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Google Now and new updates of live TV and third-party music support
28 June, 201328 June, 2013 Google Google



Google Now is updated with new functionality by Google itself; Google search App for android meets new update which is amazing.  The major features being added into Google Now are information on live TV, third-party music client support and location-aware Google Offers.



As far as the additional feature of Google Now's live TV is concerned it provides information regarding the program being watched. In that case you are requiring having the same network of your smart TV and Smartphone.



Google Now live TV support will bring up information and facts regarding the TV program automatically. This feature will benefit TV producers who wouldn't need to prepare content for Google Now live TV support.



New functionality is of having a third party to play music or tract while requesting Google Now. In order to use music feature just shoot, "play an artist" followed up by drop down menu that will provide you list of available app you want to use.


Get started with Google Now a sits so useful.


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