[App Of The Week] SoundBest: Experience Amazing Noise-cancellation while playing Music [Download]

6 July, 2012 App Of The Week


SoundBest Music Player gives you a Whole New Way to Enjoy Music on your Android Smartphone. SoundBest boost-up your smartphone sound Quality through the headphones to gives you the Maximum sound Quality that can be reached.


This Music Player perform a 90 seconds test based on the environment around you and your Ears Responses. This test will perform a Noise-cancellation experience while listening to Music with you Headphones using SoundBest Player. Download it as the App Of The Week from the link below.



Features of SoundBest Player :



  • AF Mode (Sound Personalization System).
  • Provide sound in a way to best express the original song.
  • Automatically set up sound optimized to individual customers.
  • Provide 11 EQ-Presets including rock and vocal music.
  • Play by playlist available, too. 
  • Sort by album or singer.
  • Lyrics provided, random or repetitive play available.


Download SoundBest

Download SoundBest Player


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