Google introduces three new features for desktop (Demo Videos)

15 June, 2011 Google


Google introduced a trio of new features that make searching from a desktop computer so much better. The first feature is Voice search, something that has been around on mobiles for a while. Then there is the Search by image feature, which does what it says and is surprisingly good at it and convenient to use too. There is Google latest attempt to speed up browsing as well, called Instant Pages.


I will start with my favorite Image search. Go to Google Images and drag and drop an image on the search box it works whether you drag the image from another page in the browser or from your desktop. Chrome and Firefox extensions are also available they put an Image search option in the right click menu.


From there you can do various searches related to that image the simplest is simply finding pages that have the image (even if it was slightly altered). You can also search for the same image but in a different size great for finding a wallpaper sized version of a cool image you have stumbled across.


Videos Below!

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