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  The new details about 3D S-Class interface include * Multi-touch to easily expand and collapse Web pages and pictures * Dedicated multimedia chip for fast Flash UI operation * Rotational on-screen dials with haptics feedback for various settings (radio, clock, etc;) * The sides of 3D ... Read more

With HP wireless printers, you could have printed this from any room in the house. Live wirelessly. Print wirelessly. Apple iPhone 3G.If you expected startling news to come out of Monday's keynote for Apple's World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)--headlined, of course, by Steve Jobs--you went awa... Read more

In some ways it's unfortunate that every touch-screen phone that comes out these days is compared to Apple's iPhone. But given the popularity of the iPhone, especially here in the U.S., it's difficult not to do the comparisons.   My first impression of the new N97 is that even though it has impres... Read more

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  For months, tech blogs and even Google itself have leaked so many pictures and videos about the Pixel 4 that it became the most-leaked phone ever. In the process, Google tried to hype the consumer's excitement ahead of its launch alongside other new hardware products at an event being cond... Read more

  Introduction Are you an old-school gambling man, running on the energy of a busy casino floor, facing eye to eye with the dealer? Or you prefer online platforms that provide virtual gambling surrounding wherever you might be? Whichever of the two groups of players you belong to, ho... Read more

Digital signage is the recent technological development that people are using and exploring. However, these are gaining much popularity from many years all around the globe. The main reason for the popularity of the signage displays is that they work appropriately in the business environm... Read more

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  Sony has launched a brand new accessory for the PlayStation 3 in the form of the PlayStation 3D Display. It has a 24-inch LCD screen and supports 1080p full HD for 3D gaming.   But that’s not all. The best trick of the 3D Display is that it can display two different 3D image... Read more

  Some juicy rumors from the realm of Mac just surfaced online. According to the often reliable DigiTimes, Apple will be launching a 15" MacBook Air at the start of 2012. The 15" MacBook Air will come to support the 11.6" and 13" versions in their fight against the Ultrabook army... Read more

The next flagship also known as the Galaxy S5 by Samsung to launch in 2014, has reported the possibility of us a metal housing.  According to a Taiwanese media company. According to the report, Catcher will start supplying a certain amount of the required metal housings this month, while... Read more

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