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Google testing out running Chrome OS on Android


Android isn't the only operating system by Google. The company also has its Chrome OS platform that is typically used for computers and laptops. But now according to a report from Android Authority, it seems that Google is testing further integration of Chrome OS into Android.


According to the report, Google has shown off the ability for Android to run Chrome OS through a virtual machine. This takes advantage of Android's Virtualization Framework. This demo was reportedly shown to Google's partner companies. Unfortunately, they did not mention if there are plans to actually release this.



If this sounds familiar, it is because years ago, Google was reported to have been working on some new hybrid platform that combines Android with Chrome OS. That obviously never came to pass, but this looks like it could be a happy middle. So what does this mean for Android or Chrome OS users?


While we doubt that we'll see the platforms merge, it could be a way for Chrome OS users to run apps for Chrome OS on their smartphones. At the moment, Chrome OS users can already run certain mobile apps on their computers. So why not the other way too, right? Now like we said, it does not appear that Google is planning to commit to this. Maybe it's just a demo that's part of a different project, but either way, color us intrigued!

Google expands the availability of the Pixel 8a


Google's market share for smartphones isn't that big. Compared to Apple and Samsung, Google only commands a fraction of the market. But this isn't an issue with the company's hardware, but rather the fact that Google's Pixel handsets aren't available worldwide. That changes with the Pixel 8a as Google has announced its availability in Poland.


If you're a Phandroid reader from Poland, the good news is that you'll be able to pick up the phone soon enough. The handset is priced starting at PLN 2,449. If you're not from Poland and you're in a country where the Pixel phones aren't officially available, it looks like you're out of luck.


However, Google's decision to expand the availability of the Pixel 8a could suggest that they might bring it to other markets in the future. There's no guarantee of that happening, so don't get your hopes up just yet. That being said, other regions where the Pixel phones aren't officially available have been resorting to gray market imports.


This means that they probably pay higher prices compared to official markets. However, it's one of the ways they can get their hands on the phone for now. For the rest of us, the Pixel 8a is available for pre-order and will be released in stores May 14.

The Pixel 8a Leaks again, this Time in Official Material


Perhaps one could say that at this point, it's no longer a surprise - following several months' worth of leaks and whatnot, the Pixel 8a has once again been exposed just weeks before its supposed reveal date, this time by way of official Google marketing material.


The leaked images were originally posted by the team over at Android Headlines, and showcase various features of the Pixel 8a. Thanks to the new leaks, we now know that Google's upcoming midrange phone will feature up to seven years of security updates, IP67 dust and water protection, and a still-slow 18W charging speed.


Other expected specifications include Google's current Tensor G3 chipset, the same SoC used in the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, a 64MP main camera, and a 120Hz refresh rate, although some sources state that Google might retain a 90Hz display for the 8a. Just recently, a leaked promo video showing off the Pixel 8a was shared online via MySmartPrice and tech informant @OnLeaks.


It's very likely that Google might announce the Pixel 8a during this year's I/O Conference, which is when the company usually unveils its upcoming software and hardware products and features.

Google Rumored to Relaunch the Pixel Tablet, sans Accessories


With Google I/O 2024 coming up pretty soon, we've gotten a ton of leaks on new Pixel devices such as the Pixel 8a, which at this point has been leaked into oblivion. With that being said though, it looks like the 8a isn't the only device that a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing this May.


A recent claim made online by Twitter/X user @MysteryLupin suggests that Google will be "relaunching" its Pixel Tablet at a more affordable price, this time without the charging speaker dock. Additionally, a pen and Bluetooth keyboard are rumored to be part of the new bundle. As the Pixel Tablet currently goes for around $500 with the included dock, the dock-less version will be sold at a considerably cheaper price.



In terms of specs, the Pixel Tablet comes with a large 11-inch display, and is powered by Google's Tensor G2 chipset, which works alongside 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage. There's also a large 7,000 mAh battery onboard, and a pair of 8-megapixel cameras for video calls and photos.


Going back to the leak, we're bound to know more once Google I/O goes live this May.

Pixel 9 to Get Support for Satellite Connectivity, in Addition to a New Modem


The Pixel leaks just keep on coming - shortly after several images showing the supposed Pixel 8a color variants were shared online, it looks like another tidbit of pre-launch information has once again made rounds online. This time however, the new leaks reveals some information about the Pixel 9.


Posting on Twitter, tech informant @Za_Raczke states that will feature a new modem, in addition to satellite connectivity. More specifically, the Pixel 9 is expected to come with the Samsung Modem 5400 via the Tensor G4 chip, which is expected to be a significant upgrade over previous Samsung modems that Google has used in the past.



It should be noted that Google's Tensor-powered smartphones have been notorious among users for spotty connectivity, which included issues with both cellular and Wifi signals. Many have blamed this on the Samsung-made modems in the phones.


As for satellite connectivity, it's stated that this year's Pixel flagships will be the first to natively come with Android's satellite-communication feature, which will be initially provided in partnership with both T-Mobile and SpaceX. However, the feature will only allow messaging in addition to a "Satellite Gateway" app for reaching out to communication services.

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