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YouTube presently permits makers to add remedies to their recordings


In some cases during the altering system of a video, makers can get excessively involved and could disregard botches that are more clear to an outsider, similar to their watchers. Or on the other hand perhaps a maker made a real blunder or said something they shouldn't have. At the point when that occurs, makers for the most part need to bring the video down and reupload it once more.


The issue with that is the all the while, they lose the perspectives that they had on the video too as any commitment, which can be impeding to a video's fame. Fortunately YouTube has since declared another component that they'll bring its foundation called "Amendments".



Essentially what this does is that it permits makers to make adjustments to their video by adding refreshed subtleties to the video or to the depiction of the video. This will show up as data cards situated at the upper right-hand corner of a video in light of the timestamp that the revision shows up, so watchers will have additional background info regarding what was being remedied.


Remember that this doesn't really alter the video. For certain makers, it probably won't be fundamental for them to bring a video down and reupload it. It very well may be a basic mistake like referencing some unacceptable day for kickoff of an item, or referencing an off-base name of a food or thing, thus a straightforward remedy like this can assist them with keeping their video up while illuminating watchers regarding the change.

What is a subscription finder and how do you get the most out of one



To say that we are approaching uncertain financial times may be the understatement of the new decade. With fuel and energy costs soaring for many countries and inflation rates not being seen since the 1980s our consumption of goods and services will need to be cut back. This is most certainly bad news for an economy built on high consumption of goods and services but we as consumers now need to be more fiscally responsible than ever before.


Subscription Services and your Wallet

The subscription business model is a lot of things but its convenience cannot be argued against. Businesses understand this and know it is not very hard to find a subscription service for any of your needs or wants. Razors, pet food, groceries, meals, cereal, and contact lenses have all been turned into a subscription model along with our entertainment. We now are overwhelmed with choices on this front, in the 2021 CTV Growth Opportunity Report it was found that 56% of respondents were overwhelmed by the sheer number of services available.


What's more, is that with this drive to a subscription-based model that many companies are pushing, our average spending on these goods and services has increased. J.D. Power notes that in the US the average household increased their subscription spending from 47 USD to 55 USD in the first 6 months of 2021. It's little wonder many people have noticed that their bank balances aren't as healthy as they believed them to be.


How to Trim the Fat

Given how many many subscription services we have signed up for, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic it is difficult to keep track of exactly what we are paying for. This is especially true for those services that might be paid yearly rather than monthly. If you have the patience to go through months of bank statements then this method will certainly work.


Thankfully, technology while enabling the subscription pandemic has also brought forward a handy solution in the form of easy-to-use apps. Such an app often referred to as a subscription finder, is capable of finding all your subscriptions and presenting them to you in a visibly pleasing user interface making the job of trimming the fat much easier. Signing up is simple and often just involves downloading the app from your favorite app store and entering your details.


Given that the details you are entering are considered sensitive many of these apps boast high levels of encryption and other security routines to keep your data safe and this should be one of the requirements you tick off when selecting such an application to help you save money.



Given the convenience of subscription services, it is little wonder we signup so quickly for the services we think we need. Unfortunately over time the services we thought we needed are barely used and go uncancelled costing the subscriber money for not even using the advertised service. Thankfully subscription finders make the job of collecting subscription information in one place easy, saving us potentially thousands of dollars.

Amazing Games' new versatile application transforms your photographs into 3D models


Creating games is difficult, particularly on the off chance that you're a little non mainstream designer where you're the designer, virtual entertainment chief, visual craftsman, sound specialist, and CEO, all simultaneously.


Making 3D models for your games can be troublesome and tedious, particularly on the off chance that you're inexperienced with the cycle, but rather Epic Games could before long make things much more straightforward. The organization has fostered a new application that will actually want to take your photographs and change them into 3D models.



The tech behind it really had a place with an organization called Capturing Reality, whom Epic procured the year before. The organization's specialty was an application called RealityCapture (presently called RealityScan) that utilizes laser examining to take pictures of articles, in actuality, and convert them into 3D resources.


The handling of the pictures will truly be done in the cloud through the RealityScan servers, implying that you don't actually have to stress over if your phone can deal with the delivering. When the handling is finished, clients can likewise trade the output to Sketchfab.


Right now, the application is in beta and the beta is simply accessible to iOS clients, however there are plans to send off an Android form in the not so distant future, so to involve 3D resources for expanded or augmented reality, then this is an application that you should look out for.

The Role of e-Wallets in Polish Gambling


e-Wallets (portfele elektroniczne in Polish) are a common payment method that players can use to make deposits into their accounts at online casinos. Deposits made via e-Wallets are generally fast, secure, and uncomplicated. Well-known e-Wallets include:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Click2Pay
  • ClickandBuy
  • Puggle Pay
  • ecoPayz
  • Webmoney
  • Instadebit
  • TrustPay

Due to the fact that e-Wallets allow quick deposits that are just as secure as other payment methods, e-Wallets in 2022 are highly appreciated by Polish gambling fans on popular sites such as the famous "kasyno Blik" among Poles.


Plus, payment by e-Wallet protects one's own bank and credit card data from third parties, so that a payment by e-wallet can be classified as particularly safe due to its anonymous character.


A disadvantage of using e-Wallets is the initial setup of an e-Wallet account. This is necessary for some e-Wallets and unfortunately also associated with some effort.


Using an e-Wallet in Poland

If you want to pay via an e-Wallet, you must first register at the provider. For this, one must invest some additional time, as various data must be specified.


However, this should not be viewed negatively, as the detailed specification of data serves the security of the e-Wallet users and thus prevents misuse.


After successfully registering with a provider, the user must first top up his e-Wallet account. This is usually done by bank transfer or credit card. Once these initial organizational steps have been completed, the e-Wallet can be used to make direct payments to online casinos.


Since e-Wallets must be set up first, the initial payment is a bit awkward - you could also deposit directly to your online casino account via bank transfer or credit card.


However, you have to keep in mind that this registration process is a one-time thing and that you will benefit from the advantages of e-Wallets when you make further payments. So, for those who are looking for a longer-term solution, setting up an e-Wallet is worthwhile.


e-Wallet Provider

If you decide to pay via an e-Wallet, the next step is to choose one of the numerous providers.


Below, we will briefly and precisely characterize some of the most well-known e-Wallet providers so that interested parties can make their decision more easily.

  • PayPal is the most well-known e-Wallet provider and operates worldwide but paying with PayPal is not possible at most online casinos. The selection of online casinos where payment can be made using PayPal is limited to a very small number of exceptions.
  • Neteller & Skrill are perhaps the most popular e-Wallet payment option at online casinos, not only in Poland but everywhere you can gamble legally online.
  • AstroPay is an English company that specializes in the Latin American market and offers a variety of payment options for online purchases of all kinds.
  • The ecoPayz company offers another secure e-Wallet alternative with its ecoCard, which is accepted in many online casinos.
  • Another option that does not require registration is offered by the provider NeoSurf. Prepaid cards can be purchased from NeoSurf, which receive the necessary data for a one-time deposit under a layer that needs to be scratched free.

As you can see there are some differences between various e-Wallet providers and not every e-Wallet provider is suitable for making deposits at an online casino.


If you decide to deposit money at a Polish online casino via e-Wallet, you should first get detailed information about the different providers.

Top Apps for 2022 You Must Have on Your Phone


Popular applications like Facebook and Google Maps are well-known for their usefulness in today's world, but many useless apps also exist. You should avoid downloading apps that don't have anything good to offer since they'll just take up space in your phone storage.


With millions of apps being created every day, how do you know which is worth downloading? Don't worry because you will be reading about the best apps you will most definitely need to have on your mobile device in this article.


1. Betway

With the gaming community growing rapidly, it's no surprise that betting apps are becoming increasingly popular. If you're looking for excitement, the Betway app lets you wager on several sports and play a choice of casino games, and all it takes to get started is a simple betway download from the Betway website, available for Android and iOS.


Betway has grown in popularity worldwide for over 15 years due to its great quality and dependability. Leave your worries behind, as betway is licensed in various jurisdictions.


2. Shabaam

It's no secret that people enjoy sharing GIFs on social media, which has resulted in a plethora of GIF creation applications. Shabaam is a new app that takes the GIF fad to the next level by enabling you to add music to your favorite GIFs.


Choose a GIF from the app's enormous GIF collection, then record sounds to be dubbed over the GIF with your device.


The result is a short movie (because the audio can't be saved as a GIF) that you may save to your smartphone or share through other applications. You can download Shabaam from Google Play on your android device free of charge.


3. Bite

There are many food and restaurant rating apps, but Bite takes the guesswork of deciding which restaurants and foods are worth trying based on unrelated data.


Bite focuses on giving customers high-quality graphics and information that truly matters, rather than forcing them to scroll through generic menus and read too many unhelpful reviews.


Its users are encouraged to offer their thoughts on foods they've sampled by utilizing the appropriate review choices, focusing on flavor, quality, and price.


Best of all, unlike many other review apps, the app is clutter-free, making it easier than ever to find outstanding food and contribute to the community. Unfortunately, it's only available for Android devices. You can check it out and download Bite on Google play here.


4. Pocket Casts

If you listen to podcasts and want to find new ones and manage those you want to listen to, Pocket Casts is a paid software worth checking out. Browse podcasts by charts, networks, and categories, then add the ones you want to create your playback queue and listen to episodes on the go.


The app scans for new episodes regularly, ensuring that you always have the most recent episodes from your favorite series, with automated downloading and configurable filters to keep them organized.


You may tailor your listening experience with options like an up next option, a quiet trimmer, chapters, playback skipper, and more. Pocket Casts is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

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