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4 Tips To Start A Dropshipping Business Using Your Phone


Contrary to what most people think, starting a dropshipping business doesn't always require you to have a computer at home. This is because you can get on that sort of venture with just your phone.


All the things you need to get started are available on your phone. With the help of a couple of apps such as Shopify, you can get a business that appeals to mobile users going in no time!


Read on to learn how to establish a dropshipping business from your phone.


1. Choose A Business Idea

What you sell matters. You can't just randomly pick what to sell. It's important to do some research so you can find the best dropshipping business idea.


This is your first step toward running your own dropshipping business. However, it can be a bit challenging to find a niche today that's not already saturated. Thankfully, new products and niches are emerging every year, so you're sure to find one that's right for you soon.


Most people say that you should pick a niche where your passion lies, but that's not enough. You also have to think about whether you're going to get adequate profit out of it or not. Your business idea should have a good balance of profit and passion. However, profit should ideally come first before passion because it's easier to be passionate about a business that allows you to earn a lot of money.


Also, don't believe those people who are saying that you can be successful in any dropshipping business. If you choose a niche that's already saturated, you'll surely have a hard time making a name for your new business.


There are also plenty of good resources for aspiring dropshippers to be found on the internet, such as this eCom Success Academy review showing a good example of a dropshipping business model.


2. Kick Off Your Dropshipping Business

After you pick a niche, it's time to get your business going. There are many platforms out there where you can start your dropshipping business, but many recommend trusted and established companies like Shopify because of how easy and straightforward its app is, especially if you're just using your phone. Such apps also provide all the resources and tools that will help you launch your store.


Aside from that, big e-commerce platforms have apps, features, or plugins that can help you in running your business more efficiently. Depending on which platform you go for, there may be options for live chat, ad automation, and product reviews, among others.


You also don't need to be a proficient web designer or developer just to create a good-looking store on e-commerce websites or apps. What you need, though, is to consider an online course like Amazing Selling Machine to help you understand the dos and don'ts of dropshipping, especially if you're looking to expand your reach on Amazon.


3. Find Suppliers

Now that you've got your store set up, the next important thing to do is to find a supplier for your dropshipping business. It's really not that hard to find reliable suppliers for your new business just as long as you already know what you want to sell.


How do you find suppliers? First, download a dropshipping app to browse the hot selling products from multiple categories. The app you choose should let you sort your search results according to categories such as price, reviews, product ratings, number of orders, and dropshipper's requests. You can also use it to generate product ideas, especially if you haven't chosen your niche yet. What's more, the app should make it possible for you to check the supplier's ratings (which are customer-based) so you can find those you can trust to help you.


Finding a dependable supplier is important if you want to have successful dropshipping business. It doesn't matter if you have great products to sell because if they won't reach you on time, you'll find it difficult to explain yourself and the situation at hand to your angry and disappointed customers.


4. Make It Easy For Your Customers To Reach You

It's crucial for a dropshipping business to have excellent customer service. A lot of online dropshippers fall short in this aspect. Don't even use the fact that you're just using your phone as an excuse for bad customer service.


Make It Easy For Your Customers To Reach You


The internet is home to a number of customer service guides that are perfect for those who are just starting out with their dropshipping business. These guides will tell you why it's a must to look after your customers' needs and teach you how to go about providing impeccable customer service.


Final Thoughts

Compared with a typical business that would require you to purchase and store the products you'll sell, it's relatively easy to start a dropshipping business. Aside from that, you can run your business from practically anywhere. All you need is a phone and a steady internet connection and you're good to go!



Even if there have been occasional swings, the value of Bitcoin has increased dramatically in recent weeks on the whole. The most recent price surge in the world's biggest cryptocurrencies has sparked speculation about the cryptocurrency's long-term viability. Is Bitcoin a legitimate form of payment or not? What is the value of Bitcoin? And who knows what may happen will bring. Before we dive further into this article, you should register yourself on the , and learn more about the bitcoin trading.


-The debates around Bitcoin seem to be very wide, and even with the most fundamental issues, there is a great deal of disagreement. In Skeptics predict that Bitcoin will inevitably fail, while genuine crypto-enthusiasts think that Bitcoin is the money of the century. In contrast, although Bitcoin was initially intended to be used as a financial tool, it has increasingly grown to be primarily a new business sector. It is also up for discussion whether Bitcoin will ultimately change the original systems or if it will finally become "just" one current fiscal instrument that helps perpetuate the others we are already familiar with.


First And foremost, Is Bitcoin a Legitimate Form of Money?

A Generally Accepted Meaning of Money

In most cases, money is interpreted as follows: something may be gold if it is widely recognized as both a store of value, a communication medium, or a store of value within the same particular culture. As stated above, this description is not entirely accurate since the currency is used mainly as a medium of exchange to transact and accumulate savings in a significant country, although it should be possible to consume funds or issue bonds in an advanced nation.


With this value of ownership as a point of reference, we can go through the different money components in more detail. Bitcoin could be used as a payment method, but its acceptability outside of the Bitcoin community is restricted to supporters in the cryptocurrency. This group may be compared to a kind of civilization spread around the globe and grown to a significant size through time. However, it does not intersect with the real-world Bitcoin ecosystem at all. In reality, there aren't many of them. In this context, Bitcoin is comparable to fiat exchange, although one that is not backed by a stock market. This characteristic distinguishes Cryptocurrencies from other forms of money.


Bitcoin As a Type of Investment (Store of Wealth)

It takes a lot of effort to think about Bitcoin as a typical financial asset and a cryptocurrency. People may earn money and invest their money in a successful company using "routine" currency such as the euro. If the number of money increases in tandem with actual economic growth, investors will be able to weigh in on their profits. The essential thing to remember in this situation is that a party leadership gain does not always imply someone else's loss. At the same time, it is feasible to obtain money to spend at a fixed cost of borrowing and, throughout the point, pay back the income and loan instalments with the proceeds of the investment.


Is Bitcoin Will Really Become a Global Currency In The Future: Find Out?

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is unable to do so. Neither can any cryptocurrency or traditional money. The idea of a medium of exchange as a whole is a faulty one. According to the idea of optimum currency regions, money places should be the best size for a given amount of money. According to Social scientist Robert Bandura, whether such a cash region may be considered an optimal beneficial property (OCA) is concerned with the economic and institutional cohesiveness within that area. In his words, "the free trade zone is not the globe" (Mundell, 1961). Money supply control is essential to politicians in retained earning regions because it allows them to prevent massive inflation or deflation in their economies. It is equally essential to have monetary independence. In Europe, we have had the EMU, a monetary union in which political union has not been accomplished and the Eurozone. When you consider how difficult it is to exert economic cohesiveness among a group of around twenty nearly identical nations, the odds of doing it on a global basis are almost nil.


Is Bitcoin Will Really Become a Global Currency Anchor in The Future: Explained?

No: The service is neither quick enough nor is it obvious. An opaque system such as Bitcoin was never allowed to perform that function by authorities, and vice versa. Furthermore, the process of establishing a worldwide monetary anchor is a very political one. It significantly impacts how the global financial system is structured and may impose limitations on state sovereignty, among other consequences.


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Live Streaming Takes Over 2021 Surpassing All Other Media


1995 saw the introduction of live streaming as part of online media. Later that year, RealPlayer, the company that invented the media element, hosted the first public live streaming event. Ever since, live streaming has been gradually rising to prominence until last year, when it took off to become one of the most consumed forms of online media. The reason for its sudden rise to fame is Covid 19, a pandemic that saw people spend most of their time indoors as part of the stipulations to curb the spread of the virus.


The popularity of live streaming later spilt over to 2021, with live streaming by mobile recording enormous traffic. According to AT&T, the core network traffic increased by 22%, whereas wireless voice minutes spiked 30%. The swell was due to the work-from-home trend that was adopted at the peak of lockdown. On the other hand, T-Mobile/Sprint saw a 60% spike in mobile hotspot usage. The numbers are expected to rise further as more people learn how to speed up Android phones to have an ultimate live streaming experience.


Existing Trends Fueled by Live Streaming Popularity During the Pandemic

Live streaming may not have brought about new digital trends, but it has definitely fueled a couple. For instance, as soon as Covid 19 became a pandemic, the world of sports underwent an incredible digital transition. Since football fans could no longer attend arenas to watch their favorite teams play, key individuals in the sports industry decided it was excellent to broadcast the event and let football fans live stream games conveniently using their phones. Even popular sportsbooks like bet365 and Unibet which are rated as some of the best betting apps in Australia and other big markets have upped their game when it comes to live streaming sports.


The live streaming trend seems to be spreading over to other sectors as well, with research indicating 8.8 billion hours were recorded courtesy of video games live streams in the Q1 of 2021.


Overall live stream hours are expected to keep rising sharply due to different aspects, including the increase of mobile live streaming apps. By 2022, the number of live viewers on mobile alone will have toppled the 2019 live streaming percentage.


The Most Popular Live Streaming Apps

With the growth of the live streaming market globally, different companies have come up with applications to ease how people live stream events. However, not every app in the market has managed to command live viewers' attention for different reasons. While others struggle to remain relevant, applications like Twitch break records year after year. It is currently the top live streaming application on the globe. That saw 47% of US video games live streams happen on the Twitch platform by February 2021.

In the same Q1 2021, the mobile app managed to clock more than 6.34 billion hours. Another live streaming app that has the most followers is ESPN mobile app which is free to download. However, to live stream games on your mobile phone requires you to subscribe to the appropriate ESPN video/TV packages. The application broadcasts NFL and football games, among many other selections.


By 2022, video forecast is expected to cover 79% of the general mobile traffic. Mobile companies are currently migrating to individual networks to increase the speed making their networks capable of handling the highly anticipated 5G connectivity.

What to Do If Your Phone Gets Damaged Due to Rains?


Vancouver has warmer weather compared to other cities in the country. The mid- Mediterranean climate, classified by high temperatures of up to 93 F, also instigates high precipitation levels and more substantial rainfall. While Vancouver does not get frequent rains throughout the year, the city does get heavy rains occasionally.


If your phone gets damaged in the rains, you may want to approach experts specializing in cell phone repair Vancouver. An efficient phone repair service can help save your phone from permanent water damage.


Dismantle the Phone and Remove the Battery and SIM Card Immediately

The first thing to do would be to remove the battery, SIM cards, memory cards, and other similar attachments as soon as you can. Prolonged exposure to water may damage the battery or cause the SIM and memory cards to weaken or permanently damage them. Even water-resistant phones could sustain significant damages from water without timely attention. In addition, your lithium-based phone battery could soak up water.


Getting a battery replacement might be challenging and expensive, especially if you are not using one of the latest phones available in the market. Your phone company may have stopped the production of batteries of outdated phone models.


While you may obtain a duplicate battery, duplicate batteries don't deliver the best results and may hamper the smoothness of your phone's functioning.


Get Rid of the Excess Moisture

Once you remove the removable phone parts, you may try draining the excess water and moisture from the phone. You could consider wiping the phone dry with a microfiber cloth or other water-absorbent cloth. Placing the phone in a warmer area in the house to dry may help dry the device.


It's critical to dry the phone as soon as you can to prevent additional damages and issues. For example, if your phone camera lenses or other openings have collected water, your images may end up looking blurry and clogged. In this case, the only viable solution may be to let professionals who have experience in cell phone repair in Vancouver repair your phone.


Some phones manufacturers provide "liquid damage indicator strips" that can detect liquid damage. You may also face trouble charging the phone if the phone is waterlogged. You may also try shaking the device gently to get rid of excess moisture.


Once you are sure the phone and its parts are dry, you could reassemble the phone and try switching it on to see if it works. Finally, if there are water blotches or droplets inside the screen, then you may want to leave the device with a phone repair expert for cleaning and drying.


The Rice Method

Several experts vouch for the effectiveness of "the rice method" to handle water damage. You can try dipping your phone into a bowl of uncooked rice for up to 78 hours. The ideal quantity of rice you may use is between three to four cups. In addition, the rice can drain out moisture locked in the phone.


You could also try using silica gel to drain out the excess moisture from your phone; however, if your phone suffered heavy water damages due to rains, it's best to reach out to a phone repair expert.


Clean the Phone with Alcohol

If your phone fell into a muddy puddle, the device may also have collected fine sand or clay. You may consider dismantling the device and cleaning the parts with isopropyl alcohol. The solution will help get rid of dust and other fine particles that may have contaminated your phone.


Experts who specialize in cell phone repair in Vancouver can help assess the severity of water damage and perform the necessary steps to clean your phone. Excessive application of alcohol could damage the motherboard and other delicate parts of the phone.


Charge Your Device

After cleaning and drying your device, you may try plugging in your device to charge it. It would be impossible to switch on the phone and operate it if the device is out of charge. However, it's essential to ensure that the phone is completely dry before plugging it in to charge to avoid additional issues.


You could sustain more severe water damages by charging a water-logged phone. A professional assessment is vital to avoid severe damages and issues. Phone repair experts use effective equipment like blowers to get your phone completely dry.


Approach a Repair Expert

Repair experts who deal in damaged phones know the best strategies and techniques to clean and dry water-logged phones every day. Expert assistance will help avoid costly damages and even phone replacements. There are several reputed phone repair experts in Vancouver, so make sure you do sufficient research before picking a service.


Our modern smartphones have largely remained the same for quite some time now, and although newer enthusiast devices are looking to push features like folding screens it's unlikely these will be the next big step forward and more of a gimmick - but it does raise the question of what the next big thing for mobile could be to continue to push them forward whether as just usability features as things like cars become more reliant on mobile, gaming features and casual mobile gaming with the likes of pala casino promo code has helped options on the rise, or even a step further for total multimedia options with camera and video sharing and further links to things like social media and social sharing. So, what features do we know about, and which could be on the horizon?


What Comes Next for Mobile?


5G is the clear next step - The first big change that will be introduced will certainly come from 5G as it quickly starts to spread - currently only available in larger cities, the next few years will change mobile networking. With speeds up to one hundred times faster than currently available, it will enable a new variety of online options and connectivity that has already started to emerge in mobile, but further that by allowing bigger transfers of data which may have been previously limited by capacity or speed capabilities.


Display has been another of the big changers - They've certainly become the big power draw for modern smartphones, and as they continue to improve something that may need a bigger battery to sustain, but the display may be the next key feature to be upgraded. Faster displays with 120hz response rates are becoming more common, and with more pixels being packed in they're also clearer than ever before too - whilst it's unlikely that screens will get bigger as phablets already verge on the edge of being a little too big for some, there's likely to be a display change somewhere along the line.


External peripherals and connectivity options - Many of our external peripherals either rely on a direct connection most commonly now through USB-C, or through Bluetooth, and the next big change that comes to mobile could be in how we connect our external devices and what they are. We've recently seen how VR has changed to become a completely wireless option where 5G may enable a stronger connection where Bluetooth may not be possible to transmit the data required, as such the next big step forward may be finding a way to deliver greater data transfer and finding which peripherals could change the way we use our devices - could it come from motion controls, gestures, or something else entirely.


With how fast our devices have been changing and moving, we may start to get some answers sooner rather than later, and the next big change could completely change the way we use our devices, whether that does come through novelty or through something more substantial.

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