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Apple is going to squander its AI on emojis


We know that Apple is working on its own AI. The company is expected to unveil its AI plans at WWDC 2024 next month, but if you were hoping for something grand, you could be disappointed. This is because one of the AI features Apple is expected to announce could involve emojis.


A report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg has revealed that one of the new AI features Apple could introduce could come in the form of AI-powered emojis. This is where users can use AI to generate custom emojis on the fly. It sounds extremely novel and kind of a waste of time.


Google I/O focused heavily on AI, but it felt very lackluster. This is the perfect opportunity for Apple to announce something grand, so for them to waste the tech on emojis seems silly. Of course, emojis could be a small part of the announcement, so we'll have to wait and see.


According to Gurman, Apple will take a more reserved approach when it comes to AI. The company doesn't want to shove AI into all of its products and services. Instead, they want their application of AI to be on things that customers use in their daily lives. It is a fair approach, but hopefully Apple has grander plans in the works as well.

Proof that Google could switch to TSMC for the Pixel 10


Google's current Tensor chipsets are built by Samsung. But we heard rumors dating back to 2023 that Google could actually ditch Samsung for TSMC for the Pixel 10 series. Now a report from Android Authority has discovered evidence to suggest that those rumors are true.


This evidence was found in publicly available trade databases. These databases contain information for products that are imported or exported. Based on the listings that the publication found, it seems that there is proof that the upcoming Tensor G5 could be manufactured by TSMC.


This was found in the description of the goods in the database where TSMC's name can be found. The listing does not mention the Tensor G5 specifically. But Android Authority broke down the description which does make references to the Tensor G5's codename, "Laguna Beach".


Google switching to TSMC is actually quite exciting. TSMC is one of the foremost manufacturers of chipsets and has very advanced chipmaking technology at its disposal. But that's not the exciting part. The current Tensor chipsets are said to be based on Samsung's Exynos design. Switching over to TSMC could allow Google to finally create a chipset for the Pixel 10 that is truly custom.


This will give Google more control over how it performs and how Android runs on it, which could result in more impressive performance and features. That being said, the Pixel 10 is still a year or so away from being launched, so take it with a grain of salt.

Tim Cook says Vision Pro has a "profound" result on people


The Apple Vision Pro recently won a prestigious award for its operating system: visionOS. UK's Design and Art Direction Awards (D&AD) gave visionOS the Black Pencil. Apple CEO Tim Cook took to X to congratulate the design team and praise Vision Pro's profoundness.


The Black Pencil is D&AD's most coveted accolade. visionOS is the first Apple product to win a Black Pencil since the iPad in 2011. And it is the first Black Pencil awarded to Apple while Tim Cook is CEO. Understandably, Cook is quite pleased.



In addition to congratulating the Apple design team, Cook said Vision Pro was made possible by "years of breakthroughs". He also revealed he has seen people become emotional when they first try a Vision Pro.


I can understand that. The Vision Pro is one of the best AR headsets the XR industry has ever seen. Its micro-OLED displays are fantastic and its hand and eye tracking is not only accurate, it's also brilliantly implemented. You simply look at what you want to open and then do a pinching gesture.


Tim Cook says Vision Pro has a "profound" result on people


But I think there might be another reason as to why people are getting emotional when using a Vision Pro. It might be the first time they've ever used a VR device in their life. The Vision Pro is excellent but the much more affordable Meta Quest 3 is no slouch either.


If you took someone who had never used VR headsets before and made them play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on a Quest 3 they'd be pretty emotional too. What the Apple Vision Pro does however is provide users with a very intuitive user interface. And Apple being a big name makes people want to try its headset, even if the same people might have brushed off VR as a fad before.



Only 25% of U.S. adults have used VR in their lives. Those who haven't show little interest in it. But 80% of people who have used VR keep coming back for more. So even before the Apple Vision Pro people were clearly being wowed by VR and retention was high. Apple's foray into the XR industry is simply bringing more eyes to XR in general. Something I am quite pleased about.


However, until a cheaper Vision Pro 2 comes out, Apple's headset is going to remain out of reach for most consumers and enthusiasts. Also, I personally think the Vision Pro should get dedicated controllers and official support for PC VR games and other VR games as well. That would truly make Apple's XR devices worth the premium in my opinion.

Leak reveals that ordering your Galaxy Ring will be a snap if you know one piece of personal info


A post from Hall of Fame leaker Evan Blass reveals that Samsung will offer consumers two different ways to order the Galaxy Ring. If you know your ring size, you will be able to order the new wearable (which will be available in nine different sizes) by choosing your ring size and ordering the device. The leak, which appears to show the official ordering process that will appear on the Samsung website, then says, "You'll get your Galaxy Ring delivered right away, in general process."


If you don't know your ring size, the aforementioned two steps turn into four. First, you will order the Galaxy Ring using the 'I don't know my size' option. Samsung will ship you a Sizing Kit. Samsung adds that its sample rings are based on U.S. standard sizing. You'll use these sample rings to determine your ring size. Next, confirm your ring size on the 'My Order' page. You'll get an email that will confirm your ring size. The last step says, "Your best-fit Galaxy Ring will be finally delivered!"


Leak reveals that ordering your Galaxy Ring will be a snap if you know one piece of personal info


If you're planning on purchasing a Galaxy Ring, you might want to have your ring size determined in advance so you can avoid waiting for Samsung to ship you its Sizing Kit. The Galaxy Ring will be unveiled during Samsung's second Unpacked event of the year which will be held in Paris on July 10th. The Summer Olympics will begin in Paris a little more than two weeks later and Samsung has some promotional deals related to the "Summer Games."


Samsung is expected to produce an initial batch of 400,000 Galaxy Rings with sensors tracking the user's health and fitness readings which will appear on a paired smartphone display. Users should be able to get an ECG reading from the ring that will determine whether their heart rhythm is abnormal. It will also measure the user's heart rate, blood oxygen level, track his sleep, and more. The Galaxy Ring will probably track its users' daily calorie consumption and certain activities.


It might not replace the smartwatch but the smart ring could be another wearable tool that becomes a life saver. The latest rumor calls for the Galaxy Ring to cost somewhere in the range of $300-$350 with a monthly subscription fee required that would be under $10. Samsung's mobile chief TM Roh said back in February that the wearable will be able to get five to nine days out of a single charge. That impressive battery life could be the result of the Ring not having any display to drive.

Sony's Concept Video Features an Interesting Take on Gaming Controllers


One of the biggest veterans of the consumer tech industry, Sony isn't one to back down from occasionally trying out new and unorthodox approaches to both new and existing tech - this can be seen with the company's latest concept video, which envisions a future dominated by imagination and creativity.


The video was posted by Sony itself on its official YouTube page, and while it showcases some neat, sci-fi inspired tech, one concept in particular caught the eye of many who checked out the video. More specifically, Sony shows off what seems to be a rather futuristic take on its PlayStation controllers, featuring a minimalistic design with a built-in holographic display.



Of course, it doesn't mean that Sony is working on one, given the limits of today's available hardware and manufacturing processes, but given that we've seen crazier things happen, who's to say that it won't be a possibility someday?


In other recent Sony news, it's rumored that the company is working on a successor of sorts to the PSP and PS Vita, which will be different from the PS Portal. Not much is known about the mystery device, but reports claim that it will be able to run PS4 games natively at launch.

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