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Cyber safety

Data is the single most important piece of safeguarded information that you give out every day. If you're a frequent user of the internet, you've more than likely given away more personal information and data than you would like to imagine

Keeping your data safeguarded is probably one of the most important things you could be doing. There are ample ways to keep your data protected, and with malicious threats arising every day, keeping up with the times is essential.

If you leave the smallest possible digital footprint, it never goes off the internet. If you've ever heard the expression:

" The internet is forever. "

You've been educated on the dangers of the internet and the importance of your digital footprint. The internet is ever-evolving, and so are the safety measures you need to take. Some are new, some are old, but all are essential. 

Note: Keeping your web presence safe and your data protected is as simple as using common sense and the tools provided above. Keep all of these tips in mind when you're browsing every day. 

Visit Only Websites You Trust

This might sound like an everyday scene, but it's essential. It would be best if you visited only the websites you trust, and sites that are proven to be free of malware.

When you visit any unreliable websites, you're likely going to get exposed to some content you don't want to see, or to malicious individuals. Chatting with these individuals and interacting with them in any way can raise a lot of red flags. 

The internet is not as safe as many people think. Untrusted and shady websites are chock full of scammers, blackmailers, and hackers who are just waiting to collect your data. 

In order to make sure you're protected when browsing, only browse with reliable search engines. Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo index mostly safe websites, but other, shadier search engines are usually careless. 

Avoid Advertisements From Unreliable Sources

We've all been there. You're exploring a bright new website that you've found off the corner of the internet, and you're given targeted advertisements. Advertisements can be a tricky thing and can seem too good to be true.

More often than not, this is the exact situation. These advertisements are mostly scams and are meant to steal your personal data. You should not trust any unsolicited advertisements, and avoid them at all costs.

If you're targeted by an advertisement that you think you can have some use for, opt to research it by yourself. If it's a product that you would like to have, try to find it on reliable platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. 

Use a Proper VPN Service

VPN services have been around for some time, and have gained quite a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. There seems to be an unmatched amount of them available today, and ironically some of them are scams.

A VPN service will protect your browsing habits by masking your IP address and encrypting all of your personal data. It can also unblock some websites, so that's a definitive plus. Some of the benefits of using a reliable VPN service are:

  • Improved Security

  • Masked IP Address

  • Website Unlocking

  • Bypassing Regional Locks

  • Unblocking Netflix 

  • Anonymity

What VPN software really excels at is protecting your payment information. A lot of us use e-commerce platforms and link our browsers with our credit card details. This isn't a safe practice, and you should do your best to avoid it at all costs. If you've given payment information to e-commerce platforms, VPN will encrypt it and will make sure that you wouldn't leave any footprints online. 

Install an Antivirus Software 

Antivirus software is going to benefit your computer significantly. There are a couple of different things an antivirus software can do for your browsing habits - to protect your browsing, personal information, and increase your browsing speed.

While a regular antivirus software might not do a whole lot to scramble your IP address like a VPN, it does wonder when it comes down to encrypting your personal data.

A lot of modern antivirus software also has numerous different measures put in, so even if a data breach does occur, you're going to be notified in no time. A data breach is no joke, and it happens more often than most people realize.


Antivirus software will also help you detect and remove any possible spyware from your computer, which might monitor your activity and track your information. Please also have a look at how this texting tool helps keep your medical data and communication safe.






Subtitles are everywhere, even in places you didn't realize; they are now a standard part of the majority of videos on the internet, from social media platforms to YouTube, you can choose to have subtitles on films, streaming services and everything in between. Subtitles are a huge part of media for those who make the videos and for those who watch. They are no longer only there for people who struggle with their hearing, they are useful for everyone and we are going to tell you why.

Why Are Subtitles Important?

There are a few reasons why subtitles are important so let's look at each one. Firstly, time after time research shows that the majority of videos watched on social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn, are viewed with the sound off. More often than not, people are viewing these videos on their phone as they are sitting on the bus or train on the way to work, or they are watching them at their desk in the office; because of this, the majority of the time people do not turn on the sound, they don't want to disturb those around them and the subtitles mean that they can still enjoy the video.

Secondly, another trick that a lot of sites use is to set their videos to autoplay, again, LinkedIn is a great example of a site that does this. By setting videos to autoplay, they are not giving the user the option to scroll past and ignore it, instead, once it starts playing, the user frequently feels compelled to watch the video because their curiosity has been piqued and they want to know what it is about, how it ends or something similar. Having videos that autoplay is extremely smart, and since they are always set to autoplay on mute with subtitles, it causes less of a disturbance to the viewer, and they are more inclined to get invested in the video - muted videos with subtitles are essential to getting the viewer to stay longer.

Finally, of course, subtitles make the videos more accessible to those who have hearing impairments on any scale. If you don't include subtitles in your videos then you excluding an entire group of people, people who could well be part of your target audience, people who might never get to learn what your videos are about because they have no way of knowing, and you could inadvertently exclude hundreds or thousands of people. Always include subtitles on any video then you can be sure that you are reaching everyone you possibly can.

How Do I Add Subtitles to a LinkedIn Video?

The first thing you need to do when adding subtitles to a LinkedIn video is to find the right tool for the job - and that tool is audio to text transcription service Audext. Audext is a piece of software that carries out audio to text transcription, so your subtitles can be written for you with very little effort on your part. Gone are the days of tirelessly pausing videos as you try to keep up with what the speaker is saying, never again will creating subtitles feel like an overwhelming task. Subtitles are vital for captivating an audience and reaching people who might otherwise be missed, and Audext ensures that you have completely faultless subtitles every single time without you having to compromise with your own free time. Once you have the transcript of the subtitles, they can simply be added to the video in one quick step. Because of this software, the process for adding subtitles has been made unbelievably uncomplicated.

Why Audext is Right for You?

Audext is one of the fastest and most efficient transcription tools available and is far more advanced than its competitors. With Audext you can not only have your audio transcribed but it also automatically matches the audio to the text. Additionally, you can edit any text in the editor afterward, and again the audio matches up for you. The audio to text abilities of Audext even goes so far as being able to recognize individual speakers based on speech patterns and structures.

In a world full of transcription services, Audext consistently stands out head and shoulders above the rest and is the perfect tool for creating your subtitles quickly, easily, and most importantly, accurately.



It's been described as the future of content, and live streaming is only going one way - up. Though it has been a leading figure in the East in recent years, the potential of live streaming is only just being realized in the West.


Social media has been hugely influential to the rise of live streaming with technology giving users the ability to watch live-stream videos via Facebook and Instagram for example. But, going live seems to be the way forward in many other aspects too including gambling. 


The proliferation of live casinos has allowed millions to wager from the comfort of their own home and do so in a manner that is reminiscent of an actual casino. With the help of online casino reviews, bettors can pick and choose whichever sites they want and immerse themselves into the live casino world fully.


Gaming industry


The live streaming world owes a lot to its expansion to the online casino industry; this industry has established the technology that has allowed users to interact with a real-life dealer in a real-life card game via stream.


The live streaming of games through eSports has also seen the rise in viewers into their millions. With eSports' main goal to ensure more people than ever watch their live streams, it has certainly struck a chord within and outside the industry, taking the numbers - in viewing and monetary terms - to new heights




An increase that doesn't look like stopping


The Interactive Advertising Bureau conducted a survey in 2018 that proved just under half (47%) of those watching live streams were streaming more live videos than they were the year before. Plus, the Bureau found that just over two-thirds (67%) of the world's population had streamed a live video by 2018 and that those that hadn't, had not done so for lack of interest or cultural reasons but rather monetary problems i.e. they couldn't afford the technology from which to stream in the first place.

Almost everything and anything at present can be streamed. Donald Trump's Presidential success in 2016 was captured via live stream as were the Midterm Elections in 2018. Plus Trump's defence of his presidential office is likely to be shown to the world this year too.

Live streaming will not be stopping anytime soon; the increase in the amount of viewers has ensured the quality continues to improve. Speeds of network uploads are vital as mobile devices become increasingly innovative and top-notch with regards to video capturing levels and video frame-rate streaming. The rise of online casinos and eSports has also meant that live streaming has a great foundation for unlimited success. You should enjoy the ride.




With a lot of individuals and business entities having to deal with overclocking, having in place the best cooler is an ideal way of ensuring that they keep their expensive and lovingly overclocked processors alive for long. However, looking around, one will realize that liquid CPU Coolers are increasingly becoming widespread, and being tried by many people. 

Air Cooling works in a simple way, and only relies on two essential components; a fan and heatsink. Made of highly thermo-conductive materials, the heatsink is mainly a combination of copper and aluminum. The main purpose of the heatsink is to draw heat and direct it away from the CPU. But before the dissipation of heat, a fan is needed, and here, it plays the role of spinning so as to keep some cool air running, and preventing the heatsink from overheating. 

On the other hand, Liquid Cooling is slightly more complicated as it requires additional parts that air cooling. Here, a fan, hoses, pump, and radiator are needed. Liquid cooling adopts the same approach as Air Cooling, only that it uses liquid as opposed to air. 

Water or any other liquid coolant gets pumped through the hoses that connect the component where cooling is intended, and in this case, it is the CPU. But again, circulating around isn't sufficient, with the liquid requiring its own form of heatsink. 

This is where the radiator comes in regarding this type of set up. And to ensure that it doesn't overheat, there's a fan in place that keeps some cool air running over it. 

So, which is the best cooler to choose?

As mentioned way back earlier, a lot of people around the globe would go for liquid coolers as their first option. However, this is not to say that air coolers are bad and that people should use them. In fact, they are cheap to maintain, especially for those that are on a budget. 

However, if you are looking for cooling efficiency, then you better go for liquid coolers that are known to be highly efficient. Additionally, you may find liquid coolers to be highly ideal, especially if you areare using them in a factory where machines run at faster speeds and cooling is needed. 


Are you in the market for the best liquid CPU cooler that will serve you well? There are plenty of them that you can find out there. However, some of the best ones around include the following:

  • Alphacool Eisbaer 240

This is one of the best liquid CPU coolers that you can find in the market. Even though its installation could be tricky, the good thing about it is that it has got an excellent thermal performance, a bit cheap, and expandable and refillable. 

  • Corsair H1001 PRO RGB

Again, this is another good liquid cooler that a lot of business entities and people use. It is near silent and comes in with a good software. Sadly, its RGB lighting could be a hit or miss, but nevertheless, it's one of the best liquid coolers in the market.

  • Thermaltake 240 Water 3.0

This one is budget-friendly and makes little to no noise when in performance. It also consist of a simple hardware controller. 

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. Liquid Coolers vs. Air Coolers, the choice remains yours. However, looking around, it seems as if Liquid Coolers are the first choice for many users and industries. 



You can continue Sbobet after reading the article about saving your laptop from getting heated. Now if you don't want your laptop to get heated and to ruin your online game, then it is important that you follow some simple tips that will help you save your laptop from heating. You must know that once your device is heated up, it loses its system strength and then you have to be extra careful while using it. We hope that you don't want this to happen and want your laptop to be in its best health!

So if you are thinking about the different hacks that we are going to talk about then read below!

Don't Overcharge Your Laptop!


This is the biggest problem and the biggest reason why your laptop can get heated. Laptops have a battery for a reason, and that reason is not to only just run them as a backup but when they are fully charged too. First of all, we would recommend you guys that you don't use a laptop for more than 9 hours in a day. Out of these 9 hours, you must run the laptop both on power and on better as well. Secondly, if you are doing some heavy graphic work, we will recommend you to ensure that the power is plugged in!

Don't Install Unnecessary Applications!


If you want to know more than making sure that your system has no extra applications that are covering most of the ram of your device, the ram of your device is important for the efficient running of your system and if you don't take care of the issues of ram, then you will end up heating your laptop for no reason at all because of your personal mistakes.

Lack of Cleaning the System Regularly!


If you are not cleaning your system regularly, then you must face the heating up problem in your laptop system! You must clean your laptop regularly, and some experts recommend that you clean your laptop every two weeks if you are using it on a daily basis!

So you must be thinking that how can you clean a laptop and how does the laptop cleaning can possibly make your laptop cleaner and more efficient. This is a very valid question, especially when you have never bothered cleaning your laptop!

How to Clean the Laptop!


If you use laptops on your bed or in your lap, then it can clog the exhaust fans which results in the heating up of your laptop very easily. Now talking about the exhaust, the exhaust is the only thing that needs to be cleaned. If the exhaust is properly cleaned, then it means that your system can is heated in any possible way.

You can either clean your exhaust yourself by just opening the back of your laptop and you can easily get help from a technician that is expert in cleaning! 


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