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elon musk


We all got inspired from Elon Musk when he accomplished his impossible dreams but now he wants to drill hole in your skill and link your brain with smartphone apps. This new technology will allow you to control your smartphones with just your thoughts. Neuralink is one of the Musk's companies, working on neural technology for over two years, and just recently it gave its first public real peek at what this startup has been working since its launch. The startup has created a neurosurgical robot which can embed the threads similar to human hair into the brain.

So far, these threads have been tested on animals but they are hopeful to test these on humans by the end of next year. To conduct these tests on humans he would need approval from the U.S food and drug administration first. If he got the approval, he may be able to pitch a technology that can read the mind of a patient of a paralysis and transmit that data to a machine. This would open new opportunities for the disable persons. According to a Reeve foundation, there are 5.4 million people living in the US with this condition and if this technology works, it could significantly improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Neuralink is arguably one of the foremost startups dedicated to biohacking, the quest to augment human beings' physical and cognitive performance, often by performing radical experiments on ourselves. It's now facing a problem common to many biohackers: The medical system, they complain, holds back progress. On July 16, Elon Musk had a live-stream about the technology. The Must said, the event wasn't about showing off. The main reason for doing this presentation is recruiting. He wants to hire more people for the Neuralink's open positions. The company currently has 90 employees and has $158 million in funding.



1. Reboot the device

The Android operating system is quite robust and doesn't need much in the way of maintenance or working. But if you are finding that your smartphone has slowed down a bit recently, here are a few things you can do to get it back to its normal speed.The first tip is a simple one... reboot your smartphone or device. Yes, I know it's simple, but it does help, especially if it has been a while since you last rebooted your smartphone. Easiest way to do this is to press and hold the power button until the option to restart appears. I generally try to reboot my devices at least once a month just to keep them fresh.


2. Remove unnecessary stuff and apps

If you've been using your Android smartphone for a year or so, chances are that it has accumulated a fair amount of junk and unnecessary apps leftovers. One of the best tools for hunting down and deleting junk on an Android device comes from the makers of the best PC and mac cleanup tool - CCleaner. I recommend running this tool every few weeks just to keep the operating system clean. There are other options available to do the same job, such as Avast Cleanup & Boost, AVG Cleaner, and Norton Clean.Limit background processing. First you need to activate Developer Mode. Here's how to do this:

Go to Settings
Tap on System (Android 8 and higher)
Tap on About phone
Tap on Build number 7 times
Enter password to authenticate making the change
Return to the previous screen to find Developer options near the bottom
Under Developer options go to Background process limit and choose an option. To get the best performance from the running app, choose No background processes, but if you regularly switch between a couple of apps, then choosing one or two running in the background might be a better compromise.


3. Disable animations

Flashy animations are nice, but disabling them will increase the speed of your device. First you need to activate Developer Mode. Here's how to do this:

Go to Settings
Tap on System (Android 8 and higher)
Tap on About phone
Tap on Build number 7 times
Enter password to authenticate making the change
Return to the previous screen to find Developer options near the bottom
Under Developer options go to Windows animation scale and choose Animation off.


4. Update your operating system

If your smartphone is running slower than usual, then your operating system (or OS) might need to be updated. Having the latest version of iOS or Android on your phone is the best way to ensure it works at its best. Just make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and backed up before you update your phone's software, make sure there is nothing on storage that you can't' afford to lose. Newer operating systems might not be optimized for older or lower-cost phones. iPhone: Go to "Settings," then "General," and then "Software Update."


5. Remove live wallpaper

It is not helping. Live wallpaper is a fun feature to show off your new smartphone, but much like widgets, they eat up a lot of memory and battery life. Over time, live wallpaper will slow down your phone and kill its efficiency.








The way how women and men perceive this world differs significantly and that influences considerably the way of their communication.  The art of communication with men can't be taught at school and necessary knowledge comes only due to experience and practice.  The ability to come up with appropriate words is a precious talent and a backbone of successful relationships. Understanding men's psychology and taking into consideration some basic features typical for them will definitely clear the situation and make you comprehend how men think.  Here are a few easy steps to approach every man.


Listening is important

Though, generally, guys tend to be more tacit, being heard isn't less vital for them. Imagine yourself dating one of the handsome rich man singles for the first time. You're continuously blabbing like an annoying chatterbox about yourself before he even tries to open his mouth. What kind of impression would you make? Being a good interlocutor means not only nonstop talking but also being able to listen, especially if it goes about the guy you fancy.


Be straightforward

It's clear that men like mysterious women because they involve elements of a bewildering riddle. Sounds romantic, right, but literally it can prevent you from mutual understanding because guys have difficulties in getting hits. Beating around the bush often leads to the altercations and misunderstandings, so instead of using vague whimsical phrases speak directly about your desires.

Speak on a topic you're good at

It's ok if you aren't extremely keen on football, sport or weapons, but don't make a fool of yourself by trying to pretend that you know everything as it will look ridiculous. For example, it's better to accept that you don't have profound knowledge about something and ask the guy to clarify things you aren't familiar with. Be sure, he will be glad to show you his brilliance and smartness.




Be yourself

Ability to be sincere and natural is the most important while communicating with men. No one likes mannerism and hypocrisy and for them, it's vivid when the woman is trying to be not who she really is. Each of us knows how it's important to make a good impression on someone, but don't escalate things. Being yourself and frank in your feelings is the best way to come to a mutual understanding with a guy.


Handle your emotions

While sharing the problem with a man, women tend to exaggerate the situation bolstering it with the enormous flow of emotions. Often it appears to be quite tiresome and annoying for man, as instead of hearing the main sense, he has to bear the theatrical drama. Guys can't stand listening to women hysterics or witness them crying. If you want to complain about something, it's better to pull yourself together and speak reasonably about your concerns. Naturally, men aren't as emotional as women, so such emotional explosions are foreign for them.




Clean lists of emails, high delivering rates and good name of the sender - these are advantages, which you can extract from the confirmation of the subscribers` lists.


The article aims to gradually define what the confirmation of the database address is, advise examination tools and describe how to prevent problem emails from entering your list. To start with, let us define what the confirmation of e-mails means.

What is E-mails Validation?


Validating e-mails means checking the availability of addresses and the option to exchange letters. This measure helps to decrease soft and hard bounce rates, avoid spamming, and increase the effectiveness of your mailing campaign as a whole. Email validation may be performed both by online means as email checker by cleantalk or by applications. The apps must be installed on a PC, while SaaS options are available online, therefore you could work with them through web browsers on any devices.


Validators Charge


PC applications are available by charge, as the user usually purchases a license to use the tool in one workplace. As a rule, such programs allow you to verify an unlimited number of emails. In the case of online tools, the client pays for a monthly subscription and/or for the number of confirmations available during the month.


As for Cleantalk mentioned above, you can try 7-days free trial to make sure of the quality of the exact service.


IP Security


Despite significant advantages, intensive usage of validators jeopardizes your IP address reputation. Mailing servers that host your subscribers' mailboxes could intercept confirmation requests as a spam attack, and you will receive false e-mail account confirmation statuses in return.


At worst, your IP can be blacklisted by anti-spam services. For sure, you can always choose proxy servers to hide an IP, but you will have to pay for reliable proxies, which will increase the cost of the campaign as a whole.





How to Prevent Getting into Lists of Invalid Addresses:


1)     1) Follow the delivery error statistics;


2)     2) Apply the double opt-in subscription method;


3)     3) Distribute and activate subscribers.


It happens, when entering email in a subscription form, people press the false symbol or add an extra space or character by mistake. Double opt-in does not allow incorrectly specified email to get into the mailing recipients list. Firstly, the client enters his e-mail in the form of subscription, then he needs to go to the mailbox, open the check-in letter and follow the linking to verify the enrolment.

Do not forget to check the statistics of the results of sending mailings - pay particular focus on data of invalid and non-existent addresses. Distribute customers by subscription date and try to restart them, keeping track of sending error statistics and spam complaints.


This is the basics of maintaining the hygiene of the subscriber base. Take care of your business by using reliable software.




The educational world does not stand still. Teachers should come up with new instructional strategies to satisfy learners' needs and prepare new generations for life in the modern world. One of such strategies is m-learning. This term refers to all educational processes involving using mobile platforms (video and audio players, websites, messaging services) and devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) which provide all-round accessibility, allow teachers and students to collaborate comfortably and build individualized pathways.

In this article, experts from Pro-Papers have provided the broad definition of m-learning including its history, the key advantages and disadvantages.

The Growth of Mobile Learning in Education


In one form or another, m-learning existed yet in the early 2000s. As technology gained an important role in human life, the inevitability of adopting mobile technologies in the classroom became obvious. This is a consequence of revolution sparked by PCs which have provided new opportunities to teachers and learners.

Over some time, portable and compact devices gained popularity, which allowed people to study anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. Now, it is quite possible to read e-books in public transport, listen to audiobooks when walking in a park, watch instructional videos on a beach, study presentations in a country house, take quizzes while waiting in a queue, participate in online open courses, write custom term paper from anywhere and interact with peers from foreign countries. Information sources are wide open for everyone who wants to gain knowledge.

The Advantages of Mobile Learning




Learners are not limited by dull lecture halls and strict educational plans. Everyone can tread one's own path to academic success. This approach is beneficial for both teachers and students. Young people can enter virtual classrooms whenever convenient, download course materials, and take tests.  For their part, educators may share information, consult learners on the go to help them overcome challenges, control test taking, and inform parents about their children's academic performance.

M-learning expands the borders of a physical school with chalk blackboards and desks standing in rows. There is no specific schedule and place. Everyone may choose hours and learning space which suit one best, engage in learning voluntarily and not when strict observers command one to do it, undertake an active role in the educational process rather than absorb information passively and wait until boring lectures come to an end.

Digital-First Thinking


Many modern recruiters are Millennials - people who were growing up in parallel with technology. These specialists are used to solving labor and everyday tasks with the help of modern devices, software, and media platforms, want their employees to be tech-savvy and do the same. 

Current school and university graduates should be digital natives to succeed in the labor market and find a common language with business owners. M-learning prepares students for the future, provides the introduction to the tech world, reflects the way how Millennials think and act, develops a digital-first mindset and forward-thinking. Young people become enthusiastic about innovations, adapt to changes much better than Luddites who perceive technology with prejudice.

Dynamic Teaching Methodologies


Far not all students like to read textbooks and easily understand abstract concepts. Visual and audial learners are infringed in a traditional classroom. M-learning may become a good solution for them. It involves the use of video, audio, images, and other content with vivid, rich graphics. Such course materials are engaging and dynamic, attract students' attention and keep them focused, allow to cover large information volumes in short periods of time.

Mobile technologies are friendly to modern educational methodologies, such as experiential learning. Teachers should greet progress, test fresh and original ideas instead of sticking to outdated classical strategies.

Personalized Learning


Some mobile apps analyze users' behavior, learning style, talents, and preferences, create individualized algorithms helping each person to reach one's full potential, offer ways to develop weak skills and eliminate knowledge gaps. Educators are not obliged to spend time communicating one-on-one with each learner and compiling personalized academic plans because this may well be done by artificial intelligence.

This approach is much more effective than educating robots with the same abilities and skills or dividing students into A-F groups which are way too broad. Each learner is a unique personality requiring an educational strategy tailored to one's character traits and thinking patterns. Flexibility makes m-learning a great tool for creating individualized pathways.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning


Old Skills Die Out


Of course, it would be not fair to list the pros of m-learning and overlook its cons. Each approach has some drawbacks, no matter how good it is. First of all, students do not develop skills which are not connected with technology. Not all things may be created by pressing a button on a sensor screen. The society needs specialists excelling in arts and crafts, such as woodworking and pottery. Even though many goods are created by machines at plants, handmade is still in high demand, which increases the value of craftsmen on the labor market.

Dependence on Tech Tools


Smartphones are very helpful but not perfect. They may break and freeze thus disrupting the educational process. In addition, not all schools and families can allocate sums necessary for buying expensive gadgets from their budgets. Students having only push-button phones would be in a disadvantaged position.



It is easy to forget that a person has to learn when one holds a mobile phone in hands. Educational apps coexist with entertaining games and social media distracting learners' attention. Constant notifications from instant messengers, funny YouTube videos, and invitations to play do not allow young people to focus on their academic responsibilities.

Harm to Health


Doctors claim that screen time should be reduced. It is harmful to vision and posture to spend much time in front of computers, TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. But m-learning, on the contrary, increases screen time. This approach may create fertile soil for bad habits and addiction, especially for juniors who have poorly developed self-discipline.  Therefore, m-learning strategies should be used in moderation, keeping in mind students' health.

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