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Our modern smartphones have largely remained the same for quite some time now, and although newer enthusiast devices are looking to push features like folding screens it's unlikely these will be the next big step forward and more of a gimmick - but it does raise the question of what the next big thing for mobile could be to continue to push them forward whether as just usability features as things like cars become more reliant on mobile, gaming features and casual mobile gaming with the likes of pala casino promo code has helped options on the rise, or even a step further for total multimedia options with camera and video sharing and further links to things like social media and social sharing. So, what features do we know about, and which could be on the horizon?


What Comes Next for Mobile?


5G is the clear next step - The first big change that will be introduced will certainly come from 5G as it quickly starts to spread - currently only available in larger cities, the next few years will change mobile networking. With speeds up to one hundred times faster than currently available, it will enable a new variety of online options and connectivity that has already started to emerge in mobile, but further that by allowing bigger transfers of data which may have been previously limited by capacity or speed capabilities.


Display has been another of the big changers - They've certainly become the big power draw for modern smartphones, and as they continue to improve something that may need a bigger battery to sustain, but the display may be the next key feature to be upgraded. Faster displays with 120hz response rates are becoming more common, and with more pixels being packed in they're also clearer than ever before too - whilst it's unlikely that screens will get bigger as phablets already verge on the edge of being a little too big for some, there's likely to be a display change somewhere along the line.


External peripherals and connectivity options - Many of our external peripherals either rely on a direct connection most commonly now through USB-C, or through Bluetooth, and the next big change that comes to mobile could be in how we connect our external devices and what they are. We've recently seen how VR has changed to become a completely wireless option where 5G may enable a stronger connection where Bluetooth may not be possible to transmit the data required, as such the next big step forward may be finding a way to deliver greater data transfer and finding which peripherals could change the way we use our devices - could it come from motion controls, gestures, or something else entirely.


With how fast our devices have been changing and moving, we may start to get some answers sooner rather than later, and the next big change could completely change the way we use our devices, whether that does come through novelty or through something more substantial.

Impacts of Crypto on The Sports Industry


As of today, the worldwide sports market is expected to be worth nearly 1.3 trillion dollars. With the adoption of blockchain technologies in a variety of industries, it is only normal for cryptocurrency to carve out a niche in this widely expected and lucrative sector. The partnership between cryptocurrency as well as the sports sector is still in its infancy.


However, numerous clubs and associations have also integrated cryptocurrency into their transaction methods to give more versatility to teams, supporters, advertisers, and even the gambling industry. The rest of the sporting sector is also unsure regarding the efficacy of using digital currencies. Let us examine the various forms in which bitcoin is influencing the field of sports. For crypto updates, start trading now.


Impacts of crypto on the sports industry

There are numerous impacts of crypto on the sports sector all of them cannot be mentioned here, so only a few of them are mentioned here:


Virtual Token for Fans

The concept of issuing cryptocurrency tokens to every sports club's international fan base is a novel approach to introducing virtual currencies throughout a sector. Like Juventus & Barcelona, Credible football teams create their own cryptocurrency tokens to give to their fans. One of the main explanations for this is to spread the buzz among his supporters by buying apparel, utilizing tokens to vote on club measures, and winning luxury VIP tickets at the Derby. Few teams have already started using bitcoins to compensate their players. That has gradually increased the proportion of ICOs for Cryptocurrency issuing firms.


Resolving Doping dilemma

Doping concerns haunt the entire sporting community, tainting the prestige and dignity of sports overall. That is the primary explanation why athletes in different sports are required to undergo a drug examination before they can compete. However, clubs and associations can sometimes behave in poor faith and tamper with or change the individual results. The usage of blockchain technologies, on the other hand, is useful in combating this specific problem. Blockchain security standards are extremely impenetrable. It greatly increases the security of storing information on the blockchain.


Impact on E-Sports Economic System

According to Newzoo's research survey, virtual currencies do influence global e-sports. By 2019, it had gone up to approximately 380 million. It has been estimated that the electronic-sports economic structure produced 906.0 billion US dollars and is expected to hit about 1.5 billion US dollars by 2020. This compelled most community homeowners to take a close look at E-sports organizations. One such effort inspired the inclusion of digital currency in the economy, thus influencing the margin of investment in electronic sports. LFE has now felt the heat of the cryptocurrency spree with the recent democratizing membership participation.


They went on with the idea of launching an ICO of up to 4 billion tokens. Tokens can be obtained in exchange for a variety of product discounts. Fans may use these tokens to purchase tickets prior to a web-based game. Many who are passionate regarding security need not be concerned about these. This is since a stable blockchain network supervises any fund transfer. One such effort completely removes the possibility of an intelligence hack from the framework.


Impact on Online Betting Sector

This sector is bound to work with a third-party cooperation which is commonly recognized as the " Bookie." A bookie places your bets while gambling online, so the question arises that what if your bookie cheats you? So, trust is the only option left as there is no mechanism of transparency. With the introduction of blockchain innovation, the whole gambling industry has changed completely. It has discarded the need for any middleman and introduced a direct P2P system that is much more trustable and less expensive.



The prospect of digital currency in the sports business is also being discussed. It is, in short, too early to view its impact and draw conclusions about the integration's progress. However, with the assistance of key figures in the sporting world, it could be necessary to incorporate Blockchain technologies to benefit all. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the sports business, a large number of cryptocurrency analysts agree that digital currency has the ability to transform the sports sector fully.


Everyone wants to be paid as soon as they finish their assigned tasks. Chasing clients for payment can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. As unpleasant as it can be, it is often unavoidable. As a result, it's critical to devise successful strategies for expediting payment processes. Sending a Late Payment Letter to your customers will inspire them to pay more quickly. Here are some helpful hints for writing the ideal overdue invoice letter that will get you charged.


A past due invoice from WeInvoice is billing that has not been paid as of its due date. If a business extends credit to its customers, it is likely to experience situations where it must collect a past due invoice


One of your clients may be notorious for paying late. It's important to follow up as soon as your invoice is due. Due to their hectic work schedules, many clients are unable to keep track of when they may make payments. As a result, it is up to you to remind them. If you just let it go and don't follow up on the unpaid invoice, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.


Sending the overdue payment letter on a weekend when your client is less busy and has more time to read it is a good idea. You must never overlook the importance of time to achieve success!


1: WeInvoice

WeInvoice is a free online invoice system with invoice generators and a large library of professionally built invoice templates that you can customize for your company.


This service enables users to quickly build error-free, compliant, and detailed invoices. If you don't want to start from scratch, you can download and use one of the many ready-to-use invoicing templates available on on this website




For both business owners and freelancers, taxes are an unavoidable fact. It's a necessary part of the work. A tax bracket covers all of a company's or individual's products and services. Continue reading to find out more about tax invoices, including how they're made and why you should use them.


The dealer gives the buyer a tax invoice with all of the relevant tax details. The specifics include the definition, quantity of goods purchased, value of goods and services, and total taxes levied. A tax invoice is a final bill that a dealer sends to the customer.


A taxable sale must be followed by a tax invoice to assert the tax benefits for the sales made. Tax invoices are often used to resell the same goods and services.


2: FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an invoicing app with bookkeeping features that is ideal for freelancers and small business owners. FreshBooks was established in 2003, but it underwent a rebranding in 2017. FreshBooks' latest edition has several useful accounting features, such as double-entry accounting, journal entries, and bank reconciliation.


Don't worry if that's more than you need; the cheapest FreshBooks package just focuses on invoicing. This software is ideal for businesses that only need simple bookkeeping and accounting functions; however, it is not appropriate for businesses with more complex accounting requirements.


3: Square Invoices

Square is best known for its payment processing services, but it also added Square Invoices to the Square Dashboard in 2014. When you create a Square account, you gain immediate access to Square Invoices as well as other small business resources. One of the best features of Square Invoices is that sending invoices to your customers is free.


Square Invoices has a user-friendly and well-organized GUI. Although there is only one invoice design, it can be personalized by changing the colors and inserting your logo. Square Invoices is the ideal app for busy business owners since it allows you to submit invoices from your smartphone or other connected computer. Square Invoices offers a variety of resources to help you run and expand your company, including forecasts, contact management, employee management, advanced inventory features, and sales tracking, in addition to mobile invoicing. You can also build contracts and bind them to invoices with ease.


4: Invoice2go

If you prefer to conduct business using your mobile, Invoice2go will make sending invoices and getting paid by your customers far easier.


Invoice2go has powerful Android and iPhone applications that make creating personalized professional invoices on the go easier than ever. The app is easy to set up and use, and you can file your first invoice in minutes. Additional features include cost monitoring, invoice templates, forecasts, time tracking, and purchase order management, among others. Invoices can be sent through several methods, including SMS and mobile apps. If you choose to go that way, cloud-based desktop software is also available.


On the downside, Invoice2go is largely focused on invoicing, as the name suggests. Another choice would better suit your needs if you need more advanced bookkeeping and accounting features. Invoice2go is unlikely to be a good match for your company if you don't use your mobile device exclusively for business.


5: Invoicely

Invoicely is similar to previous in that it caters to the same types of users: freelancers and small business owners with accounting requirements that go beyond basic invoices.


The ability to handle several companies with multiple team members and customers for each company is one of the more advanced features, which is useful for serial entrepreneurs. You can also accept payments directly to your invoice via the internet, which Invoicely uses to update an invoice's paid status automatically.


Users with a free account may have an unlimited number of clients and invoices, but they don't have access to any of the advanced features, and invoices created are branded with the Invoicely logo. Time monitoring, taxes, mileage, personalized branding, and online payment options other than PayPal are all included for $9.99 a month.



There are a couple more invoicing tools you may want to investigate. Some of these tools are free forever, allowing you to send an unlimited amount of invoices to an unlimited number of customers, while others are linked to a paid billing tool that you can try out if you prefer the free version: Invoice2go, Zipbooks, Freshbook, and Square Invoices.


It's important to note that using simple free invoicing tools at the start of a freelancer's or small business owner's business life cycle is perfectly acceptable, but as your small business grows and attracts more customers, you should consider investing in quality accounting tools that help you keep a more detailed account of your expenses and income.


The issue with a great deal of displays is that they are unbending. Indeed, even foldable displays have their limits, however it appears to be that Royole may have sorted it out as they have declared what they guarantee is the world's first miniature LED-based stretchable presentation. This implies that this presentation can not just curve, it can reshape, wind, be pulled, and made into an assortment of shapes while proceeding to work.


This thusly makes the way for a wide range of conceivable outcomes, for cell phones, yet possibly wearables too. We've effectively seen ideas like those made by Lenovo back in 2016, where they flaunted an idea of a telephone that could be worn like an arm band. Truth be told, Lenovo made an expectation in those days that bendable gadgets would turn into a thing in five years, which is currently, and they're somewhat correct.


Disregard foldable displays, Royole flaunts the world's first stretchable display


Presently, the model display from Royole estimates simply 2.7-inches and its goal of 96×60 is a long way from great, yet the idea is difficult to overlook and it sounds exceptionally energizing. For those new, Royole has really been guaranteeing a great deal of industry-firsts. The organization was really the first to the market with a foldable cell phone, regardless of whether it didn't really earn that much standard consideration.


Right now Royole's flexible display appears to be more similar to verification of-idea and they would have to increase it on the off chance that they're expecting standard reception.


It would not be unreasonable to say that GPS has proven to be one of the technologies that have had the most profound impact on our society and have played a pivotal role in our growth. We simply cannot function without it. Initially made by the US Airforce, GPS was never imagined to one day have applications so vast and multifarious. However, in today's world, GPS comfortably makes it to the list of technologies without which our lives would be heavily compromised. Here are six incredible ways in which GPS is silently changing your life for the better and you don't even notice it!


6 Incredible Ways That GPS Changed Our Lives To Better


1. Road Navigation Services

Let's do a quick fun exercise. Think back to 15 years ago when you had to visit a place for the first time and what a nightmare it used to be to navigate properly and reach our destination without getting lost a dozen times. We'd have to stop numerous times and rely on flimsy pieces of information from uninterested bystanders in the hopes of reaching our destination. That problem has since been largely eliminated. Road navigation services have now become so effective that an entire industry has been set up around this particular concept. The process of going to a new place that you have never been to before seems so simple and easy these days. You simply pop in your desired destination into your GPS or the Maps application in your smartphone and you'll be on your way not too long after that.


2. Logistics & Fleet Management

As the global marketplace started to pick up momentum, the need for professional trucking companies with massive fleets arose as well. To manage such large fleets, they needed to be tracked efficiently. Different companies offer GPS tracking services in real-time to track their assets and that is how real-time GPS tracking at SATX Technologies enables businesses to effectively and accurately track their staff and their assets such as their delivery trucks. Apart from ensuring the safety and security of their assets, these companies get access to valuable data points which they can use to fine-tune their service delivery models to ensure the maximum amount of efficiency in their processes.


3. Mobile Phone Tracking

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your phone, only to be later tracked down because of a GPS signal that your phone was emitting? The fact that phones have accurate GPS sensors means that we can use location services to reap massive lifestyle benefits such as calling a cab with a tap on your screen. A service such as Find my iPhone also leverages GPS services in phones to provide a very seamless phone finding experience to their consumers who may have misplaced their device. Even if the device is irrecoverable, GPS services give you a good idea of where the device is located so that you can inform the authorities and let them take it from there.


4. Military Applications

All types of military forces, regardless of whether they are based on land, air, or water, can not function without GPS. Military applications are heavily dependent on a strong and accurate GPS signal that can help them synergize and make sure that movements on the border are being tracked accurately. This has enabled our safety levels to go up significantly.


5. Marine Navigation

Marine navigation is one of those things that just could not have been possible without GPS. A GPS-based tracking system not only allows you to see where you are headed in the ocean but also to track any storms or rough sea conditions that might be fast approaching. Given that the global economy is heavily dependent on marine routes, GPS has surely allowed the world to take business activity to the next level!


6. Real-Time Positioning Data

The great thing about GPS is that it can be extremely precise. This especially helps in certain situations where such minute time intervals and ground positions need to be highlighted. One example that comes to mind is that of motorsports which are heavily dependent on how accurately the cars out on the track are being timed.


Real-Time Positioning Data


GPS isn't a technology that has been a part of our lives for a very long time. It's hard to sometimes imagine that there was a time when we lived without such technologies. Going into the future, unlike the fate of other technologies, it seems that GPS will continue to grow in importance as technology advances in other areas.

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