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In the event that you check out the Chromebook market, it's stuffed with choices with reversible touchscreen shows, large numbers of which incorporate help for pointer input. However, as we probably are aware, not all stylii are something similar, as there are various sorts that can be utilized. This has been a fight for quite a long time, yet the USI standard is one that is by and large more broadly embraced consistently.


The new Logitech Pen turns out extraordinary for Chromebooks, in the event that you can get one


Logitech just reported another USI pointer, named the Logitech Pen, which was planned in light of touchscreen Chromebooks. There's a charging port on the end, alongside a "agreeable silicone grasp" worked in. The actual Pen includes a three-sided plan, which intends to lessen the strain that accompanies attempting to compose for extensive stretches of time that can wind up causing uneasiness. It likewise upholds up to 4,096 distinct degrees of tension awareness and will keep going for 15 days on a solitary charge.


No-pair usefulness makes it simple for understudies to hop in and work, and as long as 15 days of standard school use off a full charge allows them to continue to work. In the event that an understudy neglects to re-energize, they can in any case get 30 minutes of utilization with simply a 30-second charge. At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to re-energize, they can simply utilize a similar USB-C link that comes standard with their Chromebook gadget.


Maybe the most helpful component of the Logitech Pen is that you don't have to go through any exceptional blending interaction to make it work. Remove the Pen from the crate, ensure it's squeezed up, and begin composing ceaselessly. Logitech is in any event, offering a discretionary Pen Loop that will keep your pointer joined to your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet, without expecting to stress over abandoning it.


With respect to valuing and accessibility, the Logitech Pen comes in at an unassuming $65. However, the overlooked details are the main problem, as Logitech states this is coming to "instruction affiliates" in the not so distant future. Tragically, this probably implies that you will not have the option to get one for yourself from your nearby large box gadgets store.

How Collaborating Using Technology Benefits Your Business


Advancements in technology has allowed businesses to streamline different internal and external processes to improve productivity. Technology has given businesses the ability to improve collaborative efforts between internal and external teams, which has provided greater opportunity for success.


Collaboration technology has increased tenfold in recent years due to more demand in remote working. Despite geographic restraints, collaboration technology enables teams to work together in real-time, either by call or video. This article discusses some of the main benefits of introducing collaboration technology in business.


Business Flexibility

Both consumers and employees demand flexibility with the way they engage with business. The number of remote workers is increasing, and the platforms consumers use to communicate is ever changing. Research has shown that creativity an ideation is increased when we are disengaged with work. For example, when we go for a walk or engage in exercise. This is when we are most likely to experience new ideas. This is one of the reasons employees want more flexibility with how they work so they can facilitate their working day to suit their individual needs. Importantly, a secure collaboration solution allows employees to share ideas on the go, safely, whenever and wherever they come to mind.


Better Productivity

When used correctly and well, collaboration technology maintains a sense of community among employees, which in turn improves productivity while they work remotely. It is well known that productivity is key in any business success, so figuring out how this can be improved is vital. If collaboration technology can help this aspect of business, then why not use it? This kind of technology can help employees feel more engaged with tasks and provides efficient and effective communication.


Business Saves Money

Every business is continually working towards reducing costs to drive up profits. Travel is one of the biggest expenses for a lot of businesses. Whether it's meeting up with a potential client, training employees or commuting expenses, costs can quickly add up. The great thing about collaboration technology is that it completely cuts out any need for travel since it allows for meetings and collaborative work to take place online. For example, video conferencing is an online alternative to face-to-face meetings, but it works on a global scale. You could be doing business with a potential client on the other side of the world thanks to collaboration technology. This means the potential for business growth is global.


Easy & Transparent Document Sharing

Whether its contract signing, training resources, or client briefs, the accessibility of documents and resources is made easy with collaboration technology. The process is simplified and user sharing abilities makes document sharing easy. It also accommodates the ability to store and archive training resources, making knowledge transfer easy for new recruits.


Gives You a Competitive Edge

A huge part of your competition as a business is your people! Collaboration technology means you can recruit and employ on a global scale, meaning your talent acquisition widens incredibly. You can now recruit and successfully integrate high talent employees and find new clients from across the water. Distance simply disappears with collaboration tech.

A vision of future- Contact Lenses and its Technology


At present, it has become crucial for people to protect the health of their eyes, and especially after the covid pandemic, everything has shifted in online platforms. Hence, you all are spending maximum time on your computers, laptops, or other devices and that is creating pressure in your eyes. And spending maximum time near any electronic device creates intraocular pressure in your eyes, and that impacts your eyes in one of the most negative ways.


Therefore, to protect the eyes' health, most of you wear power glasses and even contact lenses that protect your eyes from such harmful rays.


Nevertheless, contact lenses have become majorly famous among people due to their great advantages. Some of the important advantages that have made contact lenses famous among people are listed below:

  • It is more comfortable to use than glasses.
  • It provides wide visual access to the people.
  • It also improved the viewing easy for people
  • For people associated with sports or any other activities, contact lenses will be more convenient to them.

However, with changing times, technologies are also developing rapidly, and at present, new technologies are associated with contact lenses. Companies are making the latest smart contact lenses for people. But before understanding smart contact lenses, you need to understand the evolution of shop for contact lenses at designer optics first.


It was first discovered in 1801 by Thomas Young, but it was c/reated in 1900 by an American Optometrist named William Feinbloom. He was the first to discover contact lenses that combine both plastic and glass. It started changing over the periods even over the past few years, and it has changed significantly.

Latest technology in contact lenses

Scientists are trying to incorporate intelligence technologies in contact lenses to make it even better for the mass. Johnson and Johnson Vision has announced that they plan to launch Smart contact lenses. These smart contact lenses will help you have a clearer vision and adjust your eyes in the darkness better than before.


However, if you want to start with contact lenses, you can try lenses from Designer Optics. They also provide the latest contact lenses that protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, and you can try from different renowned brands. The contact lenses provided by Designer Optics have extra UV protection for your eyes that protects the eyes from harmful sunlight.


In a nutshell

It has been comprehended that contact lenses are important for you, especially after the covid pandemic when everything shifted into the virtual world. The demand for contact lenses rose high when things started to get into the online platform. Hence, companies incorporate the latest technology into contact lenses to make them better and advanced for you.


At present, it is possible to have a smart contact lens that will not just protect your eyes but will be more comfortable than ever before. Some of the contact lenses will help you to get adjusted in the darkness with adequate brightness. Besides that, it will also lead to the fastest photostress recovery.

Refurbished Mobile Storage Units: How to Utilize Them


Are you wondering where to load all the excess stuff in your office or home? Mobile storage units can be beneficial for storing items that are not used every day.


They can be moved around easily, and they also come in handy for those who wish to move around their belongings every once in a while.


Many people don't know that these units can also be used as home offices, sheds, or even personal spaces in the backyard with a little bit of redecoration and woodwork. The best part is that you can sell off these mobile units if you don't want to hold on to them.


Read on to know more about refurbished mobile storage units and how you can make the most out of them:


What Are Refurbished Mobile Storage Units?

The global off-the-shelf second-hand furniture market is expected to reach $47,560.0 million by the end of 2025.


Refurbished mobile storage units are exactly what they sound like - mobile storage units that have been refurbished. It means that the previous user or owner has taken care of the unit and has ensured it is in the best possible condition before selling it.


Benefits of using Refurbished Mobile Storage Units

There are many benefits to using refurbished mobile units, and some of them are listed below:


You Can Save Money

Buying a refurbished mobile storage unit is cheaper than buying a brand new one. The previous user or owner has already taken care of any damages or problems that the unit may have had.


You Can Save Space

If you're someone who's always on the go and doesn't have a lot of storage space in your home, then a refurbished mobile storage unit would be perfect for you. These units are designed to be movable so that you can store them wherever you need them to be.


You Can Save Time

If you're always busy and don't have a lot of time on your hands, then buying a refurbished mobile storage unit would be the best decision you could make.


It is because you wouldn't have to spend time repairing or fixing the unit - it would already be in the best condition possible. All you need to do is hire someone to move your things into the unit.


How to Use Refurbished Mobile Storage Units?

Using refurbished mobile storage units is very easy. You won't have to spend time and effort repairing it before use.


You simply have to move your items into it, and take care of any damages or problems that may occur while it's in use.


So, if you're thinking of buying a mobile storage unit, maybe you should consider buying a refurbished mobile storage unit instead.


In a way, you can take care of your items without paying for brand new units or worrying about any damages that may have already occurred on the unit. All in all, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Tips to Buy a Refurbished Mobile Storage Unit

If you're thinking of buying a refurbished mobile storage unit, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These include:


Look for A Reputed Seller

Only buy from reputable refurbished mobile storage unit dealers. Don't randomly choose any person to buy the unit from.


It is because not everyone who claims to have refurbished mobile storage units is being honest about it, so you may end up buying a broken or damaged product.


So, always be meticulous when choosing a seller. Do your research and read reviews before buying anything.


Inspect the Unit Carefully

Before finalizing the purchase, always carefully inspect the refurbished mobile storage unit. Ensure that there are no damages or problems that may occur while you're using it. If there are any, make sure to negotiate a reasonable price before moving forward with the purchase.


Ask about the Warranty

Refurbished mobile units usually have a warranty, so make sure to ask about what kind of warranty is offered before purchasing it. This way, if anything does happen while you're using the unit, then you won't have to worry too much about it because your warranty may cover the damages.


In addition to this, ask your seller if they have a return policy as well. This way, you can return the refurbished unit if it does happen to have any defects or problems while you're using it.



Refurbished mobile storage units can be a useful investment as they give you extra storage space for your belongings almost immediately.

“Implement a RAN Telecommunications Management Solution and Reap the Rewards”


Telecommunications networks have, in a very short time, become far more complex than they used to be. This trend is likely to continue as 5G is rolled out across the globe, becomes the new normal, and presents novel, as yet unthought-of use cases. That’s not to mention whatever comes after 5G, which is the subject of speculation among many in the telco industry. Clearly, there’s a growing need for robust radio access network (RAN) management software.

Why do operators need RAN telecommunications management solutions?

Consider an average network in the year 2021. The environment probably involves many different technologies, hardware and software provided by multiple vendors, and all of this needs to be managed and planned efficiently. In fact, we’ve come a long, long way from the time that a telephone call involved a human operator physically connecting a plug or throwing a switch – so much so that it’s simply impossible for humans to deal with RAN telecom network management. Only a sophisticated RAN telco solution can do the job.

What benefits can RAN telecommunications management software bring for operators?

Due to the abovementioned complexity of today’s mobile networks, it’s essential that operators have access to a live, real-time view of the entire environment, whether that means a general overview or deep insight. It doesn’t matter if a given operator is delivering GSM, LTE and 5G services across a hybrid legacy-virtualized network using multi-radio, C-RAN and open RAN architectures, but that’s nothing a RAN telco solution can’t handle.


Network function configuration becomes more efficient, working optimally and in near real time when your RAN telecom solution delivers network auto-discovery and reconciliation functionalities. And, with efficient planning capabilities, operators will also be able to monitor new rollouts (such as 5G) and deliver properly planned and managed network extensions.


With such capabilities, RAN telecommunications management software can facilitate improved decision-making when planning and adapting networks. For example, it becomes easy to see where new 5G nodes are required, and which of the existing ones need to be taken out of commission.


The right RAN telco solution will additionally speed up the roll-out of new software significantly, and keep track of all changes and deployments.


Finally, such a solution will be capable of end to end modelling for all mobile services. This is important in terms of customer satisfaction, because if some aspect of the network is not working optimally, it can be identified (and perhaps even pre-empted) so that the operator can see the impact on customers.

More about RAN solution:

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