The Pixel 7a could accompany a RAM redesign

9 January, 2023 Google


RAM is a significant part with regards to smartphones and computers. This is on the grounds that RAM helps applications run behind the scenes so that at whatever point you switch between applications, it will not need to reload without any preparation.


Obviously, the amount RAM is fundamental will depend from one client to another, where the individuals who don't actually utilize a ton of memory serious applications most likely won't require as much contrasted with the people who do, however that being said, having more RAM is certainly not something terrible, and that is something Pixel 7a clients can anticipate.


The Pixel 7a could accompany a RAM redesign


In a video posted by a Vietnamese tech blogger onto Bilibili, they have some way or another figured out how to get their hands on what gives off an impression of being the Pixel 7a by Google. Google presently can't seem to formally report the phone so probably what they have here is a model. As indicated by the video, it appears to be that the Pixel 7a will accompany 8GB of RAM rather than the 6GB on the Pixel 6a.


It is likewise revealed that the RAM is made by Samsung and will be of the LPDDR5 assortment. The phone additionally seems to have been remotely locked by Google so we can't rest assured about the full items in the phone, yet the Fastboot uncovered the RAM in any event.


Right now there is no word on when the Pixel 7a is supposed to be declared, yet considering that the Pixel 6a appeared mid 2022, we can expect something similar for the Pixel 7a.


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