LG GM 730 - Revealed

20 October, 2009 LG (Life's good)


To provide a very user friendly interface the LG GM730 comes with a joystick and a mouse pad in the centre. The touch screen feature has been added to provide the user a real time working environment. Users don't have to compromise on storing contacts in the phonebook as the phone can store practically unlimited data fields.


  • comes with a broad screen of size 240*400 pixels, 3 inches long.
  • With the GM730 one need not worry about the network compatibilities issues as it supports both 2G and 3G networks.
  • the GM730 phone supports WiFi.
  • With a 5 mega pixel camera, highest powered phone cameras in the market as of right now. T
  • auto focus lens feature, designed to help you shoot clearer, sharper and more defined pictures.


All in all, the LG GM 730 makes for an excellent photographic tool. The device has been compatible in nature with Microsoft Windows mobile functions.


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