How to Migrate Podcasts from Google Podcasts

13 December, 2023 How To

How to Migrate Podcasts from Google Podcasts


In September, Google revealed its vision for a centralized podcast hub on YouTube Music, blending the music and podcasting seamlessly. As a result of this vision, Google Podcasts in the US is set to retire by April 2024. To facilitate this shift, Google introduced a migration tool, enabling users to effortlessly move subscriptions to YouTube Music or export them for integration with other podcast apps.


In this guide, we'll talk through what you need to know to make the move as smooth as possible.

Transition Timeline

The migration tool, accessible through Google Podcasts, allows users to transition smoothly. Users can opt to move subscriptions to YouTube Music or export them as an OPML file for integration with alternative podcast apps. Additionally, users can add shows directly to their YouTube Music library via the podcast's RSS feed. This allows podcasters to tap into a whole new subsection of listeners. In the US, Google Podcasts will be available until March 2024, with users having until July 2024 to migrate or export subscriptions.


Investment in Podcasts Across YouTube

If you have concerns about moving to YouTube music from Google Podcasts don't worry. There have been significant enhancements made to the podcasting experience across YouTube and YouTube Music:

  • A more seamless listening experience allows users to resume podcasts precisely where they left off.
  • Discovery features like shelves on the YouTube Music homepage give users a hassle-free experience finding what they want. It also allows podcasters the opportunity to further engage with their listeners.
  • Automatic downloads of new podcast episodes for subscribed users ensure ready offline listening.
  • Users can add any podcast to their YouTube Music library using the podcast's RSS feed URL, streamlining content expansion.
  • Integration with Google Assistant has been improved, making it more convenient for users to play podcasts through YouTube Music.

This is all very encouraging that YouTube is committed to having a dedicated platform for podcasts, and is taking it seriously.

How to Migrate Podcast Subscriptions

Move to YouTube Music

  1. Open the Google Podcasts app.
  2. Click on "Export subscriptions."
  3. Tap "Export" under "Export to YouTube Music."
  4. Open the YouTube Music app.
  5. Tap "Transfer" and confirm on the YouTube Music home screen.

Migrate to Another Podcast App

  1. Open the Google Podcasts app.
  2. Click on "Export subscriptions."
  3. Select "Download" under "Export to another app."
  4. Use the downloaded file to upload subscriptions to another podcast app supporting imports.

Important Note: As of now, this transition plan applies to the US, with no scheduled rollout to the EU. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Google Podcasts' availability and the global release of the migration tool.


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