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Mobile phone games, what are the best ones?


Mobile phone gaming has become huge across the world with almost everything that can be a game has been turned in to one a much more. The number of mobile games is now endless with there being millions available to choose from just like these. Gaming companies and app companies are constantly making new games to keep up with the demands of mobile phone users. Many people are now turning to mobile gaming apps instead of using consoles or computers at home.


You can read here about how mobile gaming is becoming so popular across the globe. I know plenty of people who are obsessed with mobile gaming and much prefer it to using a console. Mobile casinos are one of the most popular games to play on according to a lot of app and gaming providers. There are many arcade and puzzle games being added to the popular list as well for people to pass the time on their breaks at work. If you have Android or Apple or any other brand of phone you are spoilt for choice on the games that are available to you.


Mobile phone games have become popular with younger children as well, it has been seen as a great way to help them learn about words, numbers, spelling and much more. This is a great way for children to brush up on their school skills from the comfort of their home on a handheld device. Many parents are saying how they have seen the benefits of mobile phone games being able to help their children succeed in things they struggle with.


The software on mobile phone games is always being updated to keep you interested and actively using the games. You can near enough get all of the PlayStation and Xbox games on mobile phones now, which again has seen a huge increase in mobile gamers. There are even apps now to log in to your log ins from a console on mobile phone games so you can still earn points etc on to your account that is featured on the console or pc. Football games like FIFA are huge now on mobile phones with there being a huge number of people playing it via mobile instead of on the pc or console. Mobile gaming is really starting to take over and it's only going to keep on growing.

How to use Apache JMeter to perform Load Testing


Various software testing techniques can be carried out using tools like Apache JMeter, to optimize testing efforts in a development environment. Whether it is functional and non-functional testing, each approach comes with its own benefits and limitations.


Examples of functional testing include system and interface testing whereas non-functional refers to performance, stress, and load testing. This basic tutorial outlines how to use the JMeter testing tool to improve the load testing process.


Why Apache JMeter?

Using JMeter in software testing services has a different purpose to using tools like Selenium. Although both are open-source and developed by Java for web application testing, their implementation is not the same.


JMeter testing analyzes program and server performance while handling heavy processing loads. It tests the performance of static resources (e.g. HTML) and dynamic resources (e.g. Servlets) and then provides graphical performance reporting and test results.


Strategize Load Testing

Load testing determines how a program performs under simulated real-life multi-user activity and load conditions. It is different from stress testing, which identifies the program or system's breaking point. With load testing, you can find and address bottlenecks before releasing them to production.


The primary measurable for load testing is the response time of the program under a heavy load, so you should determine what's acceptable and what is achievable before testing starts.


Develop an Approach

Work with your DevOps team to set out a testing plan that clarifies the approach, requirements, and goals.

  1. Setup a dedicated test environment.
  2. Define the load testing scenarios, prepare the data and transactions.
  3. Specify the predicted number of users who will access the program and consider varying connection speeds, browsers, and operating systems.

Key Advantages

It's been known to happen where websites crash due to excessive site traffic and processing loads. Planning for these scenarios through load testing is key to product stability as it identifies the following:

  • System's operating capacity during high traffic and transaction loads.
  • Suitability, sustainability, and scalability of the system.
  • Performance of all components under heavy loads.
  • Configuration and design issues, and limitations of the software and hardware.

How to use Apache JMeter for Load Testing

The following overview explains how to get started with a basic load test using Apache JMeter.



To use the JMeter testing tool, first, install the Apache JMeter client application on a computer with an operating system compatible with Java 6 or later. Make sure the testing environment is separated from the production servers.


Build a Test Plan

Open the JMeter testing tool to create your first new test plan. The test plan is a sequence of components that simulate the test load.


Add Thread Groups

Next, add a Thread Group, which is an important group of properties that will impact the testing.


Right-click on the new test plan and select Add > Threads > Thread Group to define the attributes:

  • Number of Threads (users): Specify how many users will be simulated for the test. Recommended value 50.
  • Ramp-Up Period (in seconds): Indicate the time over which JMeter distributes the threads. Recommended value 10.
  • Loop Count: Denote how many times to execute the test. Recommended value 10.

Define HTTP Elements

Add the following HTTP components to the test plan:

  • HTTP Request Defaults: Set default values especially when sending multiple HTTP requests to the same target. Set the default web server details (server name or IP) for all the HTTP elements to indicate where the program resides that needs to be tested.
  • HTTP Request Sampler: Specify the path that represents the page request each user (thread) will access. Using a backlash /instead of a full path name indicates the homepage of the server.

Configure the Listeners

JMeter uses "listeners" to provide the test results output. Several listeners can be used, and, in this tutorial, the test results are added to the Table listener.


Run the Load Testing Plan

To run the basic test plan and view test results, save the test plan.

  1. In the left pane, click on the option, View Results in Table, and then select Run from the main menu.
  2. Click on Start (or use the green Start button).
  3. Once the test results are generated, it will be displayed in Table format.

Test Results View

The status of every request is shown along with various statistics on the load test. Key values to analyze are:

  • Latency: Time in milliseconds from when JMeter sends the request to when the first response is received.
  • Sample Time: Time in milliseconds for the server to manage the request.


Apache JMeter is an invaluable tool for assessing and refining a web application environment. To get the most from your testing efforts, load testing should only be run on functionally stable programs.


After this basic introduction to JMeter, get started with installing the testing tool and experimenting with different scenarios so you can fine-tune your test plans.


Author's bio:

Kate Zalozna. CTO at QA Madness. I'll share my knowledge and experience of implementing QA strategies and ensuring their alignment with a company's business needs. After working in QA and software testing for over 9 years, I have a lot of things to share.

Here's when Samsung could dispatch its 200MP ISOCELL camera sensor


Samsung is the world's second-greatest smartphone camera sensor brand. Its cameras are utilized by practically all smartphone brands, including Honor, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi. It was supposed recently that it may deliver a 200MP camera sensor (ISOCELL S5KGND), however there was no data about its dispatch time span up to this point.


Insider Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) guarantees that Samsung will dispatch its first 200MP ISOCELL camera sensor in September 2021. That is only one month away. In addition, he likewise asserts that the South Korean firm will dispatch another 50MP camera sensor with a RGBW sub-pixel design. Another insider emphasized that the impending 50MP camera sensor will be utilized in the Galaxy S22 series.



This isn't the first run through when a 50MP sensor is being related with the Galaxy S22 series, however. Last month, it was accounted for that the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22+ will utilize another ISOCELL 50MP sensor for the essential camera. The smartphones could highlight a 12MP ultrawide camera with self-adjust and a 12MP fax camera with 3x optical zoom.


Traditional camera sensors highlight red, green, and blue sub-pixels. A RGBW sensor has a white sub-pixel and indeed, which should hypothetically offer further developed feature interpretation in high-contrast scenes. Joined with the bigger sensor and the white sub-pixel, the Galaxy S22 should offer further developed picture and video quality even in testing circumstances.


It was reputed before that Samsung may work together with Olympus for a 200MP camera sensor in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Be that as it may, the gossip was subsequently excused by some industry insiders. Ice Universe had referenced last month that Samsung won't utilize a 200MP sensor in the Galaxy S22 Ultra and that the phone will rather accompany the organization's 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor for certain improvements.


At whatever point another piece of innovation is delivered, one that doesn't follow the "standard", it frequently can be thrashed and immediately neglected. In any case, in spite of dispatching with obsolete specs, the Microsoft Surface Duo has something making it work it's actually being discussed. Part of the motivation behind why it keeps on receiving some conversational attention is on the grounds that the phone has been profoundly limited on and off for the recent months.


Microsoft Surface Duo dips under $400 as we close to Surface Duo 2 dispatch


Today, we're seeing the Surface Duo drop down to its least cost ever at BuyDig, coming in at only $389 for the 128GB form. This is presently for the AT&T locked variation, implying that you may need to do some aerobatic to get it opened for use on different transporters. However, for a phone that dispatched at a $1,400 value point, you can save more than ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on this special tech.


Regardless of whether you head over to Amazon to get a similar AT&T-locked variant, the 128GB form is evaluated at just $419, while the 256GB model can be had for $529.


The Surface Duo 2 is coming at some point in the following not many months, and is probably going to really coordinate against any semblance of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the specs office. As of late, pictures of a model were spilled, flaunting an upgraded camera knock, complete with a triple camera framework. Other supposed specs incorporate the Snapdragon 888 for power, alongside 5G network and NFC for remote installments.


Microsoft saw sufficient accomplishment in the first Surface Duo to warrant advancement of a subsequent emphasis. And keeping in mind that evaluating data has not been spilled, it will be fascinating to check whether the Surface Duo 2 comes in at the equivalent $1,400 value point. In the event that in some way or another Microsoft figured out how to get this around $1,000 with 2021 leader specs, Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have some genuine rivalry.


Recently, a report from Canalys uncovered that Xiaomi had overwhelmed Apple as far as worldwide smartphone portion of the overall industry. Xiaomi represented 83% of development year-over-year, representing a 17% offer in Q2 2021 shipments. From that point forward, Canalys has refreshed its report, showing that Xiaomi currently represents a 18% offer, only one rate point behind Samsung's 19% worldwide portion of the overall industry.


In the wake of passing Apple, Xiaomi focuses on Samsung for in worldwide portion of the overall industry


Xiaomi accomplished this gratitude to the 52.8 million shipments in Q2 2021, as per the refreshed numbers. This outperforms any semblance of Apple, Oppo, and Vivo, and gets Xiaomi inside striking distance of Samsung for the best position.


While Xiaomi keeps on dazzling with its different gadgets, the organization additionally is delivering new alternatives in various business sectors constantly. As of late, we saw the Poco F3 GT and X3 GT declared, while we are equipping to see a bustling Fall with the expected arrival of a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, Mi Mix Fold, and possibly the Mi 12.


Samsung, then again, is placing the entirety of its eggs in the foldable phone bin. The organization emphasized that it has no aim of delivering the Galaxy Note 21 this year. All things considered, we'll be seeing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Past reports propose that Samsung is meaning to sell somewhere in the range of six and 7,000,000 foldable gadgets in the second 50% of the year.


By adding new highlights like S Pen support for the Z Fold 3, and working on the strength of both foldable phones, it's certainly conceivable. In any case, Samsung could likewise help itself by delivering the supposed Galaxy S21 FE at some point soon. This threesome of phones could assist with keeping Samsung on the leaderboards for the present. In any case, with Huawei practically out of the opposition, presently may very well be Xiaomi's most obvious opportunity to overwhelm Samsung and turn into the #1 smartphone producer on the planet.

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