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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE needs to take the Pixel 8's thunder


We know that on the fourth of October, the Google Pixel 8 series will be declared, yet it appears to be that Samsung should attempt to take a portion of that concentrate away. This is as per the Samsung India X record wherein the page's pennant has affirmed that they have another phone that will likewise launch around the same time.


While the organization doesn't expressly specify what phone will be launch, it has generally been estimated that it very well may be the Galaxy S23 FE. We've been catching wind of this phone for a really long time now and in spite of the multitude of breaks and confirmations, there has not been an authority day for launch, in some measure as of recently.


We profoundly question the launch of the Galaxy S23 FE will actually want to eclipse that of the Pixel 8, however we can't fault Samsung for attempting!


The Galaxy S23 FE is reputed to see the arrival of the Exynos chipset. The phone is supposed to launch in a Qualcomm and Exynos variation, contingent upon what district you are living in. It is likewise expected to be a substantially more reasonable option in contrast to the Galaxy S23, so assuming you need a phone along these lines to the Galaxy S23 that won't burn through every last cent, then seek out us in the following two or three days for the authority subtleties!

Samsung might drop the 10x zoom from the Galaxy S24 Ultra


Ultra wide angle shots can be fun, especially if you're trying to capture landscape photos, but telephoto shots can be just as fun and important. This is why many smartphone makers these days are starting to focus more on their phone's zoom capabilities.


Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra would-be owners, it looks like the company could be making some changes to the phone's cameras. According to a post on X by Ice Universe, apparently Samsung is planning to drop the 10x zoom feature found in phones like its Galaxy S23 Ultra.



Instead, the company will offer a 3x 10MP camera module along with a 5x 50MP camera module in its place. Right now, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 10x zoom with a 10MP sensor, and a 3x zoom with a 10MP sensor, so the main difference is that Samsung will be upgrading one of the sensors to 50MP.


Samsung might drop the 10x zoom from the Galaxy S24 Ultra


In a way we can kind of understand the trade-off. A higher-resolution sensor can capture photos that are more detailed, especially when they're cropped or zoomed in, so bumping the sensor resolution could make up for the lack of zoom by allowing users to zoom in further using editing software or digital zoom while retaining the details better than a 10MP sensor.


How this will work out in real life remains to be seen, but if zoom is an important feature for your mobile photography, then maybe the Galaxy S24 Ultra might not be the phone for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is starting to look like a sure thing


There have been rumors that Samsung is working on a new wearable in the form of a smart ring. Evidence of such a device being in the works came in the form of a trademark for the "Galaxy Ring", and now it looks like more proof of such a device has been uncovered.


This is according to a post on Korean forums in which users discovered a new icon that looks like a ring, indicating that this is a new product that Samsung could be working on. Not much else is known about this device, but the icon does feel like a dead giveaway.



In terms of specs and features, it might be too early to tell at the moment. But since smart rings aren't new and there are devices like the Oura, it's probably not hard to imagine what it could be used for, such as for health and fitness related tracking capabilities.


As to why anyone would get a ring instead of a smartwatch, battery could be a good reason. By not having a display, a smart ring could in theory last much longer. It could also double up as a fashion accessory, especially for users who might prefer traditional watches compared to smartwatches.


Also, a ring is much smaller and much lighter so for those who hate having something strapped to their wrists, a ring could be a good alternative. We're not sure when Samsung will announce the device, but maybe it could launch early next year alongside the Galaxy S24 models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has reached the end of the road


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series was officially launched in 2019. This was before Samsung made changes to their update policy where the company promised customers five years of security updates.


This means that if you're still holding onto the Note 10 after all these years, you might want to take note that Samsung has officially stopped supporting these devices. This is according to a report from Droid-Life who noticed that the Note 10 and Note 10+ have been removed from Samsung's security update tracking website.


The last update for the phone actually came a few weeks ago, but moving forwards owners of the device should not expect anything new from the company. It is possible that depending on how critical the flaw is, Samsung could still push out emergency patches, but outside of that, owners are now pretty much on their own.


There is still the Note 20 series left and as Droid-Life notes, updates for these devices are still good for another couple of years. While the lack of support doesn't render the Note 10 devices useless, it does mean that owners should be a bit more careful when using them, especially since they might not be as protected against future malware or security exploits.

Samsung could bring AMD GPUs to its mid-range phones


A few years ago, Samsung and AMD announced a partnership in which it would see both companies work together to integrate AMD's GPU technology into Samsung's Exynos chipsets. It was previously only available for Samsung's flagship devices, but now it might extend to their mid-range phones.


This is according to a post on X by @Tech_Reve who claims that these AMD GPUs could find their way into Exynos chipsets used on Samsung's mid-range phones next year, namely the upcoming Exynos 1480 and 1430 chipsets which are expected to be announced and released in 2024.



That being said, before you get too excited at the idea of better gaming on mid-range handsets, the post claims that the use of AMD's GPUs could be mostly used for ISP (image signal processing) rather than gaming. For those wondering what this means, basically the GPU will be used more towards image/video processing for the phone's cameras.


A more capable GPU should, in theory, offer better enhancements to images captured by the phone's cameras, so rather than rely on a sensor with more megapixels or changes to the camera lenses, Samsung could improve the cameras on its mid-range phones through its GPUs.


Of course, some games that aren't as demanding on the processor could still leverage the GPUs for better graphics, but it will be hard to say for sure.

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