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Over the past 2 decades, mobile phones have evolved dramatically. Once a luxury, now, the mobile phones are considered a basic tool. The global presence of mobile phones has increased drastically over the years. Be it for communication or to just unwind by playing games like candy crush or a casino game, every other person today possesses a mobile phone. When the global presence of mobiles is so rich, for what possible reason people won't use this network for their commercial gains?

Mobile phones, mobile marketing

Small size integrated with the latest technology has made mobile phones so handy that laptops seem to be an unnecessary burden to people today. Ask for anything, and mobile has a solution for it. From managing your busy schedule to doing fun things like playing games at online sites like Best live blackjack; mobiles have put everything on your fingertips. Then why would anyone take the pain of carrying extra kilos?

It has become something that businesses crave for, a tool to connect to maximum available population. Businesses use it in plethora ways to sell their respective products by flashing irresistible/tempting advertisements on mobiles. Ease of communication through mobiles has made it possible for a person to market and sell his product to another person staying a thousand miles away. The emergence of mobile phones has truly changed the way business works.

Mobile phones have all the answers to your advertisement needs


From text messages to voice calls, from Emails to app pop-ups, from YouTube ads to news feed tags; today a person views at least 20 advertisements daily. Mobile marketing has become an indispensable part of the business. From a pizza maker to a game provider, no business is leaving any stone unturned to reach out to people through mobiles. Everyone is hunting for new ways to use this network to increase his sale. Today, even physical stores use mobile marketing by notifying people about the latest offers available in their stores. Look for anything and you will get a hundred people selling it.

Mobile marketing is indubitably important today. Mobile network mixed with amazing graphics makes advertisements so tempting that most people tend to buy the product that is flashed on their mobile. Advertisement seems more effective when done through mobiles. It has become so important that search engines like Google, Yahoo are preferring search index based on mobile search ranking rather than desktop search rankings. This clearly reflects the increasing use of internet on mobile phones and why not. People today start and end their days looking at their mobiles. The mobile phone is the foremost thing you need when you get up in the morning and also the last thing you need before you go to bed.

Mobile marketing has made its place in the marketing strategy of any company. Moreover, there is no other tool that could replace mobile marketing in today's world. If a business does not consider mobile marketing, it is liable to fall. While a person investing more time in mobile marketing has more chances of rising.  


You are not doing business if your business is not on the internet. You may have often heard this line on social media. Recently, a report gets published for the year 2018-19, about the celebrities who have earned Millions of Dollars through their Instagram account.

 It will be a nail-biting scenario when you know Cristiano Ronaldo - a famous footballer has earned $67.8M approximately through his Instagram account. But wait, you might be thinking; he is a booming brand name so he can earn even $100M, what's the big deal in it?

The reason for pointing out this thing is not about money. It's about the marketing strategy you adopt for an efficacious marketing run. Instagram could be your hen, which will lay golden eggs. Through 3 E's (Experiment, Execution, and Experience), I am writing down some points of successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Do Not Get Trapped for Followers:


Instagram itself becomes some "Go-to" Platform for business in a short span of time. The reason for this are the audience, you'll find here. IG is mostly captured by the people who are addictive to classy mindset. You give them value, and they'll fill out your marketing bank account.

Things never seem simpler as they appear by their outer look. You'll know the depth when you jump into it. Entering in IG world and straightforwardly, you'll get bombarded with bots, apps, and websites that would offer you "Real and Genuine" Instagram Followers. Don't cut your marketing cost to buy them, and you'll regret that after.

Know Your Audience:

Branding your product always needs some grave analysis toward your audience. You can easily take it as "Have an Eagle Eye" towards your customer "Pain" point. Must know at which certain points, your audience needs a massage for healing. Ping them there. Give them a solution, offer, or treatment which no one is offering them.

To be very realistic, being a brand, if you are targeting people older than 35+ on Instagram, then you're on the wrong train.

Use Right #Hashtags:

Instagram is totally a game of #hashtags. Don't make your posts so ugly with the bulk of irrelevant Hashtags. It won't be a good practice if your marketing tagline hides after a load of irrelevant hashtags. Be accurate and precise for what you are targeting.

Graphics Matters A lot:


Half of your marketing campaign gets done when you design ingenious and hearty graphics for your customers. Definitely, your audience won't be interested in your product, if you visualize it with Samsung or Nokia Phone camera. Be very crystal when it comes to portraying your product.

Have Patience:

Keep in mind that your product won't reach the heights of vitality in a matter of some weeks. You are in a globally competitive market where money doesn't beat skills and creative minds. Strategize your whole marketing campaign and execute with a plan and let the time decide. Don't get panic if things don't accelerate in starting days.

Final Thoughts:

A successful marketing campaign doesn't work well just with words and theories. The most important thing in 3 E's is the "Experiment." This word gives you the exposure to learning and finding new ways of getting trust from your audience.




Marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Conventional marketing is the term generally given to advertising through newspapers, radio, even the television. It's still effective but no longer the predominant style of marketing.

Digital marketing involves anything that can be done over the computer. This includes emails, analyzing Wi-Fi, launching campaigns, etc.

These are the main elements of digital marketing campaigns:

  • PPC


Pay Per Click is simply placing keywords through an SEO engine or advertisement company. Your advert will appear every time the keyword is searched on. If a visitor clicks on your advert you'll be charged a set fee, every time.

  • Search Engine Optimization


Getting on the first page of results for specific keywords is important as most users never click to page two. To get to the first page you need to speak with a team who knows SEO Sydney, (or elsewhere depending on where you're situated on the globe). 

Content forms part of the SEO but coding is also important, that's where the expert becomes essential.

  • Content


Creating content is essential as part of a digital marketing strategy. Content meets informative articles. They should reference a keyword, such as mobile marketing, or digital marketing.  The content should also establish links to high-quality sites and internal links. This builds credibility which helps with search results.

  • Website


Your website is a form of digital marketing. It is designed to attract customers to it and encourage them to purchase your product or service.

Designed properly this is a very effective digital marketing method.

  • Social Media


Social media is perhaps the ultimate way to connect with potential customers. A simple social media account can reach millions of people. All you have to do is focus on your niche and be informative.

  • Email


This is a more direct route of contacting previous customers to make them feel valued and help them to stay loyal. Emails can also be sent out at random, encouraging people to visit your site and see what you have to offer.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing. It uses most of the above approaches. However, it adopts them differently. Mobile marketing aims to ensure the results that customers see, regardless of which marketing method is used, display well on mobile screens.

As an increasing number of people access the internet from mobile devices this side of marketing is becoming increasingly important.

In essence, it means that all sites and marketing material need to resize automatically to the screen they are being displayed on. This can be difficult and it is recommended that professional help is obtained to achieve the right result. 

Although mobile marketing is an extension of digital marketing, it is a separate entity as the focus is not on creating the marketing material. Instead, the focus is on making sure it looks good to the mobile user.

A successful company will use conventional marketing, digital marketing, and mobile marketing techniques to ensure they maximize their customer base and, therefore, profits.



Developing a mobile app takes significant time, effort, and investment. But once the app is ready for launch, the real work begins. Without an effective marketing strategy, even the most ingenious app will fail to attract an audience.
This article will cover some of the core marketing strategies that can help a new app thrive.

Creating an App is Only the First Step

Without an excellent post-launch marketing campaign, even the most innovative and useful app can still be in danger of languishing in oblivion. The most efficient way to obtain such a strategy and successfully put it into practice is by hiring a professional team with an excellent reputation. By visiting Radaso.com, you will find one of the most reliable mobile app marketing agencies that offers a performance-based pricing model.
Robust post-launch marketing is a must-have for any app developer seeking success. This involves tailored branding, targeted advertising, strategic partnerships, and more.
When done right, marketing not only boosts app visibility and downloads but also drives revenue growth and long-term sustainability.

Utilize Cross-Channel Digital Marketing

As a strong start, run your marketing campaigns across key digital channels, targeting your ideal users based on demographics and interests. For example:

  1. Facebook and Instagram ads can deliver your app to specific audiences at scale.
  2. Strategically placed ads on YouTube and TikTok also effectively raise awareness among the highly engaged users of these platforms.

To maximize visibility, app store optimization should be a priority as well, involving keyword research, compelling descriptions, and imagery, plus monitoring user reviews.
Email marketing to existing users or mailing lists, guest blog posts, social media organic content, and PR outreach to journalists and influencers should round out the cross-channel approach.

Build Strategic Business Partnerships

Another powerful marketing avenue is forging win-win partnerships with relevant businesses and influencers if your app caters to a particular niche or industry. Seek out brands in that space to co-market the app to their customer base through email, social media, and website integration.
Influencer marketing should be part of the strategy too. Research micro-influencers and industry experts who align with your brand and can promote your app to their engaged follower base.

Optimize the Post-Download Experience

Marketing cannot stop once users download the app. Ongoing optimization is key to user retention and conversions. Employ push notifications judiciously to highlight new features or timely content.
Send seasonal promos and special offers custom-tailored for specific user groups. Monitor feedback and continually improve navigation and user experience. The app must address real needs and pain points. This drives organic social sharing that money can't buy.

Measure and Iterate

Continually assess marketing performance through key metrics like cost per install, retention rates, lifetime value per user, and ROI. Identify winning strategies and double down on them. Eliminate underperforming initiatives and test new approaches.


Always follow modern frameworks for promoting your app among users. Outdated methods can only harm your reputation and may not work as needed. If you're unsure how to do it right, seek help from professionals.

Affiliate marketing is one the biggest things to hit the marketing world in the past couple of decades. Many brands as far-ranging as multinational retailers like Amazon to casino gaming websites like Slotplanet.com have found plenty of success in using this innovative marketing method.

But what is affiliate marketing, and how can you use it to make your own business grow? Our quick guide to affiliate marketing will tell you all you need to know about this exciting marketing phenomenon.

Affiliate marketing basics

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby a merchant will pay an affiliate site for directing potential customers to their services or products. This process of paying affiliates for referring customers to a business is a fairly new concept and it only took off through the arrival of internet technologies in the 1990s.

However, the affiliate marketing industry has now grown to become a multi-billion dollar business, and there are now many intermediary parties who now specialise in building links between affiliates and the merchants.

But whilst the process of affiliate marketing has become more complex, the underlying role of affiliates directing customers towards a particular product or service has remained the same. And just like internal marketing, it can take a certain amount of skill to get right.

Examples of affiliate marketing

The internet is filled with successful examples of affiliate marketing that range from price comparison websites for car insurance, to loyalty sites that give you points for purchases.

Many people have noted that Amazon's affiliate program is one of the most striking examples of this kind of marketing. By giving an affiliate partner money every time that a shopper uses an affiliate link, it has helped the brand become a world-beater.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing over other methods?

The key thing to remember about affiliate marketing is that it is much less confrontational than traditional blanket marketing methods. As the potential customer is making an active choice in choosing to find out more about something that's related to your business, it gives you a much greater chance of converting that action into an actual purchase.

In addition to this, affiliate marketing means that you can get your brand's message to reach into areas that may have previously been inaccessible. Above all, it's about making marketing feel much more human - surely something many commerce bots could learn a few things from.

The explosion in mobile marketing means there are now more channels than ever to expand your affiliate marketing adventure. Mobile SEO has also become increasingly important in recent years, particularly with the recent Mobile First Update by Google.

Does affiliate marketing have any limitations?

Like any other marketing method, it's clear that affiliate marketing is not a failsafe option. Many affiliate marketing plans have fallen apart as a result of the affiliates not being sensitive enough to the product or service that they are promoting.

In addition to this, many affiliate programs can also be surprisingly expensive which can eat away at the profit margin for many small to medium level businesses. And just like many other internet phenomena, affiliate marketing has been subject to many unscrupulous scams. So read this quick guide to discover the key things to look out for in any suspicious affiliate marketing deal.


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