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Samsung unveils a super cute version of the Galaxy Z Flip 6


The other day, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Z Flip 6. The handset comes in a variety of color options, but for the lucky folks over in Hong Kong, it seems that Samsung has a super cute version of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 that they are selling.


This comes in the form of the Doraemon Special Edition Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphone. For those unfamiliar, Doraemon is a popular Japanese manga series that launched back in the late 1960s. Despite it being quite old, it continues to remain one of the more recognizable and popular Japanese manga/anime even in this day and age.


Samsung unveils a super cute version of the Galaxy Z Flip 6


This cute version of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 comes bundled with a bunch of Doraemon themed accessories and software features. This includes a Doraemon themed case along with opening animation, lock screen, home screen, and app icon designs all themed around the character.


Customers who pre-order this special edition of the Flip 6 will also be eligible to receive an exclusive Doraemon Special Edition Tote Bag as a free gift. Unfortunately, it seems that this special edition Galaxy Z Flip 6 is only available in Hong Kong for now.

Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event date revealed


Samsung announced their latest flagship phones earlier this year, but they're not done yet. The company is expected to unveil new devices later this year. Last we heard, the company is expected to host a new Galaxy Unpacked event in July, and now a post on X by Evan Blass has confirmed the date.


According to the post, Samsung is rumored to host a new Galaxy Unpacked event on the 10th of July. This is actually in line with an earlier rumor that also suggested the 10th of July dates. However, the post on X did come with what appears to be an official teaser countdown for the launch, which has since been removed.


The upcoming event will see Samsung launch a bunch of new devices. This includes the Galaxy Watch 7 series, which is rumored to include a new Ultra model. We also expect that Samsung will share the availability and pricing of the Galaxy Ring wearable. We could also see the launch of the Galaxy Buds 3 earbuds, and last but not least, the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 foldable phones.


Samsung has yet to officially confirm the date for the Galaxy Unpacked event themselves. So until they do, it's probably best to take these leaks with a grain of salt.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5 in side-by-side images


Recent renders have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 could undergo some slight design changes. The handset will ditch the curved edges and go for something a bit more boxy. Now thanks to a post on X by Ice Universe, side-by-side images of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5 reveal the differences.


In the post below, the handset to the left is the Galaxy Z Fold 5. To the right is the Galaxy Z Fold 6, or allegedly. When looking at the phones side-by-side, the differences in design are pretty stark. The Fold 6 has adopted a more boxy design, similar to the Galaxy S24's design language.



The use of the boxy design also appears to give the Fold 6's external display the illusion of looking slightly bigger, especially around the corners. We have heard the rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 could feature a larger 6.3-inch external display with a 22:9 aspect ratio, so maybe it isn't our eyes playing tricks on us.


This should give the handset a more "traditional" smartphone look. Previously, one of the main criticisms of the Fold series is that the external display was too narrow. This design change should fix that. Either way, take these leaked images of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a grain of salt for now. Samsung is expected to announce the phone this July, so we should have more details soon.

The Galaxy S25 Ultra will maintain its quad camera setup


According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra might not see an improvement in battery life. But the good news is that in the camera department, things will not change either. If that sounds a bit strange, it is because previous rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S25 Ultra could drop a camera from its setup.


This means that instead of the quad camera setup found in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it could end up with a triple camera setup. However, a recent post on X by reliable tipster Ice Universe reasserts that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will maintain its quad camera design. The tipster claims that unlike the previous rumors, Samsung won't be removing the 3x module from the phone.



They also suggest that there is a chance it could instead be upgraded. This could be welcome news. The 10MP 3x telephoto camera has been around since the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This means that for the most part, it has remained the same over the years. Samsung upgrading it to a higher resolution sensor could be a nice change if true. Alternatively, upgrading it with larger optical zoom could also be great.


The Samsung Galaxy S25 series will not launch until 2025. We're barely halfway into 2024 so it's probably a good idea to take it with a grain of salt for now.

Samsung starts working on One UI 7.0 for the Galaxy S24


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series was launched with Android 14 on board. With Android 15 being the next major update, a report from SamMobile has revealed that Samsung could have started working on One UI 7.0, which will be the next update for the Galaxy S24 smartphones.


According to the report, a new firmware has appeared on Samsung's servers. It has the firmware version S928BXXU2BXE2, which signifies a new major One UI version. There's no way to confirm if this is One UI 7.0, but it's a very good chance that it is. Google has already released the first Android 15 beta, so it stands to reason that Samsung could already be working on an update of their own.


At the moment there's no telling when it will be released. Samsung released the One UI 6.0 beta back in August 2023. This means there's a good chance One UI 7.0's beta could be released around the same time. Samsung eventually released the Android 14 update for the Galaxy S23 towards the end of October.


Assuming Samsung keeps to their timeline, One UI 7.0 for the Galaxy S24 series could also be released around then. Either way, we're still months away from a public beta, so we'll just have to wait for Samsung to officially announce something.

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