Mark Zuckerberg does not put on a happy face in his Google+ profile

1 July, 2011 Google



Google+ is still composed of an invite-only user base, but tech reporters have been invited into the fold. We have been playing around with Google+ all morning. One of us even chatted with Dana Brunetti, one of the producers of The Social Network, in a Google+ HangOut room.

Perhaps Mr. Brunetti added Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to his "People I did a Movie About" social Circle (Google+ allows you to group contacts in Circles).

Apparently Zuckerberg is on Google+, but as you can see from his profile picture, he does not look thrilled to be there. Kashmir Hill at Forbes noted his profile a few minutes ago. No word on who invited him to join. Perhaps it was Google founders Sergey Brin or Larry Page… but they are not in his Circles yet. Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO, is in Zuckerberg Circles.

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