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21 September, 201321 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung



With the advent of Galaxy in the field of telecommunication, there has been hype in the communication industry and after short intervals of time; many new and interesting versions of Galaxy were introduced.


Among these, the major one is the Galaxy Note 3 which is proving to be the most exciting device in the present scenario. The design and hardware of this device is great and very much impressive.


Although this device is very much expensive, but still it is bought by people all around the world because of the amazing and attractive 5.7 inches display screen. Usually the customers ask that whether the devices introduced by the Samsung are with Pen Tile display or RGB display.


There is a distinct difference between the two forms of display in these devices. The clear distinction between these two can be obtained in the form of comparison of display between Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Pen Tile display of Galaxy Note 3 has been iproved with the passage of time and it has also resulted in the development of much clearer visibility and mega pixel arrangement.


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17 September, 201317 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung



The Galaxy Note 3 is on hand prior to order in the USA from different mobile operators, but customers fascinated in purchasing an unlocked model of the Galaxy Note 3. Therefore, Best Buy also said to keep stock of the handset almost immediately.


However, Sam Mobile has some screenshots regarding the Galaxy Note 3. Screenshots have shown the unlocked Galaxy Note 3 is in stock and will be available from 19 September. In addition, Best Buy has not stated the launch date at this moment. Moreover, we can recall you that Galaxy Note 3 should be rolled out in the USA in the near October according to the information given by Samsung and its distributor partners.


The handset screenshots also point out that the 32GB Galaxy Note 3 will cost 999.99 dollars. However, it seems to be the placeholder price rather than the actual price of the handset.

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17 September, 201317 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung




Apple launched its latest mobile processor: the A7, with the proclamation of the iPhone 5S. The Apple A7 processor is unique in reality and relatively remarkable in a mobile phone. Is it essential? It is a debatable since 64-bit processors come with benefits as well as shortcomings.


However, Samsung has now declared that it is going to use 64-bit processors in its subsequent Smartphone's series, probably for the next Galaxy S5. Is Samsung coping Apple? Not at all, a small number of companies have been functioning on the 64-bit ARMv8 structural design for a sometime now. However, Apple certainly flashed the Samsung announcement.


Therefore, do not consider that 64-bit processors are merely excellent for identifying everything above 3.5GB RAM. However, it gives quicker performance with an additional memory usage. Hope that Android will sustain 64 bit since the software required being there to gain the benefits of hardware.


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15 September, 201315 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung


Samsung starts ad campaign for the new Samsung Note 3 and its companion Galaxy Gear with focusing on software features. Everyone concurs that marketing is an important power by which Samsung becomes the greatest Smartphone maker. Mammoth marketing push and emotional strategy ads has made the Samsung brand a family symbol for millions of people.

In addition, the earlier ads for the Samsung Note series was centered on business or productivity features (unicorn game ads) rather than emotional. Now Design Your Life" campaign shows that Samsung is targeting customers with the originality spots for the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.

A making of Leo Burnett, the "Design Your Life" campaign will comprise TV, print, and online videos focusing on "conspicuous visuals and inimitable melodic experiences." The "Sweet Dreams" spot is striking as well as the making value noticeably very high. However, Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear will be accessible by 25 September. While, North American distributors will offer it may be in October.




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12 September, 201312 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung




A fierce battle is expected to be conducted between LG and Samsung. Both the companies want to become first company to release a smartphone with flexible display.


The most interesting thing is that Samsung is going to launch a Note 3 and that will have a flexible display. This device may be in markets later in October. LG Vu 3 will also be in stores in October and it is expected that it will have a flexible display.


Various rumors regarding Galaxy Note 3 were roaming around that it will have a flexible display but these rumors were refused by some reports. Even the galaxy Gear smartphone is expected to have a flexible display.


Both the companies are interested in releasing products which will have flexible display but it has not happened yet. This news is not confirmed and they are just rumors but you will get updates time to time.


12 September, 201312 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung



Galaxy Gear is a nice venture into wearable tech for the world's number one Android device manufacturer. If you are able to purchase it then that's great. The people out there in UK are lucky if they are interested in Galaxy Gear. Clove has just announced orders for Samsung's new wearable tech.


This Gear will work with only Note 3 and Note 10.1 right now. The price of this tech is a bit unreasonable. These are few things which should be taken in consideration before purchasing this tech.


Another offer has been given by clove is the Sony Smart watch2 free with the purchase of Xperia Z1. Gear cannot survive on its own but it would be better if we see the same offer with gear. Samsung has done marvelous job by making their device available on large scale.


10 September, 201310 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung




Samsung is providing its users with the best of tech facilities and recently, it has baked the TouchWiz user interface in such a way that the company has launched a complete 16 minutes video for this.


However, in the video if we see has one really significant and classic feature missing and that is Multi Vision.


With Multi Vision you can easily stack up various devices and gets a comparatively bigger screen and area to view your entire content. It sounds cool and is affective as well. You can apply it and can enjoy this new amenity by Samsung for its users.


There is just a small issue and that is to have 4 sets or more lying side by side for this Multi Vision feature. If you can arrange that, you will surely love this feature.  


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10 September, 201310 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung




Samsung continues to surprise the audience all over the globe by making something different and classy. Although they may not be serious about their own Smartphone OS-Tizen; but it is still in a working process.


Tizen is now at 2.0 although it was not supported by any commercial mobile made by Samsung or even others. With Tizen 3.0 been launched in early 2014 we can expect some wonders in terms of   interface changes.


Today, Tizen Indonesia got their hands on Samsung Galaxy S4 and has pictures of running version 3.0 of the OS.


Samsung was about to launch the first Tizen device this year, but it kept on postponing due to various reasons. Tizen 3.0 is ready for shipping; although it's just an experiment till now. Even when Tizen's first Smartphone will be ready for shipping they will be low volume devices; as Samsung won't push a lot for them. However, Tizen is only meant to run Smart phones.


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6 September, 20136 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung



The time has come and today Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is officially announced at IFA Berlin, 2013. It contains complete 4K UHD video recording at 30fps.


If we talk about some of its startling features, it contains and supports 5.7 inch HD display along with a 2.3 GHz quad core processor.  It also contains 32/64 GB internal storage and 3GB Ram. It comes in three different and exciting colors including Jet Black, Classic White and Bluish Pink.


You can keep it in a leather cover that also contains a lot of variety. Moreover the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1; the 2014 edition is also launching. It is refreshing and contains a lot of amazing specs.


Both these devices will run of the latest Andriod 4.3 and TouchWiz UI. Note 3 will be available from 25 of September in almost 140 across the globe.


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3 September, 20133 September, 2013 Samsung Samsung



There are always a lot of talks about the Samsung products and recently the display frame of Galaxy Note III got leaked, which not only gave the idea of its appearance but hinted the final design as well.


Later, the Korean site has made a mock up for Note III using the display frame which was present in the leaked images. It gives us the graphical render of device and we can compare it with Note II as well.


To be honest, it looks nice as it contains the lock screen wallpaper as well, which was also leaked the other day. It seems like Galaxy S4. The question now is that will the original design is as good as the leaked ones? Will it live up to people's expectations? All these questions will be answered when Galaxy Note III will be launched finally.   



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