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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that created the concept of blockchain, is also the largest and longest-running blockchain.

At present, interest in blockchain architecture is growing, especially in financial institutions, because Bitcoin actually mediates a huge amount of transactions and shows that it can be put to practical use. In that sense, all blockchain implementations are somehow influenced by Bitcoin.

Why is the blockchain aiming at decentralization and adopting a mechanism such as proof of work to form an ecosystem? To understand that, you need to go back to the origin of blockchain, Bitcoin. In this article, you would like to look back at the history and achievements of Bitcoin and consider the misunderstandings and expectations of the current blockchain.

What has Bitcoin accomplished?

Originally, Bitcoin was designed as a mechanism for mediating value exchanges without relying on arbitrage by state power or underlying assets. Blockchain was designed as a means to realize it.

 In modern-day currencies, issuers including the central bank record liabilities on the books according to the outstanding balance. For electronic money, gift certificates, prepaid cards, etc., it will be necessary for the manager to make a provision according to the outstanding balance according to the system of each country. Get more detail about crypto-profit application.

However, Bitcoin works mechanically without the issuer or administrator. As a result, you succeeded in avoiding legal regulations that presume the existence of the issuer.

What has Bitcoin achieved by functioning without an issuer?

One is to realize a new mechanism in which a huge amount of currency issuance is generated by issuing coins and the operating cost as a currency is covered by this issuance.

With Bitcoin, the amount of computation required to issue a new coin is determined by the total computing power of participating miners. For this reason, when the number of participants is low, the currency can be efficiently obtained at a very low cost.

When the value of Bitcoin goes up, the market value of Bitcoin issued in the past goes up. The identity of the author who published the Bitcoin paper under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown, but it is likely that he will have gained at least several billion yen in market value.

Since Bitcoin has no nominal issuer, it is not necessary to record the amount of issue on the book as the issuer's debt or to make a provision according to the issue balance. Even now, new bitcoins are generated about every 10 minutes, and the profits of issuing the currency are divided by miners those who provided computational resources for block chain data processing.

In this way, miners voluntarily operate an international settlement platform that "operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Another thing that Bitcoin, which has no issuer, has achieved is the value transfer independent of state regulation.

On this platform, you can easily transfer economic value just by creating a key pair at hand, without having to enter into a contract such as opening an account that requires identity verification.

Trading with Bitcoin is possible anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. As a result, it has become possible to take out assets freely even from emerging countries such as China where foreign exchange transactions are regulated.

It is said that about 90% of the mining of bit coins is conducted in state. That's because investing in bitcoin mining has become one of the few ways to circumvent foreign exchange regulations and legally transfer domestic assets abroad.

Bitcoin was also used as a way to avoid taxation of deposits by the state. Cyprus, which suffered a financial crisis in the euro area due to Greece's debt exemption, closed its deposits and taxed about 10% in March 2013, at which time the capital flight from bank deposits in Cyprus Bitcoin was used as a means.

In Cyprus, it has become possible to pay the price of various things and services, including university tuition, with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is safer than bank deposits in fiat currency because it cannot be frozen freely due to national circumstances, and as a result, it became a capital flight destination with an exchange rate independent of fiat currency.



It has been used in various fields regardless of the public and private sectors, and the UK venture company ever ledger Company records and manages diamond appraisal information, transaction history, and transfer certification on the blockchain. In the diamond trading market, forgery of appraisal documents and insurance fraud for jewelry were widespread and became a social problem. By utilizing blockchain, the company has built a system that allows police and insurance companies to refer to the data, which helps prevent crime.
In addition, Estonia's Vander Beam Company provides a blockchain mechanism to raise investment funds for startup companies. It is possible to liquidize and sell investment funds without waiting for the invested company to grow and return the funds. We also have data on more than 150,000 startups around the world, and some Japanese investors are investing through them.

Estonia is a representative country that uses the blockchain as a platform for the Okino Electronic Government. The Scandinavian Baltic countries Estonia is about one-ninth of Japan's land area, but it is attracting attention as a digitally advanced country. Since 2002, ID cards have been issued to the public, and more than 96% of the 1.31 million people own ID cards. Administrative procedures other than marriage, divorce, and real estate sales can be done online, and more than 3000 services can be used with an ID card.
The government's IT-related budget is 50 million Euros about 6 billion yen per year, which is overwhelmingly small, compared to other countries, but what made it possible is X-Road exroad that links the databases of each ministry and agency. It is a mechanism. Information such as resident registration information and health care information held by each ministry and agency is connected peer-to-peer and can be referred to each other. The operation of EXLOAD started in 2001. It was epoch-making that we quickly adopted the technology that leads to the distributed management, which is the concept of blockchain. Read more here - green profit system App.

You have achieved efficient administration.

Estonia is also overwhelmingly high in terms of the efficiency of the old- fashioned tax collection, and it has a big opening up with Japan. Electronic filing of tax returns started in 2000, but it is designed to be completed in 3 clicks and in a minimum of 3 minutes, and 98% is paid electronically. As a privacy measure, when a person who does not permit digital confidential information is viewed, it is immediately detected, the history is written, and a large penalty is imposed.

How about using it in Japan?

I often hear the term fintech, which incorporates IT into Okina finance, but especially in financial transactions, proof experiments are being actively pursued. The Japan Exchange Group conducted a field trial using a blockchain in post-trade processing such as settlement of funds after the establishment of a transaction in the market. In addition, some major banks are planning to issue their own virtual currencies, and some regional banks are incorporating blockchain into the meal ticket sales system at the bank cafeteria.

Please tell us about the issues with blockchain technology.

There is a problem of scalability extend ability, as is the case with the Okina Bitcoin transaction. As the number of transactions in the blockchain increases, the amount of information stored in the block also increases. If this happens, the blockchain will become long, the disk capacity required for network participants and the load on the machine will increase, and it may not be possible to handle a large number of transactions. It will take some time to ensure the scalability to cover credit card payments and securities transactions around the world.
There is also the issue of speed in approving a transaction. Bitcoin creates blocks every 10 minutes, so it is not suitable for transactions that require immediacy. 

Is the use of blockchain going forward?

In 2016, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced a report entitled Survey on domestic and overseas trends regarding services using block chain technology. According to the report, the utilization of blockchain as social infrastructure is expected to increase the efficiency and efficiency of sharing services and supply chains, resulting in a potential market size of 67 trillion yen.




It isn't exacctly a secret that the future of online slots games is firmly rooted in the development of mobile gaming. Whether this means playing on your smartphone during a lengthy commute or enjoying slot sites on your tablet whilst chilling on the couch, mobile is undoubtedly the future.

Without a doubt, some slots games look and play better on mobile devices than others, with the software higher quality or at the very least the format lending itself better to a smaller screen. 

For newcomers to the world of slots, it can be tough to choose which games to play and, for that matter, which sites to play them at. Places specialising in listing the best slot sites such as the website do a great job of providing a selection of places to play.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best slots games to play on mobile, from adventure-themed romps to fresh takes on the classic fruit machine genre, they're all listed here!

Let's take a look at the first mobile slot game on our rundown of the very best.

Dead or Alive 2

Known for a cracking free spins bonus, Dead or Alive 2 takes the legendary Western theme and makes one of the finest mobile slot games ever created! 

With bags of humour and slick looks, the Dead or Alive 2 mobile slot game offers twelve free spins right off the bat as well as the opportunity to win up to 54,000 credits on a single spin. Throw in the great free spins bonus that we have already mentioned - which is activated by hitting three gun symbols - and you have to admit that Dead or Alive 2 is a stunning slot game for mobile devices.

Fruit Spin

Now, this is really one for the visually inclined slots player, a romp of colour and textures that looks unbelievable beautiful on a smaller screen. In fact, we would wager that Fruit Spin, from NetEnt, the company behind the world-famous Starburst slot, is the best looking mobile slot game we have ever seen!

With a quality RTP, solid free spins bonuses and all kinds of ways to win, Fruit Spin takes the classic fruit machine genre of slots game and brings it crashing into the 21st century via your mobile device!

Big Blox




Courtesy of world-renowned software creators and powerhouse of the online casino world, Yggdrasil, Big Blox is a fabulous mobile slot that is beloved by gamers across the globe. 

The jungle vibe has been done many times but not quite like this! First of all, you can win up to 3,888 times the original wager, so there can be no surprise that Big Blox boasts such a diehard fanbase! 

What makes this slot game so well-suited to the mobile device is the sheer quality of the software, which runs just as well if not even better on a smaller screen! The bonuses are big, the excitement high and the graphics second to none on the Big Blox mobile slot!





VideoProc is a video editing and transfiguration software for numerous people who desire a simple, standard, easy and fast equipment. It can be utilizing to post-procedure and diminish the file size of video shots, heedlessly of whether it was taken on a mobile gadget, camera, or even an action camera like GoPro. 

VideoProc is plugged as a simple-to-utilize while you require to rapidly and convert GoPro shot into a set-up that its media player will exactly identify and read. Particularly, it is best for every user who has to manage 4K video gratified files ever since they naturally need much technically rigorous software to convert and editing because of their bigger size.

D:\桌面\Banner 截图\general\videoproc-85596.1920x1080.jpg

Are you confused about which video editing tool to go with?

There is certain freeware equipment accessible in the marketplace, but they offer only narrow functionality for editing your videos. However, it turns into too complex, particularly for fresher to process and editing the videos utilizing that equipment. Let us rid out you're anxious and introduce you to exceptional video editing that is too lightweight, simple to function, a robust video editing effectiveness. Well! In this article, we will discuss VideoProc software, a user-friendly, one-stop video editing way out for you to opt with no issues. 

If you are searching for a 4k video convertor or a 4k video editor, VideoProc is a decisive key. It is all-inclusive video editing software utilizing that you may easily and rapidly edit, resize and adjust big 4k videos, DVDs, and audios. With the robust GPU acceleration, it greatly lets you access videos as a whole accelerated fast with no cooperation with excellence.   

What are the exclusive features of VideoProc?

The first ladder you will require to take is to install VideoProc to your all your devices. Whether it may be Mac or Windows PC, utilizing a PC over minor gadgets to download the software will provide your super enactment and usability because of the big display that PC gives over minor gadgets like Tablets or smartphones. Many people highly consider this software as a desktop video editor. 

It is prevailing still simple to utilize video process and installing software that may be utilized even by beginners in the sector. The software has obtained a pocket-friendly interface, enabling you to edit, merge videos together, and compress 4k large videos. Users have the benefit of installing VideoProc from its home page.

With this software, you can accomplish much with 4k video layouts and even convert large video, cheers to its peculiar protune settings. Fascinatingly, it can simply transform and format even high-speed videos that have been pot-shot at the rapidity of up to 240 FPS. With this astonishing video-process software, you can merely convert 4k videos that you love and circumvent problems like unanticipated cracks and pauses.

There are multiple other outstanding fundamental aspects of video-editing software that VideoProc emanates with that comprise cut, adjust transcode, trim, merger video, add subtitles, fix fisheyes, remove noise, extract music from video and also editing 4k videos with full GPU hardware acceleration, and more. The 4k videos that you can wish to access VideoProc can be from multiple gadgets comprising iPhone or even online sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Get VideoProc for Free

As the desktop video editor, VideoProc has much advantages compared with some freeware or online video editor. Here the developer compare online video merger with VideoProc, and offer us license code for the free use. This offer is time limited. Download VideoProc with Free License now.


In this YouTube Video, you can know how easy it is to process and edit 4K videos with VideoProc:


Since as early as the 17th century, Roulette has delivered mystery and excitement in equal measure to casino-goers - and it certainly hasn't slowed down in the digital age. The classic casino pursuit which is as much about risk as it is reward continues to delight. Online, you'll be able to find both original versions of the game: American and European Roulette, as well as games with the French rules and new variations with modern twists. Let's explain all you need to know before playing the game and if you're attracted to the glamour and mystique, join in the fun at Megalotto.

Basic rules

It doesn't matter whether you're playing in a land-based casino or online at home, the rules are much the same. Follow three simple steps:

  1. Place your bets - there are many different kinds of bets you can make, and we'll discuss these next;

  2. Watch as the ball spins around the wheel - if you're at a land-based casino, the croupier will throw it in and announce "no more bets", while online, technology and RNGs (random number generators) dictate play;

  3. Wait for the wheel to stop spinning - if the ball lands in your chosen pocket, you're a winner. Your winnings will vary depending on the bet you've placed.

Types of bet

There are two different kinds of bet that can be made: inside and outside. Inside bets concern the numbers, whether that be wagering on an individual number or a selection of numbers. Outside bets include anything else on the table, describing the type of number, for example if it's red or black, high or low, or in a specific position on the table.

Let's break it down further with these charts -

Inside bets:




A bet on a single number, e.g. 7


A bet on two adjacent numbers, e.g. 7 and 10


A bet on a row of three numbers, e.g. 7, 8, 9


Similar to a split, but a bet on four numbers which meet at the same corner, e.g. 7, 8, 10, 11


Similar to a street, but a bet on two rows of three numbers (also called a six-number bet), e.g. 7, 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12


Only available in European Roulette, a bet on the first four numbers, e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3


Only available in American Roulette, a bet on the group of numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 (also known as five-number)

Outside bets:



Red or Black

Betting on whether the winning number will be red or black in colour

Odd or Even

Betting on whether the winning number will be odd or even

Low or High

Betting on whether the winning number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36)


Betting on whether the winning number will be from column 1, 2 or 3 on the table


Betting on whether the winning number will be from the first (1-12), second (13-24) or third (25-36) dozen

Odds and pay-outs

As we have already mentioned, the pay-outs vary depending on the bets you have placed. This also means that the odds vary, depending on how likely it is that your bet will land. It's worth knowing that even money bets don't offer a 50/50 chance of winning, because they also factor in the 0, and 00 if you're playing American Roulette. This is where the casino gets their advantage. The house edge in European Roulette is 2.7%, while in American Roulette, it's a lot higher, at 5.26%.

Here's all you need to know about odds and pay-outs -



American Odds

European Odds












Line (six-number)






























There you have it. All you need to know before you give the ‘Devil's Wheel' a spin. Will Lady Luck be on your side?

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