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Statistics reveal that mobile shopping makes up a huge chunk of e-commerce payment in the retail sales industry. Experts projected that by 2021 more than 50 percent of retail sales done in the e-commerce industry will be made via mobile devices. This goes to say that it is crucial to have a mobile payment processing gateway that works well with the mobile app that you are looking to develop. If you are an app developer, here are some of the things that you should know about online payments.


Security Should Be a Top Priority

Security is of utmost importance and more so now that there are certain regulatory changes. In the past, U.S. law dictates that banks should be held responsible for any loss when fraudulent transactions occur. In turn, the consumer will be absolved from most of its legal liabilities except for a small portion of the overall amount of loss. However, with the emergence of the EMV feature for credit cards, it has become more difficult for dishonest people to commit fraudulent transactions. This also leads to a shift in legal liability. The professionals behind recommend that if you are looking to develop an app with an online payment gateway, better make sure that it ticks all the boxes in the security checklist. According to the recent changes in the law, the onus is now on which side the EMV was not enabled, whether it’s the issuer or the merchant.


Make Use of SDK


Make Use of SDK

You will need an SDK if you integrate a payment gateway into your app. Every payment provider should be equipped with this software development kit or SDK. The best thing about integrating a payment gateway is its ability to help you take control of the transactions, security, and any other aspects of payment operations. Although some of the details regarding its integration vary based on the kind of dev tools and platform you choose, the basic scheme is still the same. App developers that incorporate payment methods will greatly simplify the entire payment process. This is beneficial not just for customers but for app developers as well.


Know More Than Just the Basics

The payment gateway serves as the API that you use when charging a customer’s payment card. The payment processor wherein you have your merchant account will take care of the payment process. The use of this two-part process is important for added security. Some developers refer to straightforward payments as a happy path wherein a company will make successful attempts at obtaining payment from customers. However, there are also times when happy paths lead to declined payments, incorrect billing information, and refund requests. This is when integrating online payments becomes a bit more complicated not only from a workflow point of view and the user interface. Integrating payment capabilities into your app could mean entirely different things. You have to identify first what kind of app you are developing. Is it something that consumers download? Or, is it an app for businesses to download? Are you planning to sell something to app users? Or, is your app helps other companies process payments? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better come up with a comprehensive set of mechanics involved in the payment system process.

Your Team At


If you are a manager, you must be able to handle the tasks assigned to your team, as well as the project team members that are tapped to deliver the requirements. This can be quite a challenging feat because you need to focus on several aspects as a manager. Fortunately, you can leverage the advancements in modern technology to ensure that you are on top of your responsibilities in managing your team at work better.


Project Management Software

One of the primary tools that you should have to manage your team at work better is project management software. This will help you plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver the project assigned to your team effectively. Go for software that readily gives you a bird’s eye view of your projects and teams. It is also best if the software has an intuitive interface that will allow you to navigate through it effortlessly and learn its features in no time. Another feature that you should look for is the ability to create custom roles to clearly define what you and your team members can access.


Task Management App

Another tool that you can use to seamlessly manage your team at work is a task management app that will help you organize your tasks conveniently. When your task list is properly sorted out, you will be able to delegate them to your team members more efficiently. In parallel to this, the digital experts behind NICE inContact suggest that you also leverage workforce management software (WFM) to help you anticipate the demands of your business. This will greatly minimize administrative efforts and ensure that your milestones are within the schedule that you have set.


Team Chat App

You and your team need to stay connected and a team chat app is a great way to collaborate and share ideas. It can also be a channel for you to keep everyone updated. In this case, choose a team chat app that is not only limited to sending text messages but one that allows you to share files with your contacts too. It is even better if your team chat app allows voice and video calls. Some chat tools even allow their users to organize conversations or pin messages which enables you to quickly refer to the information that you need.


Email Management App

Keeping up with your emails can take a significant amount of your time. For this reason, it is a good idea to leverage an email management app that will allow you to work with your team more efficiently. Most email management apps feature a notification system that sends reminders regarding emails that have not been responded to. However, there are those which can help you in communicating more efficiently with people in different time zones.


Time Tracking Software

A time tracking software proves to be beneficial when you are managing large teams or team members who are working remotely. With this tool, you will constantly be updated on what they are working on, as well as the hours that they spent in doing so. This will make invoicing effortless later on, ensuring that your staff is paid for their hard work. Depending on the privacy restrictions imposed in your company, you can use a time tracking software to determine an employee’s real-time location during work hours, as well as the active and idle times they have spent while logged on.


Note Taking App

Taking notes is important not only during your team collaborations but during research as well. For this reason, it is a good idea to take advantage of a note-taking app to ensure that you don’t miss any important information that you have discussed with your team or something that you need to relay to them. Note-taking apps also feature simultaneous edits which will allow you and your team to add notes to your common space at the same time. You can even customize the overall look and feel of your notes according to the preferences of your team.


The Tools


In conclusion, take advantage of available tools brought about by technological innovations to ensure that you manage your team at work more effectively. In this case, you can use project management software, as well as a task management app alongside a team chat app and email management software. There is also the option for you to utilize a time tracking software, a note-taking app, as well as a cloud storage solution. All these are geared towards ensuring that you can handle your team and lead them into delivering what is required from all of you.



Many brands and operating systems smartphones are having different price levels that the average person is spoilt for choice. Many companies are realized the need to bring their services to their client's fingerprints, so they are developing apps that do that. The two main operating systems that most smartphone users subscribe to are IOS and Android.

These companies are approaching custom software development firms or individual developers to develop applications for these operating systems. There are some tips and tricks that will help you make your Android apps that stand out.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Android framework

If you are new at development, this is the first place to begin. Learn how the different components fit and work together. It would be best if you mastered everything about the android Software Development Kit (SDK).

  • Write and read more code

When you have decided which program language you will be using, start doing projects with it. Take time to visit open source libraries and browse through the documents and apps. Understand how other people are coding. You could learn better ways to code and implement features.

  • Architect your apps

You may be tempted to write all your code then dump it all in one place. This is fine if it works when you test it. However, the problem comes in managing and testing aspects of the code. The better way of doing it is to separate various components of the code into layers. This makes it easier to manage and test them and to make improvements.

  • Learn new programming languages

There are some programming languages supported by the Android SDK. Take your time learning some of them like Java and Kotlin. They will give you a broader perspective and can positively impact your development skills.

The crypto market is one of the thriving areas in the financial sector. The fast growth, however, makes it hard and stressful to narrow down the market for casual investors, beginners, and even seasoned traders. 

Good news! The integration of technological advancements makes the trading industry more manageable and simpler than ever. But the high demand for crypto platforms affects your selection process. 

A quality crypto robot is tailored to execute trading faster and more efficiently than other traditional techniques. So, be keen when picking the solution that suits your requirements. Do not take shortcuts. Take your time. 

Important Considerations When Searching the Right Trading Solution

Reliability - Does it Ensure Good, Immediate & Long-Term Results? 

One of the most crucial aspects when choosing a crypto application is reliability. Of course, you want something that you can depend on at all times while enjoying good results. Also, you prefer an option that lets you take advantage of any trading opportunities.  

To measure the reliability of software, read customer reviews online. When there is negative user feedback, remove the trading platform on your list. If you find a tool that receives positive client reviews, it's worth the cost. Don't be enticed by cheap prices. Always invest in platforms that are available at the most competitive rate. 

Transparency - Keep You Informed and Avoid any Guesswork

Any investment is filled with risks. Crypto trading is no exception. In cryptocurrency, it is hard to predict what will happen in a specific session. Trading robots, however, can do better than you've ever imagined.  

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies because of transparency, leaving nothing hidden. 

The same should apply to software in crypto trading. When choosing an application, make sure it shows the trading process, how the profits are made, etc. 

To measure the transparency of a platform, check reviews online. The option that has the most positive customer feedback won't give you a hard time. Also, select a developer with a trusted and known reputation. A reputable company will respond to your concerns and other queries on time. 

Security - Is it Safe? Does it Pose Any Potential Risk? 

What is the main reason behind technological development or advancement? Probably, it has been developed to make our lives easier. But, similar to cryptocurrency and other investment opportunities, the technology comes with risks. As a trader, you have to be cautious so that all your efforts won't go to waste. 

Yes, online trading is a fun way to generate and double your funds. Unfortunately, the irreversible losses are high. So, before settling on trading software, ensure that your option is secure enough to keep hackers away. 

Once you integrate a platform in your crypto activities, you will give it full access to your funds and other important details. This is a bit risky, so work with a trusted and reliable option for your convenience. 

Usability - Is It User-Friendly? Is It Easy To Navigate? 

Perhaps, you have used a trading application before. How was the experience? Was it inefficient and difficult to navigate? If yes, look for a user-friendly solution. Ask whether or not it has a simple interface. Also, determine if it is perfect for those who are less tech-savvy. If you have a hectic schedule, you deserve software that does not require a complicated procedure to follow. 

Profitability - Does it Drive Profits or ROI? 

What's your goal in getting a trading application? Of course, you want to maximize your ROI while minimizing the risks. So, pick a profit-driven solution. 

If you have been using an bitcoin fast profit software, it's time to replace it with something cutting-edge and feature-packed. Identify your needs before making a decision! Seek assistance from other traders. Enjoy!



Optimising a website for mobile is crucial in modern-day society as Mobile-First indexing is now the primary way that Google begins to rank websites since mobile search surpassed that of desktop in 2016. Since then the way people interact with Google and other search engines leading to business having to optimise for Mobile as their primary source of traffic. In this article, we will be looking into how you can ensure your business is mobile optimised with a few simple steps. 

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Optimised 

First, off you should be looking at your site as a whole. If it is not mobile optimised at this time it could be hurting your rankings significantly when compared to your competitors. It is because of this that is crucial you begin to optimise your site for mobile use. Whether this is a different URL for mobile or a dynamic site that can cater to all forms of online devices, this will help to boost rankings in the long term. This can be completed in house or with the help of one of the best marketing agency London has to offer and can help to boost traffic and rankings as your mobile site is improved. 

Make The Website Accessible And Dynamic 

In addition to making sure the website is optimised, it could also be dynamic. This means that the webpage can be navigated and read clearly across several different devices. This is crucial as this can prevent the way that people interact with your business. By ensuring the website is readable across a number of devices you are likely to see many conversions increase. However, if the website does not work and cannot be navigated clearly, this can lead to a higher bounce rate over time. 

Tailor Your Content To Mobile Devices 

Though the website must be navigational, it is important to note that long pages full of content are not advised on mobile devices as audiences tend to enjoy short snappy content that can be read within just a few moments. These are small changes that can be made to some of the pages on the mobile site to accommodate the fast-paced nature of the field you are operating in. Though this can take time to implement, this will help to improve rankings as well as provide a seamless user experience regardless of the device the customer is using. 

Test, Test And More Testing 

The final element to remember when optimising your company for mobile optimisation is testing. It is crucial that the changes you have made work as this can affect the ranking of your site. Though these can sometimes be unavoidable depending on hosting and numerous other variables, it is easier for you to monitor should you be testing things regularly. This will also prevent any downtime as a result of changes helping to ensure that the mobile optimisation process is a success. By having a development team monitor this for you or an in-house developer, you are then able to resolve any issues as soon as they are found. 

Regardless of the size of your business, it is now crucial that your business is mobile optimised. With recent technological changes and the development of mobile-first indexing, there is no excuse for your website to not be optimised as this can be affecting your rankings when compared to your direct competitors.


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