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The Five Games To Make You Feel More Social


Seeing friends and family is incredibly difficult at the minute, in fact it's unlawful in many cases, so enjoying something social can be difficult. Sure there's the Zoom quiz, but even that's grown tired given we've been answering questions since March. And with a little while longer to go, it's perhaps about time we all tried something a little fresher.


The world of gaming has long been a way to improve social skills, with plenty of games allowing you to chat, be part of a team, and compete against each other. But what games should you try in order to help your social life over the coming months?



Bingo nights such as Bongo's Bingo were among the best nights out in the country this time last year, but of course, that's no longer the case and players who enjoy bingo are having to switch their gaming online on the best au casino sites.


There's been a real boom in online gambling players recently, particularly bingo because it can be a great game to be social too.


Playing on sites like casinosonlinecanada, not only allows you to while away the hours on your sofa, but in most cases you'll be able to use the in-built chat functions too and have conversations with the other players in the room.


It's a great place to not only enjoy gaming, but get to know like-minded people and discuss the game, as well as anything else that may take your fancy.



For friends that would usually visit the pub or go to the match together, there's been a huge hole left by the beautiful game and many people trying to plug that hole are using EA Sports' FIFA.


The franchise has long been a game which people go-to to game with friends and it's no different right now.


A great way to use the game to be more social is by setting up a league with friends, so each week you have a set of fixtures to look forward to, and there's something riding on it too.



Roblox saw 82% revenue growth in 2020 thanks to its popularity and can be played across mobile and PC.


It was launched way back in 2006, and is hugely social, allowing people to create their own games as well as play games created by other people.


It's a fantastic way to get to know other people, allowing you to connect with people all over the world, and enjoying games that range in themes and genres from murder mysteries to Jailbreak, Piggy, and more.


Words With Friends 2

Another game for mobile is Words With Friends 2, an app that is great for picking up and putting down whenever you've got a bit of time.


The app plays in exactly the same manner as Scrabble and you can play with friends or strangers, with you required to earn points as you place words on a board from a series of letters.


There's an in-built chat function which allows you to discuss the game, or indeed general life, and it's a great why to enjoy an evening, particularly if you are a lover of playing board games with friends and family normally.


The past fifteen years have witnessed the phenomenal rise of YouTube, where alongside music videos and movie clips, users are able to create their own content and show it to an audience of millions of people. Vlogging has become incredibly popular with YouTube now boasting more than 37 million channels. In order to make your vlog stand out, it is vital that you take the right steps to make it the best in the business. Whether you want to start monetizing your vlog or you just want to create better videos for your followers, there are some really easy things you can do which will take your vlog to the next level.


6 Practical Vlogging Tips That Will Lead To Better Content Creation


To help you achieve legendary YouTube status, here are 6 practical vlogging tips that will lead to better content creation.


1. Always be Prepared

While most of your videos will take a lot of careful planning, some of the best content will happen on the spur of the moment. You never know when something exciting will happen so it is really important that you are always prepared to capture it for your audience. Having a smartphone with a quality camera is important because even if you don't have your usual vlogging setup with you, you will still be able to get some great footage. On-the-spot vlogging takes improvisation and creativity, and these two qualities are what really elevate the best bloggers above the rest.


2. Offer Your Audience Multiple Formats

In order to get the biggest possible audience, it is important that you offer your content in multiple formats. There are many people who like to listen to their favorite vlogs as audio files while they are driving to work or during their commute on the train. There are many useful Youtube to Mp3 conversion tools which will enable you to create audio tracks from your vlogs and then offer a download in the video link or on your website. Converting YouTube videos to Mp3 is only legal for the owner of the video, but as they are your vlogs you are allowed to do so.


3. Practice all the Time

Unless you were born with a natural talent for entertainment, feeling comfortable in front of the camera takes practice and experience. It is crucial that when you first start out on your vlogging journey that you practice all the time. While this is not possible for those spur-of-the-moment videos, with your planned vlogs you can rehearse and then do multiple takes until you get one that is perfect. Practice your facial expressions in the mirror every day when you are brushing your teeth, and have friends and family look over your scripts to get valuable feedback before you film and upload the videos.


4. Choose the Right Camera

In terms of a camera, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars, but you do need to make sure your camera can take sharp, quality videos. Today's audiences expect nothing less than high-quality videos but new iPhones and Samsung smartphones have great cameras, and you can pick up an excellent DSLR for a few hundred dollars. One piece of equipment which can be very useful is a tripod as this will enable you to film your vlogs by yourself.


5. Perfect Your Sound

Once you have taken care of the visuals, the next thing you will need to look at is your audio setup. Again, you don't need to break the bank for a microphone as there are some excellent mics that will do the job on a budget. Test out a few different low price options, and always try to film in quiet places, and the sound quality of your videos should be excellent.


6. Edit, Edit, Edit

Video editing is one of the most important aspects of a successful vlog so getting it right can make all the difference. From the outset, you will need to decide what kind of vlog you want to create. We have all seen the videos with goofy animations and funny sound effects and many of these are very successful, but if this is not your style, you at least need to make sure the videos are top quality. Try out different editing software and see what gives you the best results


Edit, Edit, Edit


Content is the most important aspect of any vlog but to create great content you need to take the right steps. Follow the tips in this guide and you will grow a big audience who love your content. Whether you are sharing cooking tips, exercise routines, or just your daily life, a great vlog is a fantastic way to put yourself out there and connect with other people.

Time Management Tools: considerations, Techniques, and actions for positive growth


For business, time is an essential facility that can accelerate or diminish business growth. However, time is fixed resources (52 weeks a year, 7days, 24 hours 60min), which doesn't change but can be managed. To work with the fixed resource (time), businesses are dumping the manual working system (spreadsheets and paperwork to log time) and opting for new digital time management tools, which enhance productivity and ability to increase business revenue.


The modern customer requires fast services and deliveries in short durations. Companies have to keep up with the current trend and provide quality. This creates a long list of things to do to keep the business running. The pace is overwhelming and challenges many entrepreneurs. The truth's impossible to handle all within the short time frame.


Businesses must and need to learn to use the time wisely. To get it right, they need to invest in quality time management tools. Once they must the time art, they transform every aspect of the company. However, transformation is a double-edged sword. Employees and employers should be ready to invest in the management tool for productivity. The tool your business settles for should involve employees. This helps get quality outcomes from the company.


Time management skills, Techniques, and tools

Successful businesses run under three strategies skills, technique, and tools. The three should be compatible with the employees and customers. These strategies don't only cater to current customers but future and potential customers.

  • Time management skills

This is a unique software skill that enables companies to manage their time better. It's the discipline to manage time. The management skill is boundary settings, planning, delegating and prioritizing your time.

  • Management techniques

Techniques are ways to manage time in your business. They contain guidelines, methods, and processes. Management techniques help in deciding the best time management tool for the organization.

  • Time management tools

The tools or software are designed to help manage your time better. The time management tools help increase productivity and generate revenue. Entrepreneurs and employees can make a sound decision on what to invest in and allocate sufficient time. Management tools reduce the manual scheduling, reporting, and invoicing.


Considerations for investing in a time management tool

Acquiring a management tool is easy since the tech industry has introduced thousands of choices. Settling for one is challenging, but once you get the right tool. The task is whether the employees can handle it. How consistent will the company use the tool? First, you need to evaluate why you're investing in a time management tool.

  • The type of employees you have

Before you include a time management tool, check on the team you're working with. The employer can invest in a standard tool for salaries employed if they are contractors, hourly workers, and contingent employees. This means you need an advanced device-companies with employees from different countries. The time tool should accommodate all personnel for a successful and productive business. Getting a tool that works first for the workers will effectively work better, even for the customers. Once your employees are satisfied, they tend to extend better services to the clients.

  • About compliance and agreement

The tools should help apply rules that govern employee groups in your company whether the workers can comply with the tool. What services can it deliver to ease the workflow and increase production?


The criteria to consider when selecting a time management tool

Finding the best tool is quite hectic. However, one thing to note is. The tools should be versatile; they should handle multiple factors for your business. Below are some considerations before settling for any device.


1. Specific tool or many

Some of the tools are designed to handle a specific task or a single task. It would be best if you implemented other apps (through APIs) to boost productivity. The market also has tools that can offer multiple services. The tools contain different features that work on several business factors. You can opt for either a single solution tool or multiple based on the business situation.


2. Selecting between market leaders or newcomers

The tech market has new companies offering management tools and already established companies. The choice of getting either is determined by the business problems you need to solve. For market leaders, it's a safe choice since they are popular and used by many companies. However, the market leaders tend to stop innovating and remain with the old features, which might not suit your current business need.


For newcomers, the competition helps them to keep innovating new features. They always have something new which can work for any business. The market newcomers work with startups and large companies. Ensuring they satisfy the client's needs and also grow their brand. However, they might even go out of business if they cannot handle the competition. It would be best if you had back up plans for your data to avoid loss. However, you can check what provides your business's best features, newcomers or market leaders, which all offer quality services.


3. Software features

The features determine the quality and functionality of the time management tool. Ensure to go for tools with extra features. Besides what your business requires, check for browser extensions, API integrations, and different meeting templates. To get quality features, first, write down all that the business needs. To help you in selecting a suitable time software.


The internet has thousands of time management tools. Your business factor determines the selection. Ensure to select what best for your employees and customers. To enhance productivity within short durations.

Craziest Wi-Fi Locations Around the World


In major cities around the world, the hardest part about finding a good Wi-Fi connection is starting a new service plan or downloading a trusty VPN. However, there are certain locations where even the most avid smartphone users don't plan on using their device.


In certain locations, social codes prevent the use of mobile devices. And other times, a trip to a remote area means there's simply no connection to be found. Given that 59 percent of the world's population (4.66 billion people) used the internet as of 2020, areas without Wi-Fi are becoming scarce.


Does gaming on a mountainside sound unrealistic? Not anymore. Gamers and nature lovers can take advantage of no deposit casino offers from top sites in places as remote as Mount Fuji in Japan or even the summit of Mount Everest. How about filing taxes at the North Pole? Well, now you can and there are thousands of tax software options available online.


But some locations stretch the idea behind remote internet access even farther. Keep reading for three of the craziest Wi-Fi hotspots in existence.


The Moon

That's right, there's Wi-Fi in outer space-and it's been there since 2014. Geniuses at NASA and MIT worked for years to create a satellite system that could transmit data back and forth over the nearly 240,000 mile stretch between New Mexico and the moon.


Data is transmitted via satellite and is then downloaded to lunar satellites above. The speed of this connection occurs via infrared laser light, which moves at a rate of around 4,000 times quicker than standard radio wave transmissions.


That means astronauts can live stream various events, including weather patterns on Earth. It's also one way for astronauts to stay in contact with their Earthbound crew and loved ones.



Most cemeteries aren't nearly as remote as other locations in this list, but using a mobile phone isn't standard practice amid gravestones. However, cemeteries in San Jose, Spain and Paducah, USA both provide high-speed Wi-Fi for visitors.


Some groups prefer to be connected to the outside world during visits, while others are actually doing research. In recent years, genealogy research has become more popular. To accommodate online searches on-the-go, some cemeteries are offering free Wi-Fi.




National Parks

In 2015, Canada announced it would be going wireless in 20 national parks throughout the country. The push to offer Wi-Fi will see a total of 150 access points once the project is completed.


The Canadian government undertook the project to highlight the natural splendor of the northern country. With secure connections, visitors can enjoy hiking trails and camping grounds without going totally off the grid.


Wi-Fi also allows nature lovers to stay safe on remote trails by supporting GPS connections. Not only does this foster a sense of security for potential travelers, but also helps local authorities respond to incidents in national parks.


Living Without Wi-Fi

Learning about the most remote Wi-Fi locations is one interesting way to think about the modern need to stay connected. But it's also interesting to take a peek into a Wi-Fi-less life. The moon may have high-speed internet, but these locations are far from reliable service.


In the US's Sequoia/King's Canyon National Park there is an entire 2,600-mile stretch where visitors won't be able to check their email or load their Instagram feed. Farther north, in Yakutat, Alaska, an entire town lives without reliable internet.


Other locations prevent reliable Wi-Fi due to geographic remoteness and extreme climates. For instance, the Sahara Desert and the Grand Canyon both provide rugged landscapes with sparse populations and fiery weather patterns not conducive for mobile outposts.


Other places, like the Black Forest in Germany and Dzanga'Sangha National Park in the Central African Republic, are popular for their natural splendor. There isn't Wi-Fi because it's simply not required often enough to warrant a connection.


However, some countries (Central African Republic included) have limited Wi-Fi access in general. In Africa, the nations of Chad, Lesotho, Malawi, Somalia, and South Sudan have notoriously hard-to-find connections. Meanwhile, in central Asia, Bhutan is also known for its sparse hotspot

Ford accomplices with Google to carry Android Auto to the majority


In case you're contemplating whether you'll need to overhaul the infotainment framework in a future Ford or Lincoln vehicle, at that point you're in karma. Ford and Google have reported another association that will carry Android Auto to "millions" of vehicles beginning in 2023.


The association will last as long as six years and will make Google the "favored cloud supplier" for Ford while installing Android Auto into the infotainment framework. The two organizations will likewise be dealing with another task, named 'Group Upshift', which expects to drive "future developments". Possible advantages of this gathering are probably going to come to potential Ford proprietors, as we could see all better approaches to change how you purchase your next vehicle.


With Android Auto incorporated directly into your infotainment framework, you will right away approach the absolute best Google administrations, including Maps, and other Google applications. Additionally, Android Auto is the most ideal approach to have your Android phone interface with your vehicle, and is far superior to different choices we've found in years past.


Ford will likewise be working with outsider designers to guarantee that applications are customized to the necessities of vehicle proprietors. This could open the entryway for more tight combination, versus a "one size fits all" approach that we right now see with applications on Android Auto.


While this is a neglected area for Ford, it's not the primary organization of its sort for Google. back in 2017, Volvo reported that it would start utilizing Android Auto, which likewise streamed down to Volvo's electric vehicle brand, known as Polestar. The Polestar 2 as of late dispatched, including Android Auto and the entirety of Google's applications, including Assistant, for an incredible encounter while holding eyes to the street.

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