galaxy S22 Ultra is supposed to include a 6.8 inch LTPO Super AMOLED Infinity-O show with QHD+ goal, HDR10+, a 120Hz invigorate rate, and S Pen similarity. It is relied upon to accompany a devoted S Pen space, actually like Galaxy Note series smartphones. The gadget will have a 108MP essential camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and two 10MP/12MP fax cameras.


In many business sectors, the phone will come outfitted with the Exynos 2200 processor (Snapdragon 898 in the US). The Exynos chipset highlights AMD's Radeon Mobile GPU dependent on the RDNA2 engineering that supports beam following and variable rate concealing. It has as of now been uncovered that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery and backing for 45W quick charging.

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