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Outsource web development in Ukraine daily becomes more popular among foreign companies. Local teams dedicated to their work and give excellent results. At the same time, cost custom tech developments are significantly lower than in Western Europe. Hire software developers in Ukraine customers receive practical projects implemented by modern tools.


One of the best countries to find developers in Ukraine. Experienced programmers in creating web projects are the company Mangosoft. The versatile qualifications of specialists allow you to work on:

  • Large scalable databases (MySQL PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and others).

  • AI & ML.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

  • Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Blockchain

  • DevOps.

In addition to creating new projects, the company integrates existing technologies into new ones. Customers can order separately or in a sophisticated quality testing, reengineering. Successful projects include FinTech, logistics, media, travel, and real estate.

In web development, a company can offer sites, APIs, web applications, and individual web functions. Using Agile technology allows you to create high-performance resources. The speed of launching pages does not depend on the amount of information. The team performs coding on the client and server-side, cross-browser layout, and product testing. The company's employees specialize in Python, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails for back-end development, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end.

Customers can also turn to SEO optimization and other e-commerce features. It is possible to integrate CMS into a corporate network quickly. In an existing system, you can implement additional functions. The company will provide excellent solutions for creating payment gateways or remote control systems.


The brand specializes in creating mobile and web applications for business. Projects are launched from scratch, developing their marketing strategies. Active user engagement ensures the successful development of the client business.

The main goal is the smooth operation of the final product in a massive flow of visitors. Programmers also emphasize the safety and reliability of the system. At the same time, they try to create an interface that is easy and intuitive. Designers strive to place even a large number of functions in such a way that navigation remains clear to the student.

The work always uses the principles of UI / UX. Cross-browser and cross-platform solutions can be implemented. Customers can also apply for adding new features to an existing project.


Inoxoft specializes in creating web solutions for business. The brand philosophy is a clear code. This approach provides high resource performance in a massive flow of users. Also, experts create safe sites. Full functionality and a simple interface allow you to solve user problems effectively.

If a customer needs a unique design, then Inoxoft is the right choice. The creative team will create a project from scratch or rebrand. Creating layouts begins after thorough marketing research and study of the client's business.

Among the cases of the company, there are works for:

  • Health facilities.

  • Logistics.

  • Financial sphere.

  • Educational projects.

The staff has programmers with knowledge of .Net, Python, Node.JS, AWS, Azure.


Hiring developers from Ukraine Western companies receive significant budget savings. In this case, the quality remains at the highest level. Unlike other countries of Eastern Europe, there are no tax difficulties. The convenient time zone is suitable for collaboration remote work. Usually, companies have a lot of specialized specialists. This allows you to take into account the needs of each customer. This is also an occasion to hire a web development team in Ukraine rather than freelancers. If you do not know how to implement your project, seek free advice. For example, the Mangosoft team offers this service to all potential customers.



A few weeks into a worldwide shutdown with no end in sight, the COVID-19 pandemic is already looking like the most severe economic event that most of us will see in our lifetimes. Brick-and-mortar businesses everywhere are shuttered indefinitely and earning no revenue, and millions of workers around the world are laid off or furloughed. 

If you aren't working right now - or you're a business owner earning no revenue - things probably look pretty bleak. You already know that no federal bailout - not even the biggest bailout ever - is going to keep you afloat. You need a way to start earning money, and you need it now. 

This article will present a new way of looking at things. If you're blessed with health, and you're at home with an Internet connection and nothing to do, you have an opportunity to completely reinvent your business or your career. Think about it - you're stuck at home. You've spent most of your adult life fretting over the fact that there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, and suddenly, you have all of the time you could possibly want.

It's time to think in a completely different way. You can start putting your dreams into motion right now. You might never have another opportunity like this one.

Not All Businesses Are Suffering During the COVID-19 Shutdown

The worldwide COVID-19 shutdown has led to a major change in the way people buy products, and you may not have noticed the change if you've only thought about things from your point of view as a consumer. 

What's happened? Suddenly, people can't buy everyday products from local stores because those stores are closed. Many of the people who can still buy products locally are choosing to practice social distancing and are ordering online instead. 

Everyone is buying almost everything online. Brick-and-mortar vape shops are shuttered, so people are flocking to online stores like Premium Vape for e-liquid. People are buying food, clothes, toys - everything - online. As terrible as COVID-19 has been for local businesses that suddenly can't earn revenue, online businesses have experienced almost the exact opposite problem - they're turning customers away because they're receiving more orders than they can handle.

Many Local Businesses Won't Reopen After COVID-19

If you aren't already seeing the unique opportunity for career reinvention that exists right now, here's another thing to consider: Your employer may not reopen when the COVID-19 shutdown ends. Here are just a few reasons why that possibility exists:

  • Some businesses will receive loans from the federal government, but in some cases, the loans won't be enough to get those businesses back to self-sustainability. Those businesses will end up closing anyway.

  • Even with loans, some businesses will be financially unable to buy the necessary supplies for reopening.

  • Some business owners were already looking for opportunities to close their businesses and will do so now.

The biggest reason why some businesses won't reopen when the COVID-19 shutdowns end, though, is because the customers simply won't be there. Think about how hard it is to change consumers' buying habits. For as long as you can remember, you've been buying the same things, and you've been buying them from the same places. You've seen advertisements for other companies, but those advertisements have seldom been enough to get you to change your habits; you'd rather stick with what's familiar and comfortable. 

With the shuttering of local businesses, though, COVID-19 has forced your hand. Suddenly, you're buying from online sellers you'd never heard of before. Maybe you've tried creating subscriptions for various products on Amazon rather than just buying things as you need them. Some of your new buying experiences have been great. Maybe you've even saved some money. When the shutdown ends, are you going to resume all of your old buying habits? Probably not.

So, there are two sides of that coin to consider. On one hand, it isn't necessarily a guarantee that your employer will reopen when the pandemic is over. On the other hand, online businesses that grow during the pandemic will probably grow permanently. 

Why the COVID-19 Shutdown Is a Career Opportunity for You

Let us emphasize once again that, no matter how bad the current economic situation may seem, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your business or career and come back stronger than ever. People haven't stopped buying, and money hasn't stopped changing hands. It's just changing hands online now. The sooner you can figure out a way to start earning money online, the more quickly you can get your cash flow positive again - and potentially reinvent your career in the process.

It's time to get your thinking cap on. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • If you're a local business owner, you may have already shifted to no-contact delivery in an attempt to stay afloat. Since many consumers have moved as much of their business online as possible, though, local deliveries probably haven't been enough to sustain your business. If it's possible to sell your products online and ship them, you need to start doing so right away. You might be thinking that you can't afford the development expense right now, but the fact is that putting together an e-commerce website isn't nearly as big a deal as you might think. WooCommerce is free, and Shopify is inexpensive and includes technical support. Both are designed to be as easy as possible for novices to use.

  • If you're an individual, you can start a business as a product reseller through a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. The easiest way to begin is by reselling products found in local stores. The large online marketplaces are having trouble keeping basic necessities like flour and canned goods in stock. You can easily turn a small but consistent profit by reselling those products, and if you reinvest your profits, you can potentially enjoy sustainable growth.

  • If you have no funds to invest into products for resale, there are still many ways to make money online without an investment. You can start a blog and advertise companies' products as an affiliate. You can create content like videos and ask people to support you on Patreon. You can write and sell e-books. You can stream video games on Twitch. Any of those ideas could easily blossom into a full-time career.

  • If you're just looking for a way to keep money coming in and aren't interested in starting a new career, you can sell a product that's in demand right now but won't be forever. Hand-sewn cloth masks, for example, are selling on Etsy as quickly as people can make them.



Salary is the worst addiction that makes you kill your dreams and work your whole life. We get up early in the morning and travel to work 9 to 5 for an income that only fulfills our basic needs. On top of that, we don't have the freedom of our own life. We can't travel, take days off, or rest if we like it. Jobs bound us to a strict routine of slaves and keeps our mouth shut with minimum wage. 

The world is starting to see how jobs take away our entire life. That's why people are more focused on starting their own business. But it's not as simple as most of us might think. Most startups usually fail within the first year, and very few of them manage to become a stable business with a decent income. The problem is our education system. They teach us how to be a good employee, but no one tells us how to start a business. They don't give us practical education or experience.

We discover new things by making mistakes and suffering terrible losses. We can only withstand a limited number of losses before we fall down. And not all of us have the courage to get up again and give the business another shot. 

So, what's the solution to this problem?


Use the internet and contact experienced people of the same industry to learn from them. Don't for the time when you will give up everything and start working on your new business. Learn things whenever you can. Only when you are sure that now you have learned enough to start a successful business of your industry should you take the next step. 

The Internet is the source of valuable information where you learn from the experience of other people. This article is one of them. This is a humble approach to share our experience and knowledge with all ambitious entrepreneurs and businessmen. Here I have shared things you must have when starting a new business. You don't necessarily need all of them. It's just some things that may be helpful for some businesses and essential for some industries. 

A Unique Selling Proposition

This is not optional. If you are to start a business, you must have an idea that is unique. Of course, the entire business idea can't be unique due to the saturation we have in every single market. However, you can add one unique thing in the same cliché idea to stand out in the market. 

For example, for a food business, you could have a great taste that your customers won't find anywhere else. Whether it be quality, low prices, or additional service, that's for you to decide. It's not something you would find easily. You will have to research the entire market. See what people are doing and what your customers expect. Look for a market gap and make it your unique selling point. 

Focus all your business processes and marketing on that unique selling point to attract and retain customers. As long as you keep offering that uniqueness, you will keep getting returning customers. And a business with loyal customers never fails. 

At Least Six Month of Budget

It's a frequently asked question: how much money do you need to start a business? There is no one right amount. It all depends on the industry and the scale of the company you are starting. There is also not one formula to get an exact number. But here is something that will give an approximate idea of what you need. 

First, make a list of initial necessities you will need for the business. For example, equipment, workers, office, etc. write down the price that would be spent before starting operations. 

After that, get an estimate of how much money you will have to spend if you don't get any return at all. It includes rents, bills, and wages.  

Finally, multiply the monthly expenses to six and add it with initial expenses. That's your total investment. Remember, you multiplied the monthly expenses to six because you must have at least six months of budget to keep the business running. You can't expect profit at the beginning, and you need a strong backbone to suffer losses for this time period. 

Answering Machine

You start your marketing before you start operations. This means that you will spread brand awareness and let the world your business exist. So, you will be getting calls from prospects who may be interested in your product or services. If you don't properly retain them, you will lose potential customers. That's why you will need a professional phone number with a receptionist to answer all such calls. 

For many businesses, having a receptionist is crucial. For example, a doctor can't make an appointment and deal with customers while also treating a line of patients. 

Now you might be wondering how a new business can afford a receptionist. It's difficult enough to pay for other expenses, and hiring a receptionist before starting operations would be way out of budget. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for it. 

There are businesses that let you outsource receptionist work. You get an answering service from a reliable company that will professionally deal with all your calls. Every time someone calls your number, it will be attended by a real person who will guide them as per your instructions. This will present you as a professional company to impress your prospects. 

A Website

You will be left way behind the market if you don't have a website. You might wonder since when a website is so important. It's become crucial as most of the world population regularly started using the internet. It works like an online branch of your business where you will get customers. Whether it's a product or a service you offer, you can rely on the internet to get you leads that you will contact to convince and convert into customers.

You need a domain, hosting, and a website. The first two barely cost $50 a year. As for the website, you can get one in any budget. There are sites you can get in $20, and you can have them custom-built for additional cost according to your requirements. With this, you should also consider acquiring some digital marketing services to promote your website and attract potential customers. 

A Network of Relevant Professionals

A network is one of the biggest assets of a professional. People think money is all they need to start a business. Honestly, you can always arrange the funds. But you can't have someone else run the business at your place. It's very important that you stay in touch with every professional that is remotely linked to your industry or business.

Even if they are not in the same industry, save their contact number and keep in touch. You should try to have one person from every profession in your network. You never know when you might need a lawyer. Other than that, the expertise of a marketer is also useful. Furthermore, keep business cards of reliable electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and other such professionals for maintenance of your office. 

Business License

Many businesses are not allowed to operate without a license. For example, if you are a dentist, you will need to get a license first. You get the license only after your fulfill certain requirements. The government doesn't want an unqualified person to provide services that could harm somebody. That's why a license is important. Get information about its requirements and complete them before you even start the plan of your business. 

Document of Roles and Responsibilities

You might be working alone, have partners, or employees. Many businessmen underestimate the value of documentation, which they later regret. You need to write detailed roles and responsibilities of each actor and have him sign before you start working together. If you don't do that, it will later cause problems between you two. 

It's particularly important if you have a co-founder or partner. Decide what goals each of you must achieve to keep the business running. If you are the one doing all the work and the other one only benefitting, sooner or later you will sick of it. Write documents and decide that each will only be rewarded after achieving certain goals and milestones

Team of Business Developers

There are businesses with lousy products and services that keep running and making profit just because they have great business developers. Their job is to bring work for you, in other words, customers. It takes more time to attract a customer than to retain it. You can't spend all your time looking for customers and convincing them. Your expertise lies elsewhere, and that's where you should focus. 

Work on your product or service to provide the best user experience. Business developers will bring customers to your doorsteps. If you can retain them with quality, they will keep returning, reducing your marketing cost. Make sure you find some experienced business developers and hire them on commission at the initial phases.




With the onset of the technological era, new business trends have started surfacing. The trends gave birth to new business ideas. These ideas that were never possible in the first place, are now all possible. It is all thanks to the technologies that have supported in making those ideas a reality.


Some of these business ideas have become an inspiration to the new entrepreneurs. Some of these business ideas can be the solution to the current problems we are facing like making the earth a plastic-free place. And some of these business ideas can provide futuristic solutions such as building electrical powered automobiles.


These ideas were only a dream and never a reality, but after the technological advancement, these dreams have come true.


Here are some of the business trends that can inspire you to come up with your own ideas.


  1. Implementation of the AI software

As the technologies are improving, so does the marketing methods. Marketers are using AI-supported platform as the new trend to deal with the management. Technologies like google Alexa and amazon echo are the new sensation. It is used by the top companies to keep their appointments in check.


Repeated functions and tasks are all dealt with by the AI-supported robots making the work easier for mankind.

  1. Virtual presence

It has become very important to have a virtual presence on online media. This not only boosts you brand reputation but it also helps you to interact with the audience. Having the presence on the internet let your audience get in touch with you 24x7. This create a positive impression of the brand.


Many smart companies are using the social platform for creating awareness and doing social media marketing. A study has found out that the conversion rate for social media marketing is too high to be considered to be true.

  1. Millennial welcoming generation X

The millennial people are now ready to welcome the generation X. a study has been made that more than 70 million generation X will reach adulthood this year. These generation X are people who are born after 1998. And in the near future, they will hold the most power in influencing the world towards a better future. So, if you are a marketer then this will be your targeted audience.

  1. Social learning

What do you think you do when someone ask you to make something. You google it, do you not? Even for a small thing, we have made a habit of looking it into google. If we want to learn new skills we look into the youtube. That's how we have been molded.

And the reason is that social learning is much more helpful than traditional learning. A study has been made that more than 50% of people are related to social learning in one way or another.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain protocol has gained popularity in these past few years making many novice investor millionaires overnight. If you had invested $1000 in bitcoin in 2008, you would have more than $40,000,000 today. That's how big this market has become. It is never too late to invest in the cryptocurrencies, just visit the site via this link and you will be all set with your first cryptocurrency investments.


Many companies have also started to build up skills for the blockchain technology. This shows that the future of blockchain technology is quite bright.

It's Your Turn


This is how the market is in 2020. And it is still going to be strong in the upcoming future. 2021 may witness a new kind of business trends incorporated by new technology. You may never know. Always being prepared is what marketing is.



Everyone loves to get something at a discount. No matter what you are searching for, there is likely to be a promotional code or voucher somewhere on the internet that will allow you to get a little off your final price. However, are these promotional codes cost-effective? Let's take a look.

What Can I Find Promotional Codes For?

Nearly every site on the internet will have some form of promotional code you can use. From your favourite clothing stores to groceries, there are codes everywhere. You can even opt into codes from your favourite online casino UK or online retailer so you could receive bonus codes that might not be onsite.

If there is something that you want to buy, you should always check for a promotional code that might take some money off what you are trying to buy. There are plenty of sites online that list these promo codes, and you can even find forums if you want to follow some of the best ones. Some developers are even making browser extensions that will search the internet for you automatically to help you find savings.

What Can Promotional Codes Offer You?

Promotional codes can cover a whole raft of different experiences from a company. One of the main ones you might find is money off. These are common during sales. You might have to apply a bonus code to get a certain amount of money off. Another common code is for free shipping for a set period of time. You might even be able to score a discount on a multi-item order through BOGOF codes.

These codes can save you money as they are offering you a discount on products onsite. In particular, free shipping codes can be incredibly useful. You might like products from a company based in another company. Though they offer international shipping, it might be incredibly expensive and you might have the added cost of a customs charge on top of that. By taking advantage of free shipping codes, you can place an order with the brand you love so much, and hopefully claim a small savings as you won't have to pay that expensive shipping.

Can You Use Promotional Codes Cost-Effectively?

As both a consumer and a business owner, you can definitely make use of promotional codes effectively. If you are a customer, you could use promotional codes when you want to make a purchase for something you have had your eye on for some time. However, you need to make sure that you are not falling into the trap of spending more because of the codes. While you might be able to get more for the same amount of money when using bonus codes, you also need to make sure you are not overspending. As a business owner, you may choose to use a promo code to celebrate an event onsite. It can be a great way to drive up sales and increase interest to your business over a short amount of time.

Promo codes can be cost-effective depending on how they are used. Take a look at your favourite site now and see if there are any promos running that you can use.

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