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One of the reasons why you would get a Pixel phone from Google is due to certain exclusive features that Google has introduced to the phone's software. One of those features is Call Screen that does a pretty good job at detecting calls from spam callers and giving users options on how they want to handle it.


The Pixel's Call Screen has been simplified


Now according to Android Police, Google has issued an update that will simplify the feature. In the update, Google has changed the settings for Call Screen into various protection levels, ranging from basic, to medium, and to maximum.

With the basic level, the Call Screen feature will automatically decline calls from known spam numbers in Google's database, while the maximum protection level will basically decline all spam calls and screen unknown numbers. Prior to this update, Call Screen had more granular options.


For example, users could choose how to handle incoming spam calls, such as allowing their phones to ring, automatically screen and decline robocalls, or to silently decline them. This update more or less consolidates those options into protection levels. This is easier for users who aren't familiar with these options, but at the same time we understand that more advanced users would have preferred having more options to choose from.


Either way the changes appear to be rolling out at the moment, so keep an eye on it if you happen to own a Google Pixel handset.

Your Pixel phone will before long be looking out for your ear health


One of the elements of the Apple Watch is the capacity to tell the wearer when they are in a climate where the sound may be excessively clearly. We don't actually consider it, yet long haul openness to boisterous sounds might possibly prompt harmed hearing, particularly as we progress in years.


With these sorts of alarms, it in any event tells clients that their hearing could be affected and perhaps they ought to switch conditions if conceivable. That being said, it seems as though Google could be carrying a comparable component to their Pixel phones. This is as per a report from 9to5Google where they found the expected new element in an APK teardown.


Your Pixel phone will before long be looking out for your ear health


As per their discoveries, it appears to be that Google is dealing with a switch for the Pixel phones called "Clearly sound caution", which has a portrayal that says, "Ready while hearing-harming clearly sound distinguished", which fundamentally sounds like the element found on the Apple Watch, then again, actually it will be for the Pixel phones.


In a manner this is better in light of the fact that not we all own smartwatches, so having a caution on our phones is a very decent other option. The element isn't as yet live, however if the APK teardown is any sign, it very well may be sending off soon, perhaps in the following update.

Pixel 7a Leaks in Vibrant New Color


There's been no deficiency of Pixel 7a leaks these beyond couple of weeks, and right now it's likely protected to say that we know practically all that there is to be familiar with Google's impending midrange cell phone. Thusly, another item render has been spotted on the web, this time flaunting the Pixel 7a in a Vibrant new color.


A picture shared by online tech source Evan Blass on Twitter shows the Pixel 7a in a "Coral" color variation, which inclines towards a more orange color contrasted with the past variety decisions that were spotted on the web. It seems to be purchasers will actually want to pick between four distinct choices currently, contrasted with the dark, white, and sage variations that the Pixel 6a accompanied.


Pixel 7a Leaks in Vibrant New Color


This new leaks comes not long after a few other Pixel 7a specs were spilled - it's normal that the gadget will accompany a 6.1-inch OLED show with 90Hz invigorate rate, Google's Tensor G2 chipset, 8GB of Smash and 128GB of inner stockpiling, a 64MP principal camera, face open, and a 4,400 mAh battery.


The Pixel 7a is supposed to show up during Google's I/O Designer Meeting on May 10, and will cost $499, a somewhat higher knock in value contrasted with the Pixel 6a from a year ago.

Google Pixel Fold active video leaked


In the following a long time, Google will have I/O and it is to a great extent expected that the occasion is where Google will authoritatively take the wraps off its Pixel Fold smartphone, a gadget that has been supposed about for quite a long time that will at last work out as expected.


Not much is been aware of the handset for the present, save for its structure factor where it is normal to take on a comparable plan to other foldable phones out there like the Samsung Galaxy Z series. Presently because of a leaked video shared by Kuba Wojciechowski, we have a superior thought on how the Pixel Fold will work.



The video truly accompanies no curve balls since like we said, the phone will work in basically the same manner to other foldables out there. What's more fascinating is its plan. Gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Z series have selected a smaller plan which makes a more slender external showcase, yet as far as we can see with the Pixel Fold, it looks bigger and the external presentation looks like a more customary smartphone.


This is great for clients who seriously don't really like the Galaxy Z Fold's smaller presentation and need something that looks a smidgen more "ordinary". Different subtleties that have been recently spilled have proposed that its asking cost could begin at $1,799, like that of other foldables. One way or another, we ought to have more subtleties before long, so seek out us then for refreshes!

The impending Pixel 7a could score Face Unlock


The Google Pixel 7a is 'certainly, perhaps' coming our direction at the following Google I/O engineer culmination, which is planned to start off with a live-streamed feature on May 10. While Google probably won't invest a lot of energy examining each part of the phone in front of an audience (and on second thought report it through public statement), the consistent blast of holes and tales has previously portrayed what the Pixel 7a would be like.


The most recent prattle relates to an extremely clever component that may be making a presentation on a reasonable Pixel: the Pixel 7a could accompany Face Unlock ready, following the lead Pixel 7 series in such manner. While the helpful biometric highlight showed up on Google's phones back in 2019 with the Pixel 4 line, it encountered a long term rest, skirting both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 leader setups. It was only after the Pixel 7 series in late 2022 that Face Unlock got back in the saddle to the Pixel setup.


Twitter leaker SnoopyTech shared a lot of scarcely intelligible renders and UI screen captures of the impending Pixel 7a, which show us that face unlocking would supplement the under-display unique mark scanner that ought to likewise come to the specs sheet as the fundamental biometric unlocking strategy.



What would it be a good idea for us to anticipate from Pixel 7a's implied Face Unlock? Worth focusing all over unlock strategy, in some measure on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Master, is a move forward from normal 2D picture-based unlocking. It's unequivocally thought that the most recent Google phones utilize the selfie camera's double pixel innovation to make a semi-3D model of your face, which works on the security and unwavering quality of the biometric unlocking technique.


All things considered, it probably won't be all around as secure as committed 3D face unlocking arrangements, similar to Face ID for instance. Additionally, Google's Face Unlock must be utilized for unlocking your phone and not so much for online installments; you will definitely need to involve your finger impression for those.


Beside the Face Unlock-related release, SnoopyTech's likewise uncovers the Pixel 7a plan with its thick bezels and unquestionable Pixel plan. We advise you that the phone is supposed to accompany the Tensor G2 chipset, a 6.1-inch FHD+ display with potentially up to 90Hz revive rate, and in particular, a reputed executioner cost of $499.

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