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Apple Is Faced With Its Toughest Decision Yet

20 March, 2013 Apple

Apple may now be thinking to finally introduce other phones in the market after a long sabbatical in producing new devices aside from the iPhone and iPad to capture people's interest. Also, the trend among other equally or even more successful OEMs is to launch a line-up of smartphones for the low-, mid- and high-end markets, something that does not still sit well with Apple.

With Samsung capturing a portion of Apple's niche with the introduction of their latest flagship smartphone, the Cupertino Company will surely feel the brunt of their decision to keep just one high-end smartphone and intentionally not capture lower- and middle-range markets.

Personally, I think that Apple will do well if it leaves its snotty image and it might just be what they need to improve their stock's value. Also, introducing the iPad Mini was more than an admission that they do need to address this particular market and that they may be feeling the need to introduce lower-end devices as well. Let's hope that Apple gets its wits together and that some executives swallow their pride for the sake of many.



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