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If you love to play video games on smartphones, Black Shark has specifically designed another phone for you. The series includes a total of two smartphones - called Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro. Unlike its rival ASUS ROG phone 5 series, the Black Shark 4 comes with a minimal and sleek design. However, it still features new mechanical shoulder buttons, which take advantage of magnetic power-lifting. The phone features a simple gradient rear panel and a horizontally-aligned triple camera system. Also, the gradient on the rear side is similar to HONO X series smartphones.


The vanilla Black Shark 4 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC along with 12GB RAM whereas, the Black Shark 4 Pro runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and uses 16GB RAM. The device features a 6.67-inch FHD+ 1080x2400 pixels super AMOLED display with eye protection certification and 144Hz refresh rate. The phone support dual-SIM, 5G (only single SIM at a time), WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, A-GPS), and NFC for connectivity.


Black Shark 4 devices are powered by a massive 4,500mah battery that comes with 120W fast chagrin and two USB Type-C ports. The phone runs on JOYUI 12.5 based on Android 11 with tons of gaming features out of the box. Other features of the Black Shark 4 series include dual stereo speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Z-axis linear vibration motor, and a liquid cooling system to prevent the device from overheating when playing video games.


The devices in Black Shark 4 comes in five different colors - Magic Mirror Black, Ink Sea Black, Lingguang Gray, Storm Blue, Sakura dance pink. The phone measures 163.83 x 76.35 x 9.9mm in dimensions and weighs 210g. The smartphone is currently up for pre-order in China and will be available for sale on March 26 in the country. As of now, Black Shark is yet to confirm the release date worldwide.



The Poco X3 NFC from a year ago was a decent shock for those searching for a balanced smartphone on a careful spending plan. It wasn't really the most attractive phone n the class, yet Poco checked all the privilege boxes, conveying the perfect equipment to make the phone one of our number one spending plan agreeable smartphones of 2020.


To expand on that achievement, Poco has disclosed the X3 Pro with a redesigned Snapdragon 860 SoC from Qualcomm which ought to convey critical enhancements in execution and new sensors for the principle and ultrawide cameras on the rear of the phone. The base model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of capacity comes in at €249, making it a take when contrasted with numerous other spending plan agreeable smartphones.


Poco X3 Pro unpacking, initial feelings and camera test


As the spilled pictures recommended, the Poco X3 Pro seems to be indistinguishable from the Poco X3 NFC, sharing precisely the same presentation, battery and each outer plan highlight down to the base speakers, mic opening and arrangement of the 3.5mm earphone jack. The included case that accompanies the Poco X3 Pro suits the X3 NFC perfectly which is somewhat amazing since the Qualcomm and MediaTek variations of the LG Velvet have marginally unique outside plans in spite of in fact being a similar phone.


The exhibition of the Snapdragon 860 has been genuinely amazing when you think about the cost of this phone. For reference, the SD860 wedges itself in the middle of the SD855+ and the SD865 from a year ago. Battery life will probably endure a shot when contrasted with the Poco X3 NFC since the SD732 utilized inside that phone is much more effective, yet the 5160 mAh battery should in any case hold up pleasantly with this overhauled chipset.


We're just been utilizing the Poco X3 Pro for 2 days at this point, however we thought we'd share our unpacking of the smartphone and our first camera test also.


In the dawn of technology, electronics in general, or more specifically, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our life due to their convenience.


Unfortunately, even though you might not be aware of the drastic impact of your phone usage, many studies illustrate that they have a huge detrimental contribution to the environment in form of gas emissions, improper waste, and disposal of materials. These problems account for 85 percent of the total carbon released by telecommunication organizations.


Therefore, to reduce the greenhouse effect and protect our planet, let's go green by utilizing your smartphone with as little harm as possible to the ecosystem. This article might help with some suggestions.


6 Ways To Take Into Consideration To Make Your Phone Eco-Friendly


1. Use Energy Saving Chargers

As you may know, reducing power consumption means reducing the number of toxic fumes released by power plants and conserving the earth's natural resources. Thus, you can help by purchasing a charger that requires less energy.


Since not all phone chargers are created equally, some consume more electricity than others, a lower energy-use charger will be a good option to not only save some money on your electricity bill but also lessen the emissions. You should look for chargers that take 30mW of energy or less and usually have a five-star energy rating on them.


Top 6 Ways To Make Your Smartphone Eco-Friendly


2. Consider Used Phones Instead Of New Ones

As there are more and more people aspiring to stay updated to the newest version, used phones are no longer worthless. They might still work very effectively and can meet all your daily needs.


Thus, whenever you have an appetite to change your phone, you can take used ones into account because it can do wonders for your budget and reduce the amount of e-waste ending up in the landfill as well.


In case the most satisfying option with all the functions you need does not have a shiny appearance, you can easily cover it with a case.


Not only does a case protect your device from unexpected damage but it also adds some value to your phone. Providing your worry is about the fact that common materials like plastic and silicone can eventually cause harm to the environment, consider the use of an ultimate biodegradable case found at link. Browsing for recyclable products in advance may help avoid remorse because of your contribution to ecosystem damage.


3. Use Your Phones As Long As Possible

Nowadays, people whose budget is not a concern tend to buy a new phone once a better, trendier version comes out.


Nevertheless, you should get every last drop of value from a device before moving on because e-waste has become a threat to the environment. It's also highly valuable as a recycle product as it contains both valuable and hazardous, or even radioactive materials like lead, plastic, chromium, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, and acids which require special handling and recycling methods. In other words, these products are not easy to recycle, and they are not designed for recycling but contain rare earth materials that are limited in supply.


Below are some tips to extend your phones' life:

  • Regularly update the apps: convenient apps are becoming more popular. To make the best of them, it is a good idea to keep your apps updated.
  • Remove apps that are no longer needed: after such a long time of usage, you should sort out if there are any unused apps and then get rid of them. This tiny step can incredibly speed your phone up.
  • Keep your phone clean: the screen and ports should be cleaned frequently to maintain its bright appearance and functionality. Being full of dust or grease makes your phone look much older and eventually encourages you to buy a new one when it is unnecessary.
  • Take care of the battery: overheating and overworking should be avoided to make sure the battery will work properly in the long run. If you do need to replace it, it's better than replacing the whole phone from an environmental perspective.
  • Backup your phone: there are now numerous cloud storage sites that you can take advantage of such as iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox. Plus, you can also delete draft documents or trash files existing on your phone to enhance its efficiency.

4. Use It Less Often

Your mobile carbon footprint relies on how frequently you use your phone. It is estimated that the average phone emits 94 kg of carbon dioxide over its lifetime or about 47 kg per year. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Papers have proven that telecommunications networks and data centers consume a lot of energy to serve users' needs. Most data centers have been being powered by electricity generated by fossil fuels. It's the energy consumption we don't see.


Reducing the amount of time spent on your phone has various benefits from extending the phone's life, lessening the risk of your mental and physical health to alleviating your impact on environmental issues.


Support Companies With Environmental Concern


5. Support Companies With Environmental Concern

Even though all companies must abide by certain eco-friendly laws, many will do the bare minimum just to avoid being fined as they prioritize their profit.


Due to the severity of the current climate crisis, we must applaud the companies that continue to prioritize and work on the cutting edge of environmental innovation.


What is more, purchasing your devices from those organizations whose focus is on the environment is much more reliable as they place their impact on the community as a high-level concern and consider sustainability as more important than temporary financial benefits.


It is easier said than done. You can effortlessly search on the internet with "eco-friendly companies" keywords, however, how can users know whether those companies are going green? You can explore it on their websites by looking for their environmentally sustainable practices.


6. Search For Phone Recycling Program

In case your phone can no longer be used, think of recycling programs before disposing of it. As mentioned above, electronic devices such as smartphones have many substances that are not disposable, even when they are seriously damaged, they still tremendously harm the ecosystem.


Hence, it is necessary to look for those programs. Many places accept mobile phones for recycling by collecting your old phone, you will receive a new one paying some extra money or get the money for your old phone. There are even programs that refurbish your old phone and then gift it to someone in need.


Mutual Effort Is Required To Go Against The Climate Crisis

The environmental changes of the current climate are a warning for all human beings. Individuals can make little difference without the strength of unity.


Therefore, you can help by simply applying new phone usage habits to fight against the trends of greenhouse emissions and enhance the quality of life for everyone in the process.


What do you know about luxury? For an ordinary person, a telephone is a simple communicator with a set of useful functions, which helps in everyday life. But for connoisseurs of elite and one-of-a-kind things, a mobile phone is a status item that reflects a high position in society. Having luxury iPhone cases is on par with an expensive gold watch, designer clothing, or an executive car.


It should be noted that when ordering a unique gadget, trimmed, for example, with gold or diamonds, the owner of the iPhone will have to buy accessories corresponding to the status.


It is impossible to imagine that you will hide the chic and luxury of your device under protective products made from such cheap materials as plastic, leatherette, or silicone. This is completely bad taste and disrespect for your device. Therefore, exclusive premium iPhone cases are not a whim of the owner of the device but a necessary luxury.


Being engaged in the production of luxury accessories for the flagship iPhone models, modern designers take into account current trends, as well as the latest tendencies in the world of high fashion, and offer premium cases for the entire line of Apple mobiles.


Luxury Case Materials for iPhones


To finish an expensive and elite phone case, Labodet uses only high-end and rare materials:

  • Natural supreme leather of a python, saltwater crocodile, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and Italian calf leather
  • Hand-crafted polished metalware decor in 18k gold, restrained steel, or black PVD plating
  • Brand logo printed on the case interior. It should be noted that all work is carried out manually

Luxury Case Materials for iPhones


The French Labodet brand and its exclusive store are on guard of fashion and are always ready to translate your most exquisite preferences into reality. There are many customization options between leather type and color, metalware color, and additional decor (107 of them if to be exact). Let's take a quick check for some of the case types:


Classic Case. These cases are presented in 18 options and include covers with noticeable variations of different colors and leather: alligator, crocodile, python, ostrich, and calf. This type of case is a perfect option for those who love the look of traditional and laconic iPhone cover. It covers only the body of your phone; the screen remains uncovered.


Strap Case. 25 diverse in color and leather type cases can become the best option for those who face the problem of dropping the smartphone very often. This case ensures comfort and allows you to hold your phone more conveniently.


Depending on hull protection, full or partial covers are presented. The Pouch Case is made in a form of a bag and provides the possibility for the iPhone to be charged wirelessly. Meanwhile, the Folio Case is crafted in the form of a book, but both of them (24 options) can fully protect your device from dust and damages.


Card Case (18) and Double Card Case (6). These model lines are a perfect decision for those who prefer beautiful and, at the same time, practical accessories. Both models have small pockets convenient for storing your credit cards or driver's license.


Crossbody Bag Case. This type of luxury iPhone cover is the icing on the cake. Available in 10 different colors of alligator leather, it looks sophisticated and very practical. It has a removable chain-formed strap in gold, steel, and black colors. Such a case is a stylish custom everyday accessory with an additional pocket for docs, money, or cards.


The Best Luxury iPhone Cases Choosing Tips from Labodet Store Team


Luxury iPhone cases are not only practical decoration. They can easily become an exquisite gift for someone you love or even for your business partner. You can select exactly what you prefer among the great variety of presented models. It's impossible to overemphasize how nice it is not to worry about your iPhone and keep everything close at hand and, at the same time, to own something luxurious and refined, crafted in Paris, France.

5 Fascinating Benefits Of Screen Protectors On Smartphones


Smartphones are known for their high prices on the market which brings the need to ensure you keep your phone safe by all means. One of the most important parts of a smartphone to protect is the screen. This is because you may incur high costs of screen replacement if it gets spoilt like developing cracks.


The good news is that there are screen protectors for various smartphones and these play a significant role in keeping your phone screen safe.


Here are the 5 fascinating benefits of screen protectors you need to know;


1. Reduce Glare

The LCD screens of various smartphones tend to have a bright light that strains your eyes and causes various eye problems. This is because to have to first squint to be able to see everything properly on your phone.


However, anti-glare screen protectors reduce the glare on your phone's screen. Wondering how? They cut reflections from your phone screen which improves its visibility and it allows you to strain less your eyes as you don't have to squint because the glare is controlled.


2. Are Anti Bacterial

Some smartphone screen protectors are anti-bacterial. They prevent mildew, mold and bacteria growth on your phone screen. These bacteria tend to cause various problems to smartphones like stains and odours which brings the need to get rid of them.


The anti-bacteria screen guards have a formulated coating that kills over 99% of various bacteria which prevents their transmission and growth. This screen protector type is perfect for people working in public places that are exposed to many bacteria like schools and hospitals.


3. Are Shatter Resistant

They protect the phone screens from damages and cracks. You don't have to worry about any scratch or shatter on your phone screen because they all stop on the screen guard.


Moreover, even if your phone falls down with the screen facing down, it is only the screen protector that gets damaged because even the phone cases protect its body. You can change it after it gets shattered and put a new one to keep your phone safe for a long period of time.


Best of all screen protectors tend to be extremely low priced compared to phone screen prices.


4. Can Repel Dirt

Your phone screen is prone to stains due to the frequent touches and can be dirtied with sweat, grime, skin oil and fingerprints. However, when you put a dirt-repellent luster screen protector on your phone, you protect it from the various types of contaminants and dirt.


You can always keep the brand new look of your smartphone screen from time to time.


5. Improve Aesthetics

Reflective screen protectors serve as a mirror. They create a mirror-like finish when your phone screen's light is off. But when your phone is on it appears as a normal screen. This is best for women as it allows them to apply makeup and check their hair look during their daily activities.
So, with reflective screen protectors, you are relieved of the hustle of walking with mirrors because the screen guard has double benefits of a mirror and screen protector.


Protect Your Phone Screen

Get the best screen protector and phone cases for your smartphone and keep it safe for a long time period.

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