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Samsung phones hit with green lines display issues again


Samsung seems to have an issue with their phones that has been affecting their devices for years. This is where green lines appear on Samsung phones for seemingly no reason at all. Now it looks like Samsung phones are experiencing that issue again. Some seem to think that it could be due to the One UI 6.0 update or the latest security patch.


According to user complaints online, it doesn't appear to affect any particular model. Some users are reporting issues with their Galaxy S22 phones. Devices like the Galaxy S21 FE are also affected, along with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and some mid-range handsets. Seeing as this issue popped up after the update, it looks like a software issue and not a hardware one.



Samsung has yet to comment on the issue, so if you're affected, you could try to take it into a service center and see what can be done for you. If your phone is old and no longer under warranty, you might be charged if you want to replace the display, assuming that it is a hardware problem and not a software related issue.


Hopefully this is a problem that can be patched with an update. Like we said, Samsung hasn't really said anything regarding these issues yet. We'll have to wait and see how it is resolved. In the meantime, if you don't have an urgent need to update your phone, maybe stay away from updating until a fix can be found.

Samsung Says its New LPDDR5X DRAM is the Fastest One Yet


Apart from its Galaxy line of smart devices, Samsung also specializes in the design and manufacturing of the tiny bits of hardware that end up inside our smartphones. As such, the South Korean electronics giant recently announced that it's working on an industry-first LPDDR5X DRAM memory, which will support speeds of up to 10.7 gigabits-per-second (Gbps).


The LPDDR5X will be built on 12 nanometer class process technology, which according to Samsung is currently the smallest chip size among existing LPDDRs in the market. It adds that this new breakthrough component is designed for leveraging on-device Ai applications and functions.


The company states that the LPDDR5X improves performance by more than 25% and capacity by more than 30% versus older generations, and also expands the single package capacity of mobile DRAM up to 32GB, making it ideal for on-device AI that usually requires high-performance, high-capacity and low-power memory.


The LPDDR5X also uses specialized power-saving technologies such as optimized power variation that can adjust power according to workload, and expanded low-power mode intervals which extend energy-saving periods. Samsung says that mass production of the 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X is scheduled to begin by the second half of 2024, following verification with mobile application processor and mobile device providers.

The Samsung XR headset could be unveiled soon


Samsung is no stranger when it comes to wearable headsets. The company has created a number of VR headsets over the years, but with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, it's no surprise that Samsung is showing renewed interest in the category again. Samsung teased an XR headset that will be built in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm back in 2023, and we could officially get the details as soon as next month.


This is according to a post on X by Google. The company says there will be some announcements related to augmented reality made at I/O 2024. This has led some to speculate that maybe the details and features of the Samsung XR headset could be revealed during the event.


Samsung hasn't really said much about the headset after the initial confirmation in 2023. This has led to a lot of rumors and speculation about the device. It is rumored to run on a variant of Android and use a Qualcomm chipset made for XR devices.


The rumors also claim that it will come in at a lower price than the Apple Vision Pro. It will be interesting to see what kind of features it could offer. Samsung isn't alone in trying to come up with something new to compete with the Apple Vision Pro. In 2023, there were rumors that Meta and LG could be working together to create a new headset.

No camera upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6


A recent rumor suggested that Samsung's next-gen foldables might not get an upgrade in the charging speed department. It turns out that's not all Samsung won't be upgrading. According to a post on X by tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will apparently keep the same camera configuration of the Fold 5.


For context, the Fold 5 has a triple camera setup on the back of the phone. It consists of a 50MP main, a 10MP telephoto, and a 12MP ultrawide. Assuming the post is accurate, the Fold 6 will end up using the same cameras. Is this a bad thing? Kind of. Samsung's foldables typically tend to fall short in the camera department.



This isn't to say the cameras are bad, it's just not as good compared to the company's flagship Galaxy S-series. Also, considering the price that customers are paying for the Fold series, you would think Samsung could equip it with better cameras. The semi-good news is that if you want a camera upgrade, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be it.


There are rumors that claim Samsung is working on an Ultra variant of its foldable. Ice Universe suggests that maybe the Ultra model could get a camera upgrade. But then again, we heard that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be exclusive to South Korea, so even if you wanted to, you might not be able to buy it.

Samsung wants to make Bixby more chatty


Bixby is Samsung's attempt at making its own digital assistant. It's not necessarily the best, and the fact that Samsung is trying to force it on users has made some of them turn it off. This doesn't mean that Samsung can't improve on Bixby. In fact, that's exactly what the company is hoping to do.


In a recent interview with CNBC, Samsung's executive VP of mobile, Won-joon Choi, revealed that the company is looking to give Bixby more smarts. By smarts, we mean that Samsung will be injecting the digital assistant with generative AI capabilities. This means that in the future, Bixby will be more chatty and smarter about the response it gives.


If you've ever used ChatGPT or Google Bard, then you know how much better it is at answering questions compared to searching for it yourself. Google has also made efforts to integrate its Gemini AI into Google Assistant, which is the path that Samsung is hoping to take with its own digital assistant.


Oddly enough, Bixby already has generative capabilities, but only on Samsung's smart home devices. This interview suggests that Samsung wants to bring it to Bixby on its mobile products. It will be interesting to see how this turns out, especially with stiff competition from Google and if the rumors are true, Apple as well.

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