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How to Increase Productivity of Employees Working From Home


The coronavirus pandemic has created the need for organizations to make it possible for their employees to work remotely. While this has helped companies to remain competitive during a difficult time for the global economy, it has also created new challenges.


One of these challenges is how to manage remote teams and ensure they remain productive. The issue is attributed to the fact that employees can choose to engage in other activities while at home due to the freedom they enjoy. Many employers, therefore, fear that these workers might fail to deliver.


As an employer or manager, you can improve the productivity of remote teams in three ways.


Require Employees to Have Dedicated Workstations

You can improve productivity by requiring remote workers to have dedicated workstations at home. This should be like a private office with all that they need.


The advantage of having a dedicated workstation is that there are fewer distractions. This allows the employee to concentrate on the task at hand even though they are at home.


Such a station also helps to create the right mood. The worker feels like they have officially entered the workplace environment each time they step into the workstation. This then allows them to work as though they were in the workplace, contributing to improved productivity.


Invest in the Right Communication Tools and Technology

Communication between members of a remote team and the management has a significant influence on productivity. Poor communications and lack of access to vital information can make it impossible for employees to complete their tasks on time. This can then affect the productivity of the whole team and that of the whole organization.


Such issues are the reason why you need to invest in the right communication tools and technology. Among those you should consider are unified communications, which combines the various communication methods used by your organization. It also ensures there is easy access to vital information by all the members of the remote team.


With the right type of communication tools and technology, you eliminate gaps that can affect productivity due to the physical distance between the employees.


Trust Your Employees

As an employer, you might be tempted to keep tracking your employees each minute of the day on suspicion that they are not working. While this can be a good thing, it can also demoralize the remote team. As a result, they can decide to stay in front of their computer and do little, which will then affect productivity.


Therefore, the best thing would be to trust your remote team more. You can show this by giving them the freedom to plan daily schedules, provided that they meet their target within the agreed time. This will encourage and motivate them to give their all, which will then boost productivity.


In conclusion, you can boost the productivity of your remote team in three ways. First, encourage them to have dedicated workstations at home. Second, invest in the right communication tools and technology such as unified communications. Finally, show your employee that you trust them to do what is right. This will motivate them to give their all even with no supervision.

How To Connect Your Phone To VPN


Do you wish to access content from a blocked website? Or maybe you're wary about the security of critical personal data you intend to use. Virtual Private Network provides security, anonymity, and privacy to internet users by creating a customized network connection across a public one.


The VPN software you install on your Android remains there to send the encrypted format of any data you send across the internet.


Before I take you through a step-by-step process to install a VPN on your phone, here's what you should know about running a VPN on Android.


Your data is insecure over a public network

Anyone using the internet wants to always be secure because as Per-Erik Eriksson, security should be your #1 priority.


If you're sending confidential data such as your financial statements and other private documents via email, other people can see it and use it against you. Therefore, installing VPN keeps your data safe from cyber-attackers, government agencies, and others.


You can never access blocked content

Without a VPN, you can never enjoy content from websites beyond your internet coverage. However, a VPN allows you to bypass geographical blocks.


Most users today use their smartphones to access the internet. Additionally, smartphones allow users to transact just like when using a laptop.


Step by Step VPN Installation on Android

Step # 1

  • Tap on the setting app to open
  • For Wireless and Network options, click on "More"
  • Tap the VPN option

STEP # 2

  • Tap the (plus) + option
  • Feed the VPN details requested
  • Enter a name into the name field provided. This will help you differentiate your VPN from any other.
  • Select the type of VPN server you're connecting to
  • Enter the VPN server's address details- either as a numerical IP address or an address

STEP # 3

  • Once you've set up the VPN, tap on it to connect.
  • It's critical to know that you can configure multiple VPN servers. Multiple servers help you switch from one to another from your VPN screen.

The following is also critical . . .


1. Access password

You'll need to feed the username and password to activate VPN. You may decide to save your account's information for the future.


2. Notifications

While you're connected to VPN, a persistent "VPN activated" notification message will appear on the screen, waiting for your next command


If you wish to disconnect from the VPN, tap the notification message and then tap Disconnect.


Always-On VPN Mode

Always-On VPN mode is an option enabled by default via Google. When the option is activated, your Android will never allow any data to be sent except through VPN.


This is useful, especially when you're beyond your encrypted VPN domain. In case you forget to activate it while you're in public Wi-Fi.


To activate Always-On VPN Mode

To activate this option, tap on the cog icon found next to the VPN name.


Then tap and toggle the "Always-on VPN".


Parting Shot

Installing a VPN on your Android is not compulsory. However, if you have concerns about your security or wish to access geographically blocked content from your Android, if that would be the case, then you now have a step-by-step process of successfully installing it on your Android.

How to transfer HD recordings to TikTok


We envision that organizations like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus presumably burn through great many dollars on R&D for their camera, attempting to build up the most ideal innovation to catch the best photographs and recordings that one can anticipate from a phone. Lamentably, in some cases it's difficult to tell how great a phone's camera is the point at which it is transferred to web-based media like TikTok.


This is on the grounds that a ton of the time, these stages pack recordings and photographs. This is accomplished for a few reasons, for example, to make them quicker to transfer, and furthermore make them more space productive so that organizations don't have to go through more cash purchasing worker space. It likewise implies that when they are seen, they load quicker, so overall it's sort of a mutual benefit.


Yet, on the off chance that you care about quality, you may have seen how once in a while when you transfer a video to TikTok, it looks sort of horrible. Fortunately there is a secret setting in TikTok that will change that.

  • Transferring HD recordings to TikTok
  • Make a video utilizing the TikTok application
  • Tap on the checkmark button
  • Make whatever alters you need to make and afterward tap Next
  • Before you tap post, tap on "More choices"
  • Switch on "Transfer HD" which will transfer your video in 1080p goal
  • Tap Post to transfer it to TikTok

Do take note of that correct now this element is by all accounts working for a few and not working for a few. We don't know whether it is on the grounds that TikTok is as of now testing the element out and isn't making it accessible to all, so you might see it. Likewise, it appears to be that TikTok is covering the goal to 1080p so if your phone can shoot in 4K, it would seem that you will not have the option to completely exploit it, however we guess it's actually better than nothing!

How to move iCloud Photos to Google Photos


Apple and Google contend savagely in the versatile space, where Google's Android working framework is the solitary valid and genuine challenger to Apple's iOS, and the other way around. While the two organizations may be rivals, they manage job together now and again, similar to how Google makes applications for iOS and in certain cases, really gives its iOS applications fresher highlights in front of Android.


That being said, not very far in the past Apple delivered an apparatus for its iCloud clients where it permitted them to make a duplicate of their photographs put away in iCloud and afterward move it over to Google Photos. This is valuable in case you're hoping to change from iOS to Android, yet it can likewise be helpful on the off chance that you're searching for an optional reinforcement for your photographs if iCloud goes down or something turns out badly with your records.


Move iCloud Photos to Google Photos

  • Before you continue to making a duplicate of your iCloud Photos, there are a couple of things you'll have to check first:
  • You're utilizing iCloud to store your photographs and recordings
  • Your Apple ID has 2FA verification empowered
  • You have a Google and Google Photos account
  • Your Google account has sufficient extra room for your iCloud Photos

Expecting you meet every one of the necessities, at that point this is the thing that you'll have to do:

  • Go to and sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select "Move a duplicate of your information"
  • Follow the prompts to finish the cycle
  • You'll need to sign into your Google account

When the exchange of your photographs has started, do observe that this isn't immediate. As indicated by Apple, the way toward moving all your iCloud Photos to Google Photos can take anyplace between 3-7 days. Clients will actually want to check the status at, however Apple will likewise send you an email to inform you when the interaction is finished.


We ought to advise you that Google Photos no longer offers clients free and limitless stockpiling. So you'll need to guarantee that you have adequate room, if not you'll need to buy extra stockpiling. Likewise, remember that as per Apple, not all your photographs/recordings will be moved all things considered. As indicated by Apple:


"Some substance-including shared collections, shrewd collections, photograph stream content, live photographs, some metadata, and photographs and recordings put away in different organizers or areas-isn't moved in any way."

How to Verify if a Phone Number is Real?


People give each other fake numbers all the time. Customers give businesses fake numbers as well. There are many reasons for this. Someone who's romantically interested in you might persist for your number and you don't want to cut them off abruptly, so you give a fake number. Or, someone might want a freebie from a company without receiving all the marketing-related calls afterwards.


People also have many reasons to want to know whether a number is real. Read on to find out why people give out fake numbers and how reverse phone number lookup works.


What is a Fake Phone Number?

When we make up a number, we often come up with a valid one. Then, someone else gets the calls meant for us - so this is not a fake number. A fake phone number is a number that's guaranteed not to work. A fake number cannot be traced because it's not actually registered to anyone, and all tracing will only reveal this fact.


If a phone number is always disconnected when you call, that's an obvious sign it's fake. If this happens, you should block the number to stop getting texts and calls from it. However, checking fake numbers can be difficult if you run a business since you may not have the time to dial and check numbers for validity, especially if you get hundreds of calls a day.


Can Google Search Reveal Fake Numbers?

Using Google to check for fake numbers can also be inefficient. While running a reverse number lookup through Google might work, it is not a lookup tool per se because it wasn't designed for this task. Therefore, you may not get reliable information using the search engine.


What About Caller ID?

Phone numbers were never designed as a caller ID method - they were invented to route calls through the telephone network. Moreover, caller ID technology was created for convenience. It doesn't show whether a number is fake. With the advent of VoIP and smartphones, spoofing caller ID has become child's play. This can be done by using fake ID providers or installing certain apps on smartphones. In addition, it's impossible to detect spoofing attacks because phone networks today are divided between countries and enterprises.


This weakness has been exploited with dire consequences - with some criminals committing fraud or calling 911, 999 and 112 from fake numbers. One research paper has proposed a caller ID verification mechanism based on a combination of existing VoIP, cell and landline networks. Users can deploy it as they wish without altering existing infrastructure in any way. Moreover, this scheme was integrated as an app for Android. The researchers found their solution was effective in detecting spoofing attacks in different situations.


Detecting a Fake Quickly

The fastest way to detect a fake is by using a phone validator or doing reverse number lookup. Both are very reliable as methods of spotting fake numbers. Phone validators comb private and public databases and find accurate and current information about a phone number. What's more, this approach works much more efficiently than calling the number.


The Bottom Line

Fake numbers aren't going anywhere. Let's have a quick look at the figures:


Each month, the search term "fake phone number" gets almost 20,000 hits. Many of the people searching for this term are trying to obtain a fake number. Moreover, the site receives just under 6,000 visits each month. The app Burner, which is used to generate fake numbers, is used by about 3,000 people a month.


When your sales or marketing team gets the wrong person or calls a number that's out of service, it's no coincidence. Using a phone validator or doing reverse number lookup are the best methods for detecting a fake number - and once you identify a number as fake, you should block it immediately.

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