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Google Pixel has numerous features available that Android's do not


The Google Pixel is a smartphone device that could be argued to have failed to capture the imagination of phone enthusiasts in the way the technology firm would have hoped for.


There was plenty of hype and rage regarding what was about to be provided to the market when they were first introduced, however many consumers will still go for the various competitors that are available and, perhaps, are more established within the sector.


Nonetheless, there is an argument that can be had regarding some of the unique features, the security and the updates that Google Pixel devices provide users, with some suggesting that they are arguably better than what Android can provide; thus keeping the phone as up-to-date as possible.


It is incredibly important to keep the phone as new as possible as they will provide the best security and operational features a number of different apps will require. For instance, gambling apps will require high levels of security because of the data imputed by users, whilst those playing games, streaming movies and listening to music will want to be able to do so effectively and without any issues.


Here are just some of the unique features that Google Pixel smartphones have that cannot be found on Android devices currently.


Music Identifier

Although there are a number of downloadable apps that do something similar, Google Pixel devices have a music identifier called ‘Now Playing' that comes built-in and is always on and listening. When a song plays, users will simply have to look at their screen to find out who it is, rather than having to go into an app and try and record what is playing.


As with many options, this is a customizable feature so it does not always have to be on, whilst a historical log is kept, thus allowing for users to be able to see what has been playing.


Real-Time Video Captions

Only Google Pixel 2 devices or later will be able to have this unique feature, although Android users with select phones will receive Real-Time Video Captions in the future. This feature will enable users to be able to add real-time subtitles to any video or audio being played.


It is an innovative piece of artificial intelligence and technology that is likely going to continue to improve in the future, but one that can make a huge difference to many already.


Driving Mode Automatically Enabled

Having already mentioned an automatic feature earlier in regards to the ‘Now Playing' feature, Google Pixel devices can also automatically detect whether someone is driving and turn the phone into a state of ‘Do Not Disturb'. This is rather unique to these devices compared to other Android gadgets, although users will need to have the Pixel 3 and newer models in order to activate it.


The convenient feature is one that many may not ultimately miss having, but if it is available, it can be a really useful tool and is fully customizable for those that want to use it and not be disturbed when driving.


Google Assistant Screens Calls

Pixel smartphone owners in the United States of America, Canada and Japan will be the major benefactors of this particular unique feature for the time being, as it is likely that it will become widely available in the future.


The Google Assistant program that is available on these devices will be able to respond to incoming calls automatically and then relay the information back to the owner highlighting what has been said, if anything at all. This could be a brilliant unique feature for many as so many spam calls continue to take place each and every day, whilst it can also be great for those who have a number that they do not recognize ringing them and are unsure about whether to answer it or not.


Unfortunately, it will only work if the user on the other end replies to the Google Assistant, although those that do not will likely be callers that might not necessarily be welcome all the time. As with many of the other unique features that are not available on Android devices, this is customizable and does not have to be used by users if they do not wish to do so.


On the off chance that you own a Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone, there is some uplifting news for you. The handset was delivered in 2019 which implies that in fact your guarantee should as of now be up assuming you repurchased it, when it originally dispatched, yet fortunately Google is broadening it by an extra year.


Pixel 4 XL proprietors presently have an extra one year of guarantee


Before you get too energized, this isn't on the grounds that they're doing this is because of the decency of their souls, yet rather it appears to be that because of different battery related issues with the phone, they are stretching out their guarantee to cover it. As per Google, the issues that your phone should look to fit the bill for the guarantee include:

  • Not ready to turn on the phone
  • The phone restarts or closes down haphazardly without a manual restart or closure
  • Accusing of a connector
  • Remote charging
  • The phone's battery depleting fundamentally quicker than prior in its utilization

This means if your phone has none of these issues and your guarantee has effectively terminated, then, at that point you're not covered by it. However, in the event that you do experience one of the issues referenced above, you ought to be covered. Google says that this one year augmentation will begin one year after your unique guarantee terminates.


Google likewise noticed that your phone should be in a condition where it's adequate to fix. So if your phone has a screen that is broken or different issues that could meddle with the maintenance cycle, you should pay a different charge to sort that out first.


Need to take a screen capture in Chrome? There are a lot of approaches to do that in case you're utilizing Windows or Mac, yet did you realize that Chrome really has a covered up screen capture work? It's not the most self-evident and difficult to track down, however fortunately it seems as though Google is prepared to bring the component up front.


This is as per a post on Reddit by u/Leopeva64-2 who found the component in the most recent Chrome Gerrit fix. As per the revelation, it appears to be that Google is switching around the sharing alternatives in the submenu and one of the new devices is screen catch. It's a beautiful direct and simple component, despite the fact that we need to contemplate whether it may have a portion of the highlights that was important for the beforehand covered up screen capture instrument.


Google is building a screen capture instrument into Chrome


For those new, one of the highlights of the secret Chrome screen capture apparatus was the capacity to catch full page screen captures, implying that it could go past exactly what you see on the screen and could catch a whole website page's length in a solitary picture. This is valuable for safeguarding sites on the off chance that the substance or page gets brought down.


So like we said, we don't know whether this change that causes the component more open will to have a similar usefulness, yet ideally it will. Indeed, even Microsoft Edge has a local screen capture device, so the time has come for Chrome to get its own also.

Future Google chipsets could include the utilization of AMD's GPUs


As indicated by the new tales, one of the highlights we can anticipate with the Google Pixel 6 is that the handset will authoritatively make a big appearance Google's own versatile chipset. The chipset is codenamed Whitechapel and will see Google join any semblance of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, every one of whom make their own phones and plan their own chipsets.


In any case, it appears to be that Whitechapel is only the beginning of Google's aspirations in light of the fact that as per a report from Wccftech, clearly future chipsets from Google could see the organization collaborate with AMD and utilize their GPUs.


On the off chance that this sounds natural, it's anything but some time back Samsung and AMD declared a comparative association, and as of late spilled benchmarks have shown that utilizing AMD's GPUs is giving Samsung's unannounced chipset a tremendous benefit as far as execution. Tragically very little else is thought about Google's future chipsets, yet it very well may be something to watch out for.


With respect to Whitechapel, the report guarantees that Google's aim isn't to make a contender to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or 888 Plus or even 2022's 895, but instead the organization will utilize their chipset for AI and AI execution. In any case, we will not know more until Google makes the declaration, so think about this while taking other factors into consideration for the time being.

Google Photos will before long add another Memories gadget


A couple of days prior, it was found that Google was chipping away at an updated Chrome gadget for Android. Basically, this is the very gadget that Google carried to iOS with the arrival of iOS 14. Presently, we're seeing another Memories gadget that is being created for Google Photos.


The portrayal just says "Rediscover minutes from Google Photos", Which is essentially equivalent to what you'll discover on similar gadget for the iOS adaptation of Photos. At the lower part of the gadget, the date will be shown, and tapping it will bring you into the Memories segment of the application.


As you would expect, you can change the size of the gadget. Notwithstanding the standard 2×2 form is somewhat taller than you may anticipate. It's conceivable this could a change on the product side before the gadget is really delivered.


The code for the most recent variant of Google Photos incorporates this gadget, which was empowered by the people over at 9to5Google. In any case, it's obscure when the gadget will really be empowered and accessible for everybody.


With Google's new spotlight on gadgets with Android 12 and Material You, we can hope to see a greater amount of Google's applications refreshed with new gadgets.

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