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India is the first country to receive the latest security patches for the month of August on the Galaxy S6 Edge and other countries should follow soon. The 63MB download will change your current firmware version to G925IDVS3EPH2 and will a security vulnerability on the device, that Samsung has termed as "critical." If you are thinking that this patches up the QuadRooter vulnerability that we have been hearing so much about, you would be wrong. To the best of our knowledge, QuadRooter only affects Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is powered by the Exynos 7420 SoC. Even if there is a connection, it was not mentioned in the changelog.

There are of course other general improvements in performance and optimizations, and if you want to go into the details, just consult the changelog while installing the update or check the screenshot above. Hopefully, the regular S6 will also be getting the same update, but we are not sure if or when it is coming. In the meanwhile, be wary of shady apps and always check the permission list before allowing the software access to your device.

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Google Chrome Beta for Android has just been update to v40.0.2214.36 with some critical bug fixes and stability improvements that made the last BETa version crash on most Android devices.


Google's official change-log for this version includes various bug fixes reported by the users on the previous version that makes the browser crash and unstable while browsing some webpages.


android L


Chrome Beta 40 also includes the Reader Mode, along with the new bookmark manager but these features needs to be enabled from the Chrome://flags settings first.


You can get the Chrome Beta v40 on your Android device right now by Downloading the APK below until the update hits the Google Play Store. The APK below is Official and has not been tempered with by any way.



Chrome Beta v40


Chrome BETA v40 [APK]


Chrome BETA v40 [Play]


Samsung has now put an end to rumors which had been forming around the fact that Samsung did not detail the changelog regarding the September Security Update that just started going out two days ago. You can now find all the details regarding the patch on the company's official security page.

From the changelog, it is apparent that Google has fixed 9 critical vulnerabilities in this update. An additional 57 issues will also be dealt with, after you download and install the September SMR on your Galaxy device. Coincidentally, 9 is also the number of issues that Samsung itself addresses with this update on their flagship smartphones. If you own an international version of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Note 5, the patch fixes a susceptibility issue associated with the Exynos 7420 SoC. As of now, the updates are currently being rolled out to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but all eligible devices around the world should start receiving their updates pretty soon.

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