Acer Unveils its First-ever Spatial Computing Camera

3 June, 2024 Technology

Acer Unveils its First-ever Spatial Computing Camera


While "spatial computing" is not an entirely new technological concept (sorry Apple), it's taken a bit of time for manufacturers to develop devices specifically geared for such applications. With that in mind, Acer recently announced that it was launching its first-ever spatial computing product in the form of the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera.


As you can tell from its name, the camera is unique in that it offers a form of stereoscopic 3D vision, made possible with two cameras, each equipped with 8MP sensors. It also comes with manual mode that allows users to tweak elements such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed and more. There's also electronic image stabilization (EIS), although Acer has also included built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization.

Acer Unveils its First-ever Spatial Computing Camera

Photos and videos saved on the SpatialLabs Eyes can be viewed via a downloadable app, or on supported devices. Users can also setup the camera as a streaming device which supports real-time 3D content sharing on compatible platforms, as well as video-conferencing apps like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.


In terms of availability, Acer says that the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera will be available in North America in Q3, starting at $549.


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