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We've generally had faith in the streaming down of advancements. It has happened many times throughout the long term, and we don't have the foggiest idea why it ought to stop. Truth be told, Samsung's 2024 leader, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, could really be a very genuine illustration of that.


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could acquire electric vehicle innovation for its batteries


As per a report from The Elec, a distribution based out of South Korea, they guarantee that for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung could be anticipating utilizing innovation used to foster electric vehicle batteries and apply that to the phone.


This is supposed to the "stack" technique that Samsung SDI uses to foster li-particle batteries, where it firmly gathers battery parts to make better energy thickness. This intends that in principle, Samsung could make batteries that are genuinely a similar size as a 5,000mAh battery (for instance), however yet pack more energy into it.


This could bring about phones that would have no need to get greater or thicker to oblige a bigger battery limit. That being said, the Galaxy S24 series is still a seriously lengthy ways off, so think about this report while considering other factors for the present, yet ideally there is a reality to it since it is a seriously fascinating idea.

Samsung could before long be getting back to its Exynos chipsets


Samsung settled on a fascinating decision this year with its Galaxy S23 series of lead phones, by which the organization selected to bet everything with Qualcomm chipsets as opposed to doing a blend and coordinate like they have done in the past with their own Exynos chipsets.


This strongly implied that Samsung might actually be abandoning involving Exynos for its lead phones, yet it turns out it could have just been something impermanent. This is on the grounds that as per reports out of South Korea, Samsung could get back to utilizing Exynos chipsets in 2024 for the Galaxy S24 series.


For the people who may be moaning at seeing Exynos chipsets, particularly assuming you're in a market that already just had the Exynos variation accessible, there may be some uplifting news. It appears to be that because of utilizing Exynos chipsets, Samsung can help how much Slam and capacity on the phones, and that implies better memory the board and extra room.


It is normal that the chipset being referred to could be the Exynos 2400 which will be based on the 4nm interaction and will highlight a 10-center central processor. We don't know whether Samsung will bet everything with Exynos this time, or on the other hand in the event that they will essentially get back to their past training and give a few business sectors Exynos chipsets and different business sectors Qualcomm chipsets, yet one way or the other this report ought to be accepted tentatively for the present.

We Could See the Samsung Galaxy F54 Soon


While Samsung's Galaxy A series phones are a portion of its most well known handsets, the organization likewise invests a ton of energy and exertion into the turn of events and dissemination of its Galaxy F handsets, which are very well known in creating markets. In that capacity, it appears as though we're going to see the Galaxy F54 soon, which will come some fascinating equipment.


A few equipment specs on the Galaxy F54 have been estimated web based, following the presence of the gadget's help page for Indian business sectors. It's normal that the gadget could pack a 6,000 mAh battery, Samsung's freshest Exynos 1380 chipset, close by 8GB of Slam and 128GB of interior stockpiling. Other equipment subtleties incorporate a triple-camera exhibit, which incorporates a 108MP principal sensor, a 8MP ultrawide focal point, and a 2MP full scale focal point. The phone will probably accompany a 32MP forward looking camera.


Concerning programming, the phone will run Android 13 alongside Samsung's One UI skin on top. Right now however, there's no expression of an authority day for kickoff for purchasers in India, in spite of the fact that it will in all likelihood be accessible through Flipkart and Samsung's web-based store.

Samsung actually won't put a S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold 5


For the most extensive length of time ever, the S Pen used to be a restrictive component to Samsung's Note series of phones, yet since the organization ceased the arrangement, the organization has brought help for the S Pen to its other lead phones, including its foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 4.


The main issue is that the Fold 4 doesn't have a committed S Pen slot, which is a disgrace given that today is perhaps of the best foldable phone. We heard bits of hearsay that Samsung planned to incorporate it last year, yet adjusted their perspectives without a second to spare. Sadly for those trusting that would change with the Fold 5, it seems as though it's an off limits.


Samsung actually won't put a S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold 5


This is as per a report from South Korea from ETNews who guarantees that Samsung wo exclude a committed S Pen slot in the Fold 5. The report guarantees that Samsung will make some plan changes that will diminish the general weight and thickness of the phone, and subsequently, there won't be space for a lodging for the pointer.


This means clients who need to utilize the S Pen with the phone should haul the pointer around independently, which is somewhat irritating as it implies that they could lose it. The reality of the situation will come out eventually on the off chance that this gossip works out, so until, believe it tentatively for the present.

Samsung Galaxy S24 could get an crazy new invigorate rate


Nowadays, we're seeing more smartphone organizations enhance the invigorate paces of their showcases. Gone are the days where 60Hz was the business standard. These days we're taking a gander at phones that have a base invigorate pace of 90Hz.


With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung gave the phones a 120Hz invigorate rate, however that could change soon. As per a selective report from Sam Darling, they are guaranteeing that for the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung could really be intending to knock the revive rate up to 144Hz.


No different subtleties are accessible and it is hazy if the new invigorate rate may be accessible for the Ultra rendition of the Galaxy S24, or on the other hand on the off chance that it will be accessible across the setup. Commonly, organizations like to hold fresher equipment highlights for its better quality models before in the long run getting it to the whole reach later models, so it is conceivable that this could be the situation, however that is only our hypothesis.


As far as contrast, we don't know whether one can differentiate between a 120Hz invigorate rate or a 144Hz revive rate, yet in the event that it implies a smoother looking over show, all of us are for it. Until we get more data, do think about it while considering other factors for the time being, particularly since we're still all in all far off from the Galaxy S24 series launching.

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