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Insta360 GO 3S is a tiny action camera with 4K capabilities


Insta360 is a company probably best known for their digital cameras that can capture 360-degree content. But the company also makes action cameras that might be preferred by those who want something compact and durable. Now the company has announced their latest model to the lineup in the form of the Insta360 GO 3S.



If you're wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because the company launched the GO 3 back in 2023, so this is kind of like a successor. It features a small and compact body, but despite its size, it can still capture stunning footage at 4K resolution. It also boasts 50% more computing power, according to Insta360, along with a new wide-angle lens that has less distortion.


Insta360 GO 3S is a tiny action camera with 4K capabilities


There are also software features like Interval Video mode that allows the camera to capture footage throughout the day. The Insta360 GO 3S also supports hand gestures that users can use to start or stop shooting. Similar to its predecessor, users can attach or detach it from the Action Pod.


The company says that on its own, it can capture 1080p video at 30 fps for up to 38 minutes, or up to 140 minutes when used with the Action Pod. Insta360 has also thoughtfully included support for Apple's Find My Network to help you locate the camera if it's misplaced. If you're interested in the camera, it is priced starting at $416.99 and is available for purchase from the company's website.

Rokid Sheds More Light on the AR Lite's Features


A while back, we got word that Rokid was planning to unveil its Kickstarter-funded AR Lite glasses, which come equipped with augmented reality (AR) capabilities, allowing for a versatile range of use cases including entertainment and productivity, without sacrificing portability and comfort.


With that being said, Rokid has shared more details of the AR Lite, which are currently priced at $749 (much more affordable than the Apple Vision Pro, by the way). For starters, it's powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1, and runs on a custom operating system which Rokid calls the "YodaOS-Master" OS.


Rokid Sheds More Light on the AR Lite's Features


It also comes with adjustable myopia dials (0.00 to -6.00D) and software-based IPD adjustment (53 to 75mm) for a varied fit suitable for users with different requirements. High-resolution visuals (1080p-1200p) and up to 600 nits brightness are accompanied by high frame rates of 120Hz or 90Hz which should provide a fluid viewing experience.


The Rokid AR Lite offers multiple display modes - Giant-Screen Mode blows up a single app to a massive 300 inches for more immersive user experience, while Multi-App Mode lets users run multiple apps simultaneously on separate floating screens for multitasking.


Rokid Sheds More Light on the AR Lite's Features


For navigation and controls, the AR Lite comes with touch controls, as well as a dedicated motion mode on the Rokid Station 2, which provides screen stabilization to minimize dizziness during head movements. The Rokid AR Lite is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and early backers can purchase the device at a lower price of $499.

Humane warns AI Pin owners of potential fire hazard


Humane unveiled the AI Pin back in 2023. It was an intriguing concept and the demo was certainly very compelling. Unfortunately, real world use proved to be different from what the demo seemed to imply. This led to lackluster feedback from the community. It looks like the company's woes aren't over as Humane is now warning AI Pin owners of a potential fire hazard.


According to an email sent to customers, the company is asking its customers to immediately stop using the charging case for the AI Pin. It seems that there are issues with a third-party battery cell that could pose a "fire safety risk". The company says that they have since "disqualified" the vendor and are now looking for another supplier.


Keep in mind that this fire hazard is limited to the charging case for the Humane AI Pin. The device itself, the Battery Booster, and charging pad are not affected. This means that you can continue to use the charging pad to keep the device charged up.


The company does not mention if they will offer a replacement case at a later date. However, what they are offering is an additional two free months of its subscription service. So, if you are one of the AI Pin's customers, it's probably a good idea to stop using the charging case for now.

Acer Unveils its First-ever Spatial Computing Camera


While "spatial computing" is not an entirely new technological concept (sorry Apple), it's taken a bit of time for manufacturers to develop devices specifically geared for such applications. With that in mind, Acer recently announced that it was launching its first-ever spatial computing product in the form of the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera.


As you can tell from its name, the camera is unique in that it offers a form of stereoscopic 3D vision, made possible with two cameras, each equipped with 8MP sensors. It also comes with manual mode that allows users to tweak elements such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed and more. There's also electronic image stabilization (EIS), although Acer has also included built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization.

Acer Unveils its First-ever Spatial Computing Camera

Photos and videos saved on the SpatialLabs Eyes can be viewed via a downloadable app, or on supported devices. Users can also setup the camera as a streaming device which supports real-time 3D content sharing on compatible platforms, as well as video-conferencing apps like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.


In terms of availability, Acer says that the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera will be available in North America in Q3, starting at $549.

Tim Cook says Vision Pro has a "profound" result on people


The Apple Vision Pro recently won a prestigious award for its operating system: visionOS. UK's Design and Art Direction Awards (D&AD) gave visionOS the Black Pencil. Apple CEO Tim Cook took to X to congratulate the design team and praise Vision Pro's profoundness.


The Black Pencil is D&AD's most coveted accolade. visionOS is the first Apple product to win a Black Pencil since the iPad in 2011. And it is the first Black Pencil awarded to Apple while Tim Cook is CEO. Understandably, Cook is quite pleased.



In addition to congratulating the Apple design team, Cook said Vision Pro was made possible by "years of breakthroughs". He also revealed he has seen people become emotional when they first try a Vision Pro.


I can understand that. The Vision Pro is one of the best AR headsets the XR industry has ever seen. Its micro-OLED displays are fantastic and its hand and eye tracking is not only accurate, it's also brilliantly implemented. You simply look at what you want to open and then do a pinching gesture.


Tim Cook says Vision Pro has a "profound" result on people


But I think there might be another reason as to why people are getting emotional when using a Vision Pro. It might be the first time they've ever used a VR device in their life. The Vision Pro is excellent but the much more affordable Meta Quest 3 is no slouch either.


If you took someone who had never used VR headsets before and made them play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on a Quest 3 they'd be pretty emotional too. What the Apple Vision Pro does however is provide users with a very intuitive user interface. And Apple being a big name makes people want to try its headset, even if the same people might have brushed off VR as a fad before.



Only 25% of U.S. adults have used VR in their lives. Those who haven't show little interest in it. But 80% of people who have used VR keep coming back for more. So even before the Apple Vision Pro people were clearly being wowed by VR and retention was high. Apple's foray into the XR industry is simply bringing more eyes to XR in general. Something I am quite pleased about.


However, until a cheaper Vision Pro 2 comes out, Apple's headset is going to remain out of reach for most consumers and enthusiasts. Also, I personally think the Vision Pro should get dedicated controllers and official support for PC VR games and other VR games as well. That would truly make Apple's XR devices worth the premium in my opinion.

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