Facebook Officially Releases "Messenger For Windows" Desktop version [Download]

11 April, 2012 Social Networks

FB Messenger

Facebook has Officially launched "Messanger for Windows" the first official Facebook Messenger client for Desktops PCs, Not just for chatting but also for Messaging, Sending files and see Notifications without a need of any browser.

Facebook Messenger

In fact, after the client leaked back in December, Zuck and Co. unceremoniously dumped the executable on the web, opened up the help page and did so without any info about the App back then.

Now the program is getting a proper launch, complete with a landing page and a press release. There is not much here to shock or surprise Messenger for Windows allows you to chat with your Facebook friends in a simple tabbed interface, check your news feed and delivers notifications to your desktop.



FB Messenger

Massenger for Windows [Download]







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