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Will the Galaxy Z Flip Push the Smartphone Industry in a New Direction?


The mobile phone industry is one of the fastest evolving sectors on the planet. Even though current smartphones represent the most advanced and powerful handheld devices the world has ever known, it would be foolish to think they have stopped progressing. Some major developers, including Samsung, seem to believe that foldable smartphones are the next step for the industry. The question is, does the Galaxy Z Flip have the potential to push the entire smartphone market in this direction?


The Advent of Foldable Smartphones

Samsung began its forays into folding smartphones in 2019 when it released the Galaxy Fold. The device which was retroactively renamed the Galaxy Z Fold was designed to bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, providing users with a larger screen that could be reduced to pocket size easily. Samsung has continued to develop its range of foldable phones and has released the Z Fold 2 along with the Z Flip. At present, they could be considered more of a novelty for high-end users, though, as the price point of around $1500 - $2000 per device is high.



There have been some trepidations about the foldable screens, with many people concerned about the durability of these offerings. Samsung has claimed that the Z Fold can be opened and closed 200,000 times before any damage or problems occur. The average American looks at their phone 96 times per day, meaning that the phone would last just shy of six years if Samsung's estimate can be trusted. This is a fairly decent shelf life, but the mere fact that there is a timeframe on it could put some buyers off.


Samsung isn't the only major smartphone company working on developing a foldable range, and this suggests that the industry as a whole could be heading in the direction of these models. Other notable foldable smartphones to date include the Huawei Mate X, the Microsoft Surface Duo, and the Moto Razr 2019.


Could Appeal to Audiences in Search of Nostalgia

The Galaxy Z Flip folds across the middle horizontally and clearly harks back to the flip phones seen in the late 1990s. These began with Motorola's StarTAC in 1996, and the design became the most popular form of mobile up until smartphones came into existence in the late 2000s.



Some of the most memorable foldables included the Motorola V300, the LG VX-6000, and the Samsung SGH-X426. During their heyday, these devices seemed to represent the height of technological progression. Less than twenty years later, though, they are considered retro. This highlights just how rapidly the industry is moving.


The new foldable smartphones could gain traction because they have the nostalgia factor working in their favor. Certainly, the Z Flip looks reminiscent of the classic pre-smartphone era flip phones. Older users, in particular, may have fond memories of their early cell phones and have a strong desire to rekindle some of the feelings associated with them.


The refreshing of old themes and the evocation of nostalgia have been highly successful marketing tools in recent years, and this has been especially apparent in the entertainment industry - a sector that goes hand-in-hand with mobile.


It has been seen with series like Stranger Things on Netflix and the reboots of classic films like Ghostbusters and Blade Runner. In gaming, the online casino industry often recycles old themes and gives them a modern twist. With games like roulette and blackjack, which have existed for more than a century, now having digitalized versions. There are innovative ways to play as well, with blitz options being an example of a recent development. In other offshoots of the gaming industry, such as mobile, traditional games like craps are staging comebacks. This is even to the extent that there is a need for sites such as this to curate the best online casinos in the US, helping players find the best bonuses. Even then, these operators are leveraging the new technology to bring in new advances such as real-time live dealers too.


Are There Other Old Phone Aspects That Could be Brought Back?

With the flip phone looking to make a return, it would be interesting to consider whether there are any other aspects of old phones that could be rejuvenated. This has been done with games, and the classic Nokia offering Snake has undergone various iterations on smartphones over the years.


It seems as though the Blackberry may be about to make a return to the forefront of the industry as well. The company has partnered with OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile Limited to develop a 5G capable device that uses the classic Blackberry keyboard. If this is successful, it could disrupt the trajectory of the smartphone market again.


The Z Flip has the potential to have a heavy influence on the smartphone market. The nostalgia aspect could be a driving force behind sales, and the fact that users can have a pocket-sized larger screen will also be appealing. At the moment, though, the high price point is enough to stop it from going mainstream immediately. It will take the release of a few more generations to see mass adoption.

galaxy s20


Samsung is reportedly rolling out November's security patch and updates to the Samsung Galaxy devices including this year's Samsung Galaxy S20. The security patch is meant to overcome several serious security vulnerabilities in the Android OS. The Android security bulletin, published on Nov 2, 2020, contains details on security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices and not just the Galaxy devices.


If you own one of the Galaxy devices, you will be getting the new software update automatically which improves the stability of the camera app, Wi-Fi connectivity, and also includes several other security updates. We highly recommend you to install the new security update as it addresses all of the high or critical vulnerabilities known so far. If you leave it without updating, your phone could be exploited by a hacker to achieve remote code execution, privilege escalation, or denial of service. The new update patches several problems being discovered in the operating system's core framework, media framework, and system.


Two important bugs existed in the framework, two high-risk escalation bugs, a high severity information disclosure bug, and finally a high severity DoS bug. The security update also patches one critical and one high remote code execution bug in Android's media framework as well as one high severity escalation of privilege bug and one moderate one. The patch works on 4 bugs, one escalation of privilege bug, one DoS bug, and one critical remote code execution bug. For the owners of Galaxy S10 5G, the latest update is due in a few days.


M series phone could be the Galaxy M62


We've learned through our sources that Samsung is intending to extend the Galaxy M arrangement one year from now with the expansion of another model that could hit the racks bearing the Galaxy M62 moniker. When it goes on special, it should turn into the most impressive Galaxy M smartphone to actually emerge from Samsung's production lines.


To be exact, we're not altogether sure of the Galaxy M62 moniker however our sources disclose to us that this forthcoming Galaxy M gadget conveys model number SM-M625F. Hence, it would bode well for it to be known as the Galaxy M62 freely, because of the model number itself as well as in light of Samsung's set of experiences with the Galaxy M arrangement over the recent years.


The organization's most impressive Galaxy M smartphone in 2019 was the Galaxy M40, which was trailed by the Galaxy M51 in 2020. Naming the following gadget in the arrangement the Galaxy M62 appears to be sensible, maybe more so than a portion of Samsung's other naming shows.


The Galaxy M62 should accompany an incredible 256GB of capacity


In spite of the fact that there's not a ton of data to pass by with respect to the Galaxy M62's interior equipment, we had the option to gain from our sources that the gadget will highlight 256GB of capacity. We're uncertain if 256GB will be the main stockpiling alternative or the most costly one, however in any case, this is the most inherent stockpiling that is ever been accessible on a Galaxy M smartphone.


This year, the organization's Galaxy M arrangement pushed the limits of battery limit, especially with the Galaxy M51 and its huge 7,000mAh unit. The Galaxy M62 could have a comparative battery arrangement at the same time raising the Galaxy M setup to another degree of capacity. Samsung has just carried 256GB of capacity to a lower value point with the Galaxy S20 FE so maybe the organization will embrace a comparative procedure with a portion of its financial plan situated Galaxy models one year from now.

OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi could utilize Samsung's Exynos processors


Samsung was reprimanded a great deal for its Exynos processors, particularly in its entrance level and very good quality cell phones. The organization increased its game with the dispatch of the Exynos 980 processor, and its exhibition is generally comparable to the Snapdragon 765G. Presently, it is being accounted for that Samsung is looking for additional clients for its Exynos chipsets.


As per a report emerging from South Korea, System LSI (Samsung's semiconductor plan division) plans to flexibly Exynos processors to OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. These Chinese brands are relied upon to utilize Exynos SoCs in their financial plan cell phones. The South Korean tech goliath could likewise pick up chipset orders for mid-reach and very good quality cell phones later on the off chance that it figures out how to grandstand its specialized ability.


Framework LSI has allegedly decreased the flexibly of Exynos processors to Samsung's cell phone division due to a lower net revenue. The organization has just provided Exynos 880 and Exynos 980 chipsets to Vivo. The forthcoming Exynos 1080 chipset, which will be uncovered on November 12 in China, is supposed to make a big appearance with the Vivo X60. The 5nm processor will likewise be utilized inside the Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A72.


The Exynos 1080 chipset is made utilizing Samsung's 5nm EUV cycle, and it highlights four Cortex-A78 CPU centers, four Cortex-A55 CPU centers, and Mali G78 GPU. Execution savvy, the new Exynos processor is supposed to be somewhat quicker than the Snapdragon 865+ as it utilizes ARM's new CPU centers and further developed creation measure.

Galaxy S20 was world best-selling 5G smartphone in first half of 2020


Samsung announced its most elevated ever quarterly income for Q3 2020. It even recovered the main position in the Indian smartphone market following a hole of two years. Presently, it is being accounted for that the Galaxy S20 was the world's top of the line 5G smartphone arrangement.


As indicated by the most recent numbers from market examination firm Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S20+ 5G was the world's top rated 5G smartphone in the main portion of 2020. The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the Galaxy S20 5G were the following two top-selling 5G smartphones around the world, snatching the second and third positions, individually. The Huawei P40 Pro 5G and the Huawei Mate 30 5G remained at the fourth and fifth positions.


In spite of Samsung's solid presentation in the 5G smartphone market, it is being anticipated that its piece of the pie could decrease in Q4 2020 and the remainder of 2021 as Apple as of late dispatched the iPhone 12 arrangement. Every one of the four iPhone 12 arrangement models-iPhone 12 scaled down, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max-accompany worked in 5G availability.


The South Korean smartphone goliath is relied upon to counter Apple by dispatching more mid-reach and section level 5G smartphones in business sectors where 5G networks have been turned out. The Galaxy A42 5G has just been exhibited, and it should dispatch in more business sectors in the coming months.

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