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Google could be hoping to develop their own version of the AirTag


The idea of Bluetooth trackers aren't new as organizations like Tile have been around for a really long time, however do the trick to say that interest in such extras sort of detonated when Apple sent off their own version as the AirTag.


Presently as per the most recent report from Kuba Wojciechowski, it appears to be that Google is hoping to make something of their own. The tracker from Google, which is codenamed "Grogu", is supposed to be being developed at the present time and that the Home group is the one that will be developing the item and that it could send off in various varieties.



Not much is realized about the gadget at this moment, however one potential element is that it could accompany an implicit speaker. Probably this would be used the same way as the AirTag, where the speaker could be utilized to make clients aware of its presence while attempting to find the thing joined to the tracker, or used to tell clients when a rebel tracker is with the rest of their personal effects where following their area without their insight or permission may be utilized.


While Apple's AirTags have made business progress and there have been numerous accounts of individuals finding their lost/taken things, it has likewise accompanied a lot of reactions where there have been various reports of the frill being mishandled to attack the security of others. It will be fascinating to check whether Google will actually want to manage these issues assuming that they at any point send off their own tracker, so we'll simply need to keep a watch out.

Baffling dark circles surface on some Pixel 6 series units


A few Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro clients are standing up on Reddit about a strange dim circle that appears on the displays of their Pixel 6 series handsets. A photograph posted by Redditor Spirited_Cabinet_992 shows a Pixel 6 Pro with a dim circle or right on the money the display. Others announced disliking their 2021 Pixel models albeit the agreement was that with the screen on, the spot was not apparent while gazing directly toward the screen. Notwithstanding, it is seen while survey the display from the side or with the display shut off.


A few clients said that the spot seemed as though it was made via air or dampness caught under the glass. One more hypothesis came from Reddit supporter The_Face_Of_Ben who posted about his significant other's Pixel 6: "My better half has something almost identical on her P6. I read some place citrus extract can harm the screen covering. She had been making a lemon cake a couple of hours before we spotted it, so I'd say there is a decent opportunity that was all there was to it."


It appears to be that this issue could have been around for some time. A year prior, some Pixel 6 clients were trading stories on Reddit about spots found on their screens that were portrayed as seeming to be air bubbles. Be that as it may, no screen security had been added to the gadget. One Pixel 6 proprietor considered numerous as 12 little spots on his phone's display.




One Pixel 6 client who has the handle Current-Cupcake842 on Reddit had the option to see what made the spots show up on his phone, "I got two spots as well, and I realize what is for my situation, I vape, I perceived how a drop of fluid fell on the screen and left the stain, it appears to be that the oil defender of the screen is terrible."


Fortunately for most Pixel 6 series clients, the issue doesn't appear to be basically as broad as others. And, surprisingly, however the spot probably won't divert clients from survey the screen straight ahead, it actually is observable from the side and when the phone is switched off. Furthermore, for certain clients, simply realizing that a spot or spots are there is sufficient to diminish the happiness regarding claiming the phone.


RAM is a significant part with regards to smartphones and computers. This is on the grounds that RAM helps applications run behind the scenes so that at whatever point you switch between applications, it will not need to reload without any preparation.


Obviously, the amount RAM is fundamental will depend from one client to another, where the individuals who don't actually utilize a ton of memory serious applications most likely won't require as much contrasted with the people who do, however that being said, having more RAM is certainly not something terrible, and that is something Pixel 7a clients can anticipate.


The Pixel 7a could accompany a RAM redesign


In a video posted by a Vietnamese tech blogger onto Bilibili, they have some way or another figured out how to get their hands on what gives off an impression of being the Pixel 7a by Google. Google presently can't seem to formally report the phone so probably what they have here is a model. As indicated by the video, it appears to be that the Pixel 7a will accompany 8GB of RAM rather than the 6GB on the Pixel 6a.


It is likewise revealed that the RAM is made by Samsung and will be of the LPDDR5 assortment. The phone additionally seems to have been remotely locked by Google so we can't rest assured about the full items in the phone, yet the Fastboot uncovered the RAM in any event.


Right now there is no word on when the Pixel 7a is supposed to be declared, yet considering that the Pixel 6a appeared mid 2022, we can expect something similar for the Pixel 7a.

Google Pixel January update causing Bluetooth and Android Auto issues for some


Google Pixel proprietors detailing gives off an impression of being a bug attached to the January 2023 security update that influences Bluetooth and Android Auto network. Albeit not affirmed that it is because of this update, the planning of the reports appears to confirm this.


The Pixel January update started its rollout on Tuesday and was inclined to convey a few fixes resolving issues with the finger impression scanner on the Pixel 6a and 7a, a bug with the Pixel 7 and 7 Genius show not waking from rest, issues with holding the right gadget direction, and a bug that forestalled gadgets with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) from matching, among others. That particular BLE bug fix is thought to have caused the issue clients are as of now encountering.


The main reports surfaced through a few posts on the Google Pixel subreddit and were subsequently investigated by 9to5Google. The particular issue is that when clients endeavor to associate with their vehicle's Bluetooth, a blunder message springs up that peruses "Problem connecting. Turn device off and back on."


Google Pixel January update causing Bluetooth and Android Auto issues for some


The issue doesn't give off an impression of being well defined for any vehicle brands as the reports name a few distinct ones. It likewise doesn't seem to influence a particular Pixel models, in any case, obviously, the Pixel 6 and 7 series are generally normally named since those are the latest deliveries.


Notwithstanding those inescapable Bluetooth network issues, another worry connects with Android Auto where a few clients are revealing that they can't interface. A portion of the investigating clients have revealed having done incorporates clearing the information and reserve off of the Play Administrations and Android Auto applications.


In any case, it shows up right now that either Google or T-Portable has previously seen the issue, as the January update appears to have been stopped on Pixels with a T-Versatile SIM card, regardless of whether opened. I end up having my Pixel 7 Genius on T-Versatile and still can't seem to get the January update. It is my speculation that this postponement might be connected with these Bluetooth and Android Auto issues.


Google still can't seem to formally recognize the issue, however I accept it is probably the case that a bug fix ought to be underway. I simply trust that we don't need to hold on until the following month's security update to be pushed to get expressed fix on our gadgets.

The Pixel 7a will include 8GB of RAM


Google sure has an inclination for leaving model units of its impending gadgets lying around unattended. For reference, last year a Pixel Watch unit was lost and found at a bar the greater part a year prior to its true send off. This time around, the Pixel 7a has faced the same outcome.


Several days prior, a video of the Pixel 7a surfaced on the web, which provides us with a smart thought of what's in store from Google's forthcoming mid reach smartphone and, fair warning - the handset is extremely great, regardless of in fact being a section level gadget.


Nonetheless, regardless of whether Google has now figured out how to lock the rebel model unit, it is still extremely valuable to leakers, according to one ongoing tweet, graciousness of @chunvn8888.



While the lost Pixel 7a can at this point not go past the fastboot menu, the last option uncovers another intriguing piece of data. By the vibes of it, the Pixel 7a will highlight 128GB of inside stockpiling and 8GB of RAM.


The previous isn't exactly intriguing - 128GB is a genuinely standard passage level inside stockpiling setup. Notwithstanding, the 8GB of RAM are one more illustration of exactly how strong the Pixel 7a will be. It appears to be that Google is truly moving forward its midrange game this year.


With a lead grade SoC (for example the Tensor G2), a 90Hz showcase invigorate rate and 8GB of RAM, the Pixel 7a may very much turn into a genuine lead executioner. Particularly assuming Google keeps the beginning value equivalent to that of its ancestor, the Pixel 6a.


With numerous tech monsters progressively choosing to take up arms over the premium and super premium smartphone market fragments, conceivable Google could wind up quietly jumping all over a disregarded chance.


By and by, It very well may be a decent a half year before we can *officially* get our hands on the Pixel 7a ourselves. No doubt, Google's midranger will make a big appearance at some point in Summer 2023. One thing is for certain - the Pixel 7a is turning out to be quite possibly of the most fascinating gadget not too far off.

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