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How To Run Your Small Business From Your Phone


Thanks to near-continuous tech updates and an increased reliance upon our mobile phones, it has never been easier to use your mobile to further your small business. It does not matter if you are a company selling handmade products, or offering services such as copywriting online - your phone can be your most useful tool in increasing your profits and steering you towards success.


With that in mind, here are some ways you can use your phone to keep on track of your business!


1) Make the most of social media.


Your social media presence is essential in building a reputation for your brand and can be used to introduce your company to new customers. Using social media is a great way to gain positive exposure, increasing any sales, and earning you a loyal fanbase. However, for this to work in your favour, you have to invest a certain amount of time into your social media accounts - be that Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - to ensure that your content is high quality. When you produce high-quality content, you are more likely to receive quality likes and followers in return. Here are some things to remember:

  • Post consistently, but no more than once a day.
  • Build an aesthetic, ensuring your graphics match your business.
  • Interact with followers, respond to comments.
  • Post Instagram stories.

2) Make use of all available technology


You can also use your mobile phone to keep track of your sales, ensuring that you are always aware of when you are earning money. Doing so will allow you to put more effective strategies in place, ensuring that you maximize your earning potential. Software provided by companies such as whatagraph, allows you to see your sales metric at one place with their easy-to-use sales report template. These reports will provide you with consistent, up to date business metrics that take away the guesswork that is often associated with finances - even better, you can access them easily through your phone, tablet, or PC!


3) Communicate in various ways


Another reason as to why you can effectively use a mobile phone to run a small business is due to the fact that it opens up numerous points of communication/ways for the customer to contact you directly. As you often work with your phone in hand, it also means that they could receive a faster response from you. Here are just some of the ways you can use your phone to communicate with customers/clients:

  • Text messaging
  • Over Whatsapp or similar platforms.
  • Over the phone (video or voice call)
  • Through email (you can sync your company email to ensure that emails come directly to your phone)
  • Company website
  • Over social media (Direct messaging/comments).

By opening up various methods of communication, you are showing your customers that you are dedicated to meeting their needs, presenting yourself as both approachable and professional - meaning they will be more likely to make a purchase. However, it is also important that you respect your own time and wellbeing, and set limits to the times as to when people can contact you. For example, you don't want to receive enquires at 3 am, so set up an automated out of hours response for those who try to contact you during unsociable hours.

How to Sell Your Mobile Phone for Highest Price


Be it peer pressure or may be the flaunting aspirations of a burgeoning middle class, the reality is that majority of the mobile users in the UK can't handle the temptation of holding a new mobile.


When you decide to sell your mobile phone, there are three primary questions that you will need clarity about:

  • How much is my phone worth?
  • How to exchange or sell it?
  • How safe are the companies that buy and sell mobile phones?
  • Finding the top buyer for your phone.

How much is my phone worth?

Your phone needs to be in a decent condition with little or no cosmetic damage. It needs to be operational, and you should be able to switch it on. The majority of mobile-buying companies have one standard price for a fully working phone. If it's partly damaged but still meets certain specifications, they have a second slab too.


Often the mobiles start performing better when the battery is changed. So, you may want to replace the battery to get it going smoothly. This way, you are in a better position to ask for a price that suits you. You may also want to do the needful to set it right, if it slightly looks unappealing.


Once you're done with stuff to make it look intact and working, you can then head to different firms that are into buying and selling old mobile phones.


How do I exchange or sell it?

Once you're done comparing the websites, it's time to zero upon one that you think is the best.
When you enter the details on it, you'd offered a price. If you accept it, you'd sent a prepaid postage label or a padded envelope that you can use to return by Freepost.


A word of caution - the majority of these free postage options do not cover insurance. It means that in case of anything breakage or any damage while in transit, the loss is yours. It is advisable to use recorded "Signed For" delivery where it is insured for up to £50. Depending on the weight, the costs may slightly vary.


Ensure that it is charged and switched off without the SIM and memory card. The factory reset it to wipe out everything. If the phone meets their standards, you'd offered a price that you can accept or decline. If you refuse, the phone is returned via the same postal process. You may have to bear the return charges too sometimes.


How safe are the companies that buy and sell mobile phones?

Once you have initiated the process to send your mobile and god forbidden if something weird happens, then you're on your own with little or no protection.


Before using the services of an old-mobile-buying-company, you could take these precautionary measures:

  • Reviews from sites likes Reevo and Trustpilot will help.
  • Having a glance at the social pages also helps to make an informed decision.
  • Look at the small print carefully - the timeline within which you've to accept or reject a quote. Also, check if you would be paying for if the phone is being returned to you.
  • Choosing the one with published contact details with a phone number helps to establish an instant connect, if need be. Having a complaint resolution process helps to establish authenticity and trust.

Finding the top buyer for your phone:

It could get a bit tricky and may need some homework and research to unleash the buyer made for you. With dozens of companies recycling mobile phones and depending on your handset and its specs, prices may vary broadly.


To expedite the process of selling your mobile phone, it's advisable to screen comparison sites to find you the best deal in the country. Since a single comparison site doesn't have all the mobile phone recyclers, consulting the top three would be a logical approach.


Selling online to these mobile-phone-buying companies is not the only option.
You could also think about the following:

  1. Float it yourself on eBay.
  2. Your Friend can be your buyer.
  3. Repair and re-use.
  4. Replace the temptation of getting a new smart-phone with buying something that could ease your personal or business life.
  5. Did the thought of charity cross your mind? How about donating it to a needy if you can smilingly bear the ££.
  6. Bargain for a low-value phone with your provider if the prices offered seem meagre.

When you do the above or even a portion of it, the process to sell your mobile phone would be strategic, quick, and with a happy closure.

VPN app for your mobile


Let us begin this article by first explaining what a VPN actually is and why it should be used by everyone. Namely, a VPN or a virtual private network is there to help you create a secure connection while surfing the web and thus protect your private information and surfing habits from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi.


Just think about all the times you were using a public Wi-Fi network to answer your emails, to check your bank account, to shop online, or even to scroll on Instagram. Any data transmitted during these online times could be accessed by a stranger using the same public network.


Thus, if you do not want to be a subject of online scams, you are in need of a virtual private network that will give you online privacy and security. Luckily, VPNs are not just for computers anymore - you can set up a VPN on your (iPhone and Android) phone too. However, it is important to remember that not every app is the same and that you need to find one suitable for your mobile device! If interested in how to do that, keep on reading.


Decide Why You Need VPN First

If you walk into a tech store looking for a laptop, will you buy the first one you come across? Probably not. The same applies to virtual private networks or VPNs. As mentioned earlier, each VPN is different, and you must choose one that suits your needs.


For instance, if you want a VPN for your entire household or for your entire office, that is, if you want to share your VPN with family members or colleagues, you will need one which is router-based and which allows multiple connections. If you are a relentless traveler, you will need one that has servers all around the world and that offers maximum security.


It is all about needs and priorities. Thus, before anything else, decide why you need a VPN! Try making a list of features that are most important to you and you will probably have a much easier time deciding on which VPN app to use for your mobile device.


Take Location into Account

Keep in mind that VPN does not have servers in every place in the world. So, if you plan on moving to a certain country or city, or if you plan on just visiting them for some time, it would be a good idea to check whether they have a VPN server nearby.


This is especially important for some countries in Asia, like China and Korea, which are well-known for their limited Internet service. If you plan on going there, you need to choose a VPN app that can adequately and completely undertake all the censorships and restrictions present in the country.


By using the right VPN app, you will be able to gain access to restricted websites all around the world and overcome imposed censorship blocks.


Check the Quality and the Features of Each App

Every app comes with a different set of qualities. Moreover, each app puts some qualities first - encryption, speed, privacy, etc. Thus, it is your job to decide which features you need the most when it comes to choosing a VPN app for your mobile device.


For instance, if you are in need of hiding your internet activity and location, you will need a VPN app that puts privacy in the first place. Or, if you need to access some kind of content that is geographically blocked, you will need a VPN app that puts unlocking certain content in the first place.


The list of qualities, that is, the list of features each app claims to have is long. So, do your research. And, as previously said, consider all of your priorities and needs first and then find an app that has corresponding qualities which can solve your problems.


Ensure Your App is User-Friendly (If Necessary)

If you are tech-savvy, then you can neglect this part. But, if you are not, well, be sure that the 'user-friendly' feature must be on top of your priority list when using a VPN on your mobile phone.


Using VPN apps is far from being a walk in the park. You may find yourself in trouble while trying to set up a VPN app on your phone, either on an iPhone or Android. Thus, if the technology is not your thing, you may want to find an app that offers simple installation and activation, and of course, usage. Apps that offer 'virtual setup-s' are best for this, as they do not require any activity from your part, that is, they install and activate themselves.


Moreover, it would be a good idea to find an app that offers a reliable 24/7 customer service as well. Apps wh have this feature allow their users to contact someone who will help them with any problem they may have. So, keep this in mind, especially if this is your first time enrolling in a VPN world.


Do Not Neglect the Payment Method

One of the most overlooked things when choosing a VPN app for a mobile phone is the payment method. It is important to know that the prices of these apps can vary a lot. They vary depending on their providers and, of course, depending on the features they offer. The payments methods vary too. For example, you can pay in cash, by using credit cards, by using anonymous systems like BitCoin, or even by using gift cards.


Nowadays, there are also free VPN apps that can be downloaded, but we do not recommend using them. Remember, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. In the same manner, even if you will not be paying your VPN app with money, you will be paying it with something else like ads, bad quality streaming, fickle protection, etc.


Thus, stay away from free VPN apps! If you are short on cash, better choose a more affordable app that has limited features, but still features that you need and that get the job done.

PC for Entertainment


Computers are often used for work purposes by professionals in fields such as science and finance. That is why a large percentage of PCs are found in the workplace and not in homes. However, you can also get a PC specifically for entertainment. The device will be a good addition to the list of electronic devices in your home.


You can use your computer for entertainment in many ways, some of which are common and others are less popular. Following are three uses you should know:


Playing Video Games

PCs are perfect for playing video games. Every video game in the market has a version designed for PC. You are only required to buy the game's CD or download it from the internet and then install it on your computer.


However, before getting a video game, look at the system requirements, and then compare them to those of your PC. This will ensure you get a game that is compatible with your device. If your computer does not meet the requirements, you can simply upgrade some of the components. For example, you can upgrade the hard disk, RAM, or the graphics card.


The ability to upgrade some of the components makes PCs better than many gaming consoles. Therefore, if you love video games, get yourself a PC if you don't own one.


Watching TV Offline

Do you know that you can turn your PC into a TV without having to access the internet?


Many think that you can only use a PC as a TV when you stream channels online. However, you can also use it as an offline TV.


The only thing you need is a typhoon tv PVR Universal, which enables you to watch cable or broadcast TV. Installing the device on your computer is easy, and you can use the manual if you find the procedure challenging.


Turning your PC into an offline TV allows you to follow your favorite shows and sports program available on both free and paid TV. Therefore, a computer eliminates the need to have a traditional TV as a separate device.


Watching Movies and Listening to Music

You can use a PC for watching movies and listening to your favorite music, either online or offline.


You can access the content online, provided that you have an internet connection. But if your home is not connected to the internet, you can still get the entertainment content elsewhere and save them on your PC. This will allow you to watch movies or listen to music offline.


The advantage of PCs is that they support different video and audio formats. You can, therefore, be sure that any content you come across will play on your computer.


In conclusion, a PC offers you options when it comes to entertainment. First, the device can be used to play video games. You can use a Typhoon TV PVR Universal to convert the computer into an offline TV. Finally, PCs allow you to watch movies and listen to music online and offline.

Bitcoin Trading Platform


If you want to trade in bitcoin, then the selection of the best platform is made. Choosing the right platform is not an easy task for investors. The investment of money and time in purchasing the coins will offer significant results at the digital platform. The decision to deal with the peer-to-peer network is taken with the intelligence and skills of the traders. The implementation of the right tricks should be there to select the right platform.


Before evaluating the trading platform like Bitcoin Up Website - The Official BitcoinUp Site 2020 the decision taking and needs should be clear to the people. The information about the requirements will help in the selection of the right platform. The creation of the wallet is there for the trading and storing of bitcoin. The following are the points that should be considered for the buying and selling of the coins.


• Accessibility of platform to the traders or investors

Every trader will have different needs and requirements at the platform. The buying and selling of the coins patterns are required to be excellent for the people. The selection of the platform is there, which is accessible for global investors. The performing of the transactions at the decentralized system will meet with the needs of the traders. The spending of time and effort should be significant to have excellent trading experience.


• Access over the bitcoin trading information

At the trading platform, the accessibility of the information is there for all the traders. The technical and fundamental information is provided for the buying and selling of bitcoin. The decentralized system will provide the correct and genuine information to the beginners and expert traders. The availability of convenience and comfort is there to avoid the changes in the platform. The information is useful for the sending and receiving of the bitcoin.


• Value of bitcoin at the digital platform

For the performing of the transactions, there are several changes in the charges. The banking and transaction fees at the platform are less for the benefit of the traders. The calculations of the value are great to meet the desired results. No additional costs are charged at the best trading platform. The profit and loss while transacting at the best platform. The investment is made with the skills and intelligence of the investors at the digital platform.


• Connectivity at the bitcoin exchange for trading

The connectivity at the bitcoin exchange should be great to meet the desired results. The reach of the trading is broad for global investors as the information about the market should be available with the people to buy and sell the coins. The platform is equipped with the best connectivity to get the desired results. The availability of the correct and real information is there to have the benefits. The connection with the decentralized system for trading is great for sending and receiving coins.


• Tools and equipment available at the bitcoin trading platform

One of the major factors to consider is the tools and equipment available on the digital platform. The use of the devices is made with the skills and intelligence of the investors. The expert's assistance is provided to the traders to buy and sell the coins. The creation of the wallet can be there for the trading and storing of the coins. The validity of the data is provided for the benefit of the traders. Along with coins, fun, and entertainment to the investors are there.


• News and trends information at the digital platform

For the traders, the availability of the news and trends of bitcoin is there. The buying and sending of the bitcoin are excellent to get the desired results. The investment is made based on the trends and information about the coins. Learning the basics is great to have the benefits of the people. The sending and receiving of the coins are there at the peer-to-peer network. The intelligence is there to get the right services at the right trading platform.


The bottom line -
Through the mentioned tricks, the selection of the best bitcoin trading platform is made. The sending and receiving of the coins are great at the best trading platform. The investments will deliver the best results in bitcoin trading.


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